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I want to encourage all of us to STOP  HIRE  PURCHASING  IMMEDIATELY! Save and buy your items CASH!

Why? It's not that when you took out the items you couldn't pay, it's just that economic times have drastically changed and so, the little money that you have now, can barely provide for your household because the cost of living has gone up or the job you thought you'd have forever suddenly dropped you.

While talking to a renowned lawyer recently, he commented, "Majority of the cases in magistrate or small courts around the world are against clients of HIRE  PURCHASE  COMPANIES." They are ALOT!

Fridges, stoves, flat screen tvs, washing machines, dvd players etc. People aren't paying or don't have the money to pay anymore. Things are tight! Real Tight!

Those things that are NECESSITIES, I recommend saving and purchasing them online. If you can't do it yourself, my company can help. or

If you don't need it - DON'T  BUY  IT!

We work with people across the Caribbean and World on a daily basis, sourcing items. (Our commission ranges between 10% - 15%) Not ongoing HIGH  INTEREST  RATES.

A friend of mine bought a vehicle several years ago for around EC$70,000+ in St. Kitts-Nevis . The hire purchase company added somewhere around EC$30,000+ COMPOUND  INTEREST!

With that EC$30,000 - he could have bought several used vehicles and started a rental company. STOP  THE  HIRE  PURCHASE  COMPANIES  from killing people by STOP HIRE PURCHASING  IMMEDIATELY!

You can end up in COURT or END UP IN JAIL from simply signing their contracts.

Be very careful when SIGNING  WITH  SOMEONE - It makes you LIABLE  TOO. You can persoanlly ask me about that! I learned the HARD  WAY!

The WISE contact me to buy nearly everything, I've been doing this since I was 15 years old. Can I tell you that I ordered my father's car from Japan for US$1500 when I was 15 years old? Even after paying customs and shipping and insurance, it was a fraction of the cost of buying one locally in St. Kitts - Nevis. A new car costs from  EC$55,0000 / $20,243. to EC$200,000 / US$73,613

Imagine that - If you are a CAR  SUPPLIER around the world, and can offer better prices to my customers, let's start talking. I guarantee you that you can make some SALES through me. Send me your website or car price list and of course my commission and we can move from there.

My supplier list is LARGE and if you are a more affordable supplier in your island and want me to advertise your products (what ever they are) on my Caribbean Auction Site - or through my Email / Personal Network, send me an email:  / BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8

What ever it is, the Caribbean needs it and I KNOW  FOR  SURE that you have it CHEAPER than those companies that are robbing and killing poor people down here.

When I travel to the USA, I usually post pictures of items that I see along with their original prices on my Face Book Page as I walk from store to store or on the street, so persons all across the world can make a payment on my website or through my paypal payment address: or on my bank account directly so I can buy and ship the products for them where ever they are in the WORLD.

See some items on my FB page under mobile upload PICTURES:

Even when I'm not travelling, this is what I spend my time doing. Helping People Save. I love the Lord and have a heart to HELP. As President of Dare 2 Be Different International,, a ministry I founded when I was 21 years old, I cannot just minister to people and see them suffering, where ever I can, I'll help.

I love shipping month barrels and boxes of food to my clients in St. Kitts. They save from the high food prices LOCALLY. Can I tell you that some students from overseas use my FOOD  SERVICE to save too?

I believe this advice and warning comes to you, through me, from THE  LORD. STOP  HIRE  PURCHASING  IMMEDIATELY or you'll end up in trouble. Save and then BUY  IT

Contact me - I can source and help you find a better deal without the RIDICULOUS  MARKUPS. Don't let HIRE  PURCHASE  COMPANIES  GET  RICH  OFF  OF  YOU  ANY  MORE. The only reason they are surviving is because they continue to ROB  US  through HIGH  INTEREST  RATES on the HIGH  MARKUPS they have already added to ALL  PRODUCTS.

I love checking out the costs of items in my local hire purchase companies and then comparing the EXACT same item with the cost at my suppliers and showing you how you are being ROBBED.

MANY OF  US HAVE  MADE  OUR  HIRE  PURCHASE  MISTAKES. Me too. Bad Choices Indeed. Don't regret - Let's just learn from them and do better. After the test - you get a TESTIMONY and you know better. You know how to encourage your children and relatives to SHOP  ONLINE and avoid CREDIT especially in this turbulent economic time.

If you still have a HIGH balance on an item you took hire purchase, send me some information and I can research to see if I can get it for less than the balance you owe, so you can start saving towards it and possible give back the HIRE  PURCHASE  COMPANY  their items. Contact me TODAY! TODAY!

I'm heading to the PORT today and tomorrow to clear dozens and dozens and dozens of items that customers ordered through my company or shipped through my US FREIGHT FORWARDING company - to save on SHIPPING  COSTS.

Khrystus Wallace

Empowering people all the time. Knowledge is POWER

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