Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Global Youth Business Owners - DO NOT RENT or STOP RENTING - WORK FROM HOME during this recession time

DO  NOT  RENT! STAY  AT  HOME!  HOME BASED  BUSINESSES are the way to go right now.

I'm talking from EXPERIENCE.

I wish I had some of that wasted RENT  CASH now -  I would have been $256,000 richer (Well this is just an approximate for 3 years at the places I rented)

My business has been around for 9 years - so do some calculations

If I had half of that 3 year rent money, I would have been debt free right now

(This doesn't account for the Electricity, Phone, Staff, Miscalleneous expenses)

I'm being creative from NOW and I don't pay for advertisements any more. I design my own websites, use facebook for marketing and I've built my own marketing and auction site so that I can sell to the world. Check it out - (One day this Caribbean Auction Site may be as big as EBAY and I won't be RENTING)

So. . . I know I'll be out of business debt soon and I'll never make that mistake again. I should have bought a property or even built with that type of CASH.

I would have had something to use as EQUITY to borrow against now. Anyway, at 26 years, I've learnt from my mistakes in the earlies and I'm able now to provide PAID  CONSULTANCY HELP to you through my firm - to Caribbean and Global people so you don't make my mistakes at all.

I made my mistake - Young People Worldwide - Learn from me and STAY  AT  HOME - Start at home during this trying ECONOMIC  TIME. I had NO advisors, but you're blessed to have me to help you. I can help guide you further if you become one of my clients. You won't waste any dime with me. I'll hold your hand for as long as you want all around the world.

All Landlords have to do is collect your rent. They don't care if you make a profit or loss. Neither do the banks or HIRE PURCHASE  COMPANIES. I'm talking from EXPERIENCE.

Business can start out WELL and then the economic environment can change. Take it step by step from HOME and go VIRTUAL instead of to a BRICK and MORTAR business.

Just like Amazon, Ebay, Gojane, Facebook, Forever21 etc who are using the ECOMMERCE model - you can too! STAY  AT  HOME - DO NOT RENT!

A telephone, skype, internet, in-person appointment with me can help get you off to a RIGHT  START or can help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

Khrystus Wallace

Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization -  - Creating a new mindset among young people. . . .

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