Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different Prepares to TURN WORLD UPSIDE DOWN FOR CHRIST

The Dare 2 Be Different International ( team has fuelled up it's tanks and is fully set to turn the world upside down just like Paul, John the Baptist, Peter and the others.

With a new rejuvenation, the ministry is now on a quest to establish Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre Churches on nearly every continent on earth and is using Social Media to help in the process.

Khrystus Wallace, founder of Dare 2 Be Different International said, "in days gone by, those that established great ministries such as the Methodist, Baptist, Wesleyans, Church of Gods etc had to use letters and travel via ship to different countries to establish and plant ministries.

In this the 21st Century, God is raising up a New Type of Church Planters.  The Victory Centre has an aim to spread the Message of HOPE  FOR  ALL and use Social Media as a tool to help plant and expand its ministry around the globe.

We find that many churches of today have become too sensationalized, improperly organized and caught up with events and activities while members, newly saved, especially youth SUFFER for lack of proper Bible Teaching and thus return to the world. Dare 2 Be Different International Victory Centres across the globe will change ALL  OF  THAT.

We are the 21st Century Church that God is planting around the globe. God is a God that is ALWAYS  UP  TO  DATE. He is all knowing and we know that he planted our ministry in such a time as this to make an impact, firstly on the many youth that are going astray around the world and then on the rest of society."

Dare 2 Be Different succesfully crossed the 4 year mark during June 2012, led by a group of 4 dynamic youths working TOGETHER to carry out the Vision that God gave 26 year old Khrystus Wallace. His team includes 23 year old Lemercius Wallace, 24 year old Kerese Dias and 22 year old Joy Codrington.

The team has since added Dwight Berridge as Director of the Spanish and French Network that the ministry is building, along with Tracy Chapman, Event Planning Director.

The ministry is preparing to officially launch it's 1st Brick and Mortar Victory Centre, which would allow individuals from St. Kitts - Nevis to attend in a building and not have to watch the service via the internet on like they have been doing all around the world since it's first broadcast in 2010.

The Virtual Section of the Victory Centre will still run separately, and would not be discontinued, so as to reach out to the international viewers and attendees.

Dare 2 Be Different's Worldwide followers are encouraged to support this new start and learn more about the vision so it can get off the ground sooner than later. Visit

Youth Individuals (up to age 35) called by God and want to open a Dare 2 Be Different Youth Group in their country or want their new current ministry to fall under the Dare 2 Be Different Banner  can learn more at:

Dare 2 Be Different believes that ministry should be more than just preaching, Bible study and collecting offerings. It should be about empowering people. Thus, it has carefully restructured and placed Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed., as Director of Education with a charge to grow and get accreditation for The Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute. Learn more at: 

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