Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Don't We Hear Of RECALLS in the Caribbean too? Do we accept EVERYTHING? Are you using a RECALLED PRODUCT? BEWARE

When I logged on to the internet a few minutes ago, I saw a story headline on www.msn.com that immediately caught my attention and got me thinking. The headline read "10 Biggest Recalls in Automotive History"

I then started wondering if over my 26 years on this earth if I ever heard of any recalls in my homeland - St. Kitts - Nevis or the wider Caribbean. Ever so often, I hear of toys, vehicles, foodstuff etc being recalled in the USA especially and in other countries. I am left to wonder if those who are suppose to be issuing public service announcements from our Caribbean GOVERNMENTS are not doing their jobs at all to help our people or if they have been warned not to do it to create alarms and cause the SALES at our supermarkets, car dealers and stores to go down.

I am apart of a network that informs me daily, weekly, monthly of RECALLED PRODUCTS so that I know what to buy for my www.kwconsultingskn.com clients and who and where to order from. Unfortunately, you probably are not kept up to date like me and so run the risk of continuing to buy defective products.

I logged into my back office to give you an example of how RECALLED products are listed there: I can also check to see if any product that you bought was ever recalled in the past so you can take it back to who you bought it from. (Well. . .I'll have to put an entire department in place for that though - because I know you'll all want to know)

Valucraft Booster Cables

A recall was issued on 2007-12-13 due to a potential electric shock hazard.
Items sold new beginning in June 2007 for about $12.00 to $20.00.

Don't you think the companies in St. KITTS - NEVIS and the wider Caribbean should post a SIGN stating that they are selling RECALLED  PRODUCTS? No one is enforcing it at all and so our ordinary people suffer. Some of these products can cause you or your children HARM like in the one pictured above . . . How do you know that the orange electric cord you have across your floor now wasn't recalled, but resold at one of our Caribbean Stores.

Why do you think things get damaged so fast or never work for long or shoes burst - could it be that you bought a RECALLED PRODUCT?

I know where to source cheap things, regular prices things, expensive things and recalled things. That has been my business since I was in High School. I like doing that. My father, who is no computer SAAVY, gave me US$1200 + Shipping to send off to a Car Company in Japan to buy a vehicle when I discouraged him from buying it Locally at the ridiculous costs.

So if you're looking for a vehicle, no matter which Caribbean Island you may be in, I can help you. If you're in St. Kitts - Nevis, I can help you look for it, ship it, clear it from customs, license it and drive it to your doorstep too. (I like doing that)  Email: orders@kvkenterprises.net   BB PIN: 220067D8

Do you want to tell me that ALL the vehicles, toys, foodstuff that have been recived over all the years have been perfectly well? I'm sure when the USA may recall some products, some would have already been shipped to the Caribbean. Why don't we hear about warnings not to use that product?

So then all the brakes, seatbelts, airbags etc in ALL vehicles are PERFECT - NO ERROR - NO  MISTAKE when some of those very same vehicles that have been recalled are being probably sold at our Caribbean Vehicles Showrooms?

I'm sure not all accidents were the fault of the driver. Could it be that some vehicles had faulty brakes and were recalled but our dealers don't want to send the hassle and our GOVERNMENTS don't want to alarm the Caribbean Public?

I am a screen printer and embroidery printer. www.kvkenterprises.com and  www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com . Over my 9 years in business, I have ordered items that have been defective and the suppliers quickly replaced them. Paints, Expired Chemicals, Damaged shirts etc.

Here again, if you're looking for printed items that I can produce either at my shop in St. Kitts or in the USA -  Email: orders@kvkenterprises.net   BB PIN: 220067D8 (T-shirts, Bags, Pens, Pencils, Banners, Signs, etc) We make it convenient for you to order and pay online at www.kvkenterprises.com or www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com or www.thesupplyshopinc.com

Soooooooooo why haven't I ever heard of recalled cars, toys, food stuff being advertised on our Caribbean Media Stations like I always do on USA TV and USA websites.

Is it that we accept everything? Are you eating recalled food? What if the fancy vehicle you just bought for so much money was a recall?

Another question to get us thinking - What if recalls and rejects are sent to us in the Caribbean?

I attended a tradeshow once where a particular supplier was encouraging me to buy her company's products. I mentioned to her that that wasn't my type of business but I know of a company that may be interested and will tell them on my return to St. Kitts. I mentioned the name of the company to her. She said, Ohhh....I know that company from St. Kitts, I've always encouraged them to buy my products but they only buy from Vendors who sell rejects when they come to these trade shows.

This got me thinking and scrutinizing even more especially when that tradeshow vendor told me what to look for on my return. This encouraged me even more to promote my SOURCING and ORDERING business around the Caribbean so that our Caribbean people don't accept EVERY POOR CLASS product SOME of our stores throw at us.

Contact me, I can source what ever item you want for you or your business and arrange shipping to your country anywhere in the world- Email: orders@kvkenterprises.net   BB PIN: 220067D8

Khrystus Wallace

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