Monday, April 8, 2013

We have started counting down the days from today. . . .all of us

It is always nice to keep track of certain things once you have the time.

Will it LAST? History has a way of repeating itself and no matter how hard it tries, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I have lived to see that happen.

Let the count begin......

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Deadly Girl Friends - I want to help caution you and prepare you -

I have an experience to share through our Dare 2 Be Different International Love Should Last Project just to help other males and females all around the world.

Personal stories are the best to help. As God's servants, we are placed on earth to help others. Thank God for freedom of speech.

Need Love Help? Getting into a new relationship? Ask Brother Khrystus - he's been through the good times and the bad. Let's talk all around the world. He can advise and help and warn you with his personal experiences.

Invite him to conduct Global Conferences - personal LIFETIME stories are thrillers for audiences.


Khrystus Wallace

Been There - Done That! Is that what people are saying when they see you with someone new?

Many, many times, we err from what the Bible says and we all do our own thing. Me too. In business, in family, in personal life. The Bible does give us clear instructions on how to live.

In 1 Corinthians 7:1  Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

If we all listen to the Bible, we would never have any regrets. The Bible does say that when you have sex with someone, you are married to them? My question is - How many wives or husbands do you have walking around? We should really listen to God's word.

Imagine home embarrassing it would be, if while you are walking with your pretty girl friend or handsome boyfriend, someone whispers in your ear - BEEN  THERE  -  DONE  THAT.

All of us should aim to keep ourselves for our partners because you don't know if you'll end up with them. Forgive and forget yes, but you must aim to try to get involved with someone who hasn't been here, there and everywhere. They are not as energetic as they really should be.

Just try - ALL  OF  US. I would hate being with a Partner where others can smile and say - Been There - Done That! Is that what people are saying when they see you with someone new?

How do you know that they are really enjoying their sexual experience with you and not wishing they were with their EX or good friend from a couple years ago who does it better. Too many persons have told me that they are in intimate relationships and their mind is else where - ELSE  WHERE  ON  THEIR  EX.

Is that you?

In 1 Corinthians 7:1  Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

Khrystus Wallace 

There are girl friends and there are MONEY friends - BEWARE

I want to suggest to the world that there are honestly some females who want to be someone's girl friend and then wife and there are some females who just want to be someone MONEY  FRIENDS.

You call those opportunists and they would go out of their way to fool you and make you feel that they love you just to get what they want and when they want, they quickly change men. They are very good dramatists. They can act well and fool people well.

They are even ready to freely give of themselves and bodies EASILY and sleep out at any request just to live a big, big, big life!

Always remember - There are girl friends and there are MONEY friends - BEWARE!

Khrystus Wallace 

Stick With Your Class When Dating! Never Step Down

I think I am beginning to understand why in the INDIAN culture, parents choose who marries who.

You see, when parents talk, you should always listen. I was always told to STICK  WITH  MY  CLASS and I didn't listen and thus I've wasted 11 years of my life.

In the Indian culture, you have to marry someone with the same qualifications or even better qualifications. So I've made my mistake - but I am happy I learned my lesson.

Khrystus Wallace 

Just Thank God You Weren't Married

When the gentleman who heard about the situation came to see me, he pat me on the should and hugged me and said. Just thank God you were not married - God always gives quality men - quality women!

I didn't think of that at all before, but he got me thinking for true. God does promise to look after his own beyond what we can ever imagine or think. So if you ever find out that things aren't working out, LET  GO - LET  GOD. Chances can damage images.

If I had let go when I couldn't take certain things any more, then, oh then. . . .


That was my big mistake. But, according to the gentleman who came - I thank God I wasn't married because I got to see a preview of what a Horrible Marriage I would Have Had - so I leave it for others. 

God always gives quality men - quality women!

Khrystus Wallace

Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Give Someone a Heart Attack Via Email And Discard them as a Friend

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6th April, 2013

Since I founded The Hottest and Newest Political Party in St. Kitts - Nevis -, I have been having some interesting days and interesting experiences.

Just yesterday, an individual was emailing some nasty things back and forth to another person about me and then, since I have done business with them before, they accidentally typed in my email address and clicked send. You have to becareful with emails, because you can't recall them.

When I read through all of the NASTY  COMMENTS from someone I thought was close to me, I responded and said, "You sent your email to the wrong person." I am yet to receive a reply and I can't wait until I see the person face to face. I want to see their response.

I thought they were close to me, but I've now learned otherwise. I really don't know who to trust right now, so I have to pray and trod carefully because there are Judas' on the loose.

I wonder if you've been involved too. . . sooner or later I'll hear and confirm too. I love being an expert at technology. I help folks and businesses all around the world, especially with marketing and call centre jobs - Send yours to me -

Therefore, it's quite easy to give someone an electronic HEART  ATTACK. When you find out what they've been saying or doing to you, forgive them first, but let them know that you know what they've been doing and heap coals of fire upon their heads forever by doing good still.

Khrystus Wallace
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I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

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6th April, 2013

I cannot continue to underscore the importance of reminding individuals how small this world is. I want you to know that everyone won't love you and everyone won't hate you. That's a fact! I do believe though what the Bible says. They that are for you are more than they that are against you.

My recent formation of a Godly Youth Politcal Party in St. Kitts - Nevis (Caribbean) as an Agressive Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Style Ordained Minister attached to my global ministry Dare 2 Be Different International - has sparked much controversy not only in St. Kitts - Nevis, but across the Caribbean and the world.

It is during such a controversial time you tend to recognize who are your closest and truest friends, who are your enemies and who the hypocrites are around you.

NOTE  WELL:  HYPOCRITES  ARE  ON  THE  LOOSE. As a politician in the peak of political season here in St. Kitts - Nevis, I listen very attentively to those who bring information. I have to be very careful with who I trust.

NO! NO! NO! Don't judge me - I don't go by hearsay. Technology has now eliminated hear say, therefore, most of the things people are saying about me now, I have them delivered to me instantly through BlackBerry or WhatsApp Voice notes or Via Email.

If folks are speaking negatively about me via TEXT MESSAGE, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, MSN etc, my TRUE and CLOSEST friends send me their messages or copy their chat to me with these technological phones. At times they jump in in my defence. After all - I confess - I am not perfect - are you? Then cast the first stones.

Then, I have those who claim to be my friends and listen to every negative thing said about me, digest it and then continue spreading it without finding the truth. I know who is really for me from the 1st of March, 2013 - the day I launched my Political Party. Those that are for me, hear and come quickly to find out the truth.

I have no problem with folks talking badly about me. It's their right. It's called freedom of speech. What I do have a problem with is this. Folks lamblasting me and making me look like the worst creature on the face of the earth, then showing up at my business place - late in the night after hours wanting a favour. A shirt embroidered or screen printed because they can't go to work without uniform.

Or they show up, having bashed me terribly wanting some computer training because they just got a new job and need urgent brushing up at:

How crazy can people get?

Or, a Pastor bashing me with his members than giving me a big handshake and a smile like all is well.

I forgive them all still - but I am very careful with them, because they can kill me too.

I am happy for technology. It helps me be strong and know who is who. I never really let people know that I know too. I just play back the game with them. I am compiling a record of all the negative texts, emails that people pass between each other on me. I am saving the recorded voice notes of people pulling me down.

Trust me, one day soon, when God allows my dreams to come to pass, I will publish a book along with a CD and sell it to the world to show that YOU  CAN'T  KEEP  A  GODMAN  DOWN.

Be very careful with what you say about people today, because you may need them tomorrow, and may be so afraid to ask for help, because you won't be sure if they heard all the bad that you said about them too. I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

Prayerfully submitted.

Khrystus Wallace

Have You Ever Been Called A Lunatic? Probably Not!

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6th April, 2013

Great minds, outside the box thinkers, people who are different and go above and beyond to make their dreams come through or get what or who they want in life are often called crazy and lunatics.

Those that sit down, relax and do nothing are called nothing. (Begin to watch and see from today)

The Wright Brothers went through much pain and suffering and shame, but we can fly in Aeroplanes today and get where ever we want to go quicker than sale boats that once took weeks to reach from St. Kitts  Nevis to England.

If you, like me are ever called a lunatic or crazy simply because you are different, NEVER  GET  DOWN. Use it as a source of motivation to surge ahead and accomplish your dreams even if the road gets rocky and the waters are rough. Keep foremost in your mind that you will make it and let your HATERS be your motivation.

You're DIFFERENT and the regular minds would NEVER understand you and while trying to rise, rest assured that it'll be a struggle, because all the other crabs in the barrel will be trying to do one thing - KEEP  YOU  DOWN with them. Never stop trying until you reach the top and accomplish ALL your dreams!

Don't worry if they call you crazy or a lunatic! Hope is ahead for you -

Khrystus Wallace

Friday, February 1, 2013

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I won't tell you any lies. Radio and Television Advertising works well. Over the last 10 years in business, I tested them both and they work and work well. What I will tell you though is that failing to use the technology to also advertise your business is just like not giving GAS to your vehicle.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Computer and Skill Classes From Monday thanks to New Dare 2 Be Different Academy

Ahead of The Grand Opening of The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre -, 26 year old President and Founder of the Ministry said that after prayerful consideration and as his team did the final touches on their new Computer Lab at OOJJS 24 Hour Complex - St. Kitts, he thought it would be most fitting to launch his Dare 2 Be Different Academy -  dream before the church because of two reasons.

1. He wanted the world to see that The Dare To Be Different Victory Centre was a church that would not only cater to the spiritual upliftment of individuals, but to every aspect of their development including their Educational and Skills Development

2. He wanted to teach religious organizations around St. Kitts-Nevis, The Caribbean and The World something. Once a business fundraising asset is established to handle the liabilities of the church and in the process help the members, The Church wouldn't need to overtax and push members to give and make them feel like if they don't give, they will go to hell. Such an asset would immediately allow the ministry to support missions overseas, send away their preachers to preach crusades and teams to help in foreign Vacation Bible Schools and other ministry events etc and help other organizations attached to the ministry.

Wallace said that when members see that their church is doing more than just preaching, praying and collecting, they would definitely obey God's command to tithe and give offerings, but if they ever play stingy, he would not be ever at all stressed, because God's Idea would be bringing income to support the ministry. Wallace believes though that The  Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre would not have any problem at all collecting as the BODY would feel empowered and energized and see their ministry heading somewhere and will be excited about helping further and also building the kingdom of God.

Wallace, started teaching his first CXC classes that comprised of Teachers, Headteachers and Education Officers at age 16 in 2002 when he graduated Valedictorian from The Verchilds High School. He said that his ideas about schooling and education since a little boy were always different to the status quo but many times when he spoke, society would just love his dreams but never think about pushing them into place. Wallace said that he felt that at the start of the year, as his ministry gives God thanks for bringing them to 5 years, he thought now was the BEST time to again STAND OUT and introduce EDUCATION with a difference not only to St. Kitts - Nevis, but to the Caribbean and The World.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute -   offers FIVE (5) convenient ways to recieve training.

1. Online Sessions
2. In-Day Sessions
3. Evening Sessions
4. At Home Sessions
5. Travel Sessions (where tutors visit countries upon invitation to teach particular courses

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy will open its Pre-School and Kindergarten (Under the Supervision of Mrs. Vanta Walters and Mrs. Yvette Wallace) ONLY in September 2013. Students who want to be apart of the 8:30am - 3:30pm sessions in the future, MUST enter at kindergarten and transfers would only be considered on a case by case basis, because the ministry wanted to be responsible for nurturing a new breed of youths.

The Organization also has FIVE (5) Training Divisions

1. Academics - Pre-School, Primary, High School / Adult Learning (Afternoon - Evening Sessions)
2. Skills for Life Training (Technical & Vocational)
3. The Computer Corner
4. The Business Training Centre
5. Ministry and Bible School


Wallace's idea is to be TOTALLY  DIFFERENT  to the common educational systems around the Caribbean and the world. Some of his dreams are:

1. Keep classes small or have teachers / teacher aids assigned to a certain quota of individuals to ensure that each youth and adult student gets the care and attention they need and NO  CHILD  OR  STUDENT  EVER  GETS  LEFT  BEHIND.

2. Provide counselling so that students and parents understand that in a complex and challenging world as today, they CANNOT just focus on the academics, but they need to consider getting a SKILL  TOO. The Dare 2 Be Different Academy will be able to assist in this area as well under its Skills Division.

Wallace has said that he was totally ashamed of the ministries in his country and around the Caribbean for not pushing for the Ministry of Education to re-introduce CXC Religious Education or some sought of Bible Certificate Program or even Online Bible Education Diploma or Degree programs and he was working with Bible Colleges to ensure that not only his members, but other individuals too, would be able to come to the institute, get training and also write religious exams online and get accredited certification.

Although Khrystus has taught Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Information Technology for the last 10 years and has helped scores of students and adults pass, he has always contended that the syllabus needed urgent revision and the Examination Body should make the training more job-friendly and should offer a particular MAJOR such as graphic arts, computer repairs, software training etc.

Wallace said that over the years, he had turned down many individuals wanting a job who had a distinction in Information Technology and hired those who were the school's kickouts and/or drop outs and taught them what he wanted them to learn and gave them a skill for life. Something CXC Information Technology doesn't fully cater too.

Wallace has always felt that ALL STUDENTS shouldn't be required to write/learn the programming aspect of the subject because 99% rarely go on to CODE  COMPUTERS. He feels that that component is only added to make the subject more difficult to pass and it wasn't fair to those trying to get certification around the Caribbean.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy continues to partner with accredited institutions overseas so that individuals in the Caribbean would no longer just have to depend on a pass in CXC Information Technology but have alternative accredition in specific computer related fields.

Ms. Vanta Walters, Veteran Early Childhood Specialist, Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed, Veteran Educator, Mr. Fitzroy Wilkin, Veteran Technical and Vocational Educator and Pastor St. Clair Archibald Sr. will work together in different areas to help bring this Dare 2 Be Different Academy Dream to pass.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute's Online Interface would allow several teachers to teach different subjects to several students all around the Caribbean and the world and also administer tests etc. Wallace made it absolutely clear that no matter how good a resume was, all individuals around the world applying in the future, MUST be a Platinum Supporting Member. (Learn how at: He contended that if his ministry was to help teachers and educators earn an extra income, it was imperative that they too help the ministry with its endeavours on a monthly basis for as long as they want to remain teaching.

To See Programs, ask questions and to register, visit:  - Call 869-664-0911 / 786-401-4016  / BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

All  phases of the program are available except the Pre-School and Kindergarten section which will come on stream, God's willing in September 2013, but individuals can register early.

Campus Locations

Campus A is at Boyds - St. Kitts and has a mini computer training facility and spaces for small classes and agro-processing traing,

Campus B which is our Computer Training Facility is at OOJJs 24 hour Complex

Campus C - Pre-School & Kindergarten - Coming soon

Campus D - Online

Friday, January 11, 2013

$1000 Youth Businesses to Spur Economic Growth Globally and Put Hundreds to Work

The 26 year old President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International -  is at it again as he pushes to do what he does best - HELP  AND  EMPOWER  YOUTHS.

Wallace said that after 5 years of putting together one of his BIGGEST empowerment ideas for youth, he thought now was the time, at the beginning of the year to launch the endeavour as early as people around the world as many persons were still calling him, emailing him and reaching out for help with regards to JOBS.

$1000 Dollar Stores - is a business in a box franchise  project that would hand a working business over to the applicant within 7 - 21 working days after payment is made. The applicant doesn't have to do a thing. Dare 2 Be Different will register the business in the country, pay the necessary startup taxes, apply for concessions if applicable etc. On a case by case basis, youth applicants can be considered to invest more to start businesses that Khrystus Wallace has mastered such as Embroidery, Screen Printing, Banners and Signs, etc etc but are recommended to start first with a $1000 Store as he was in contact with DOZENS of WHOLESALE  SUPPLIERS ready to give further discounts do business around the globe because things were tough.

The effort would be a joint partnership with Dare 2 Be Different International and the applicant that can be as young as 13 years old (Once they apply with a parent/guardian if under 18), For an investment of US$1000 - the applicant would get 60% of the profits while the ministry would get 40%.

All the youth applicants have to mainly do across the world is to sell their products and market on their social media pages, while a New Department of Dare 2 Be Different would do everything else. Accounting, Buying of goods at discounted prices, Maintain Websites, Backend Processing of Credit/Debit Cards, Social Media Marketing, Printing of T-shirts, Banners, Signs etc for the business to name a few of the partnership benefit.

The successful applicant would get an ECOMMERCE business with the following benefits:

* No rent to pay since they can just stock their items at home and deliver or ship
* A fully functional ECOMMERCE  WEBSITE with the ability to charge credit / debit cards and also use their Blackberry / iPhone to charge too or anywhere an internet connection is.
* US$500 worth of products that they choose to sell,
* Discounted FEDEX & DHL Rates though Wallace's USA Business - (Better than their country rates)
* Free Marketing and exposure especially on The Caribbean Auction Site -
* Free printing of T-shirts, Polos, Banners, Signs etc because Dare 2 Be Different Internatioal is a partner organization of and

*+ other benefits listed on

President Wallace said this initiative falls under their CATCH  THEM  YOUNG  PROJECT where his ministry seeks to start introducing youths to the world of ENTREPRENEURSHIP  AND AGRICULTURE and AGRO-PROCESSING  EARLY because governments and the education system has started to push it far too late in people's lifetime and in children's educational system.

Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed and Dean of The Dare 2 Be Different Academy (that will open in September, 2013) confirmed that students will be introduced to Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Agro-Processing in some way as early as Kindergarten so that by the time they reach Grade 4 then would be starting to make real money and by Form 2 or 3 - be running fully fledged businesses and balancing eduation too.

Khrystus commented - "What we find happening across the world now that we have economic problems is that governments all across the world are encouraging individuals to turn to entrepreneurship and agriculture and now trying to FORCE them to go to business labs workshops  and start farming etc. 

Many just attend but get no help at all. How can you teach Entrepreneurship at schools and not give the students startup capital. How can you be hosting all these business labs workshops and not let participants leave with at least a $500 startup cash in hand?

The $1000 store project is in fact a REAL  LIFE  BUSINESS  LABS  PROJECT  that will give each applicant a WORKING  BUSINESS and provide ongoing training under one roof - Dare 2 Be Different International. This is what I have been talking about for a long time - the power of clubs. The power of cooperatives.

You see, if the idea goes as planned and we have hundreds of our $1000 stores buying in bulk, shipping in bulk etc, those we buy with and ship with have no choice but to carry down our costs and therefore allow us to profit more. Talking about profits, young people will be able to immediately sell for less than the brick and mortar stores because they work from home via social media advertising their business and delivering their products and simply profiting. This is a WARNING to all those working for BRICK and MORTAR COMPANIES - start thinking about your own businesses. It is small businesses that are keeping countries alive and governments are not confessing it and not helping. There are only a few big businesses around and I am certain that they are not the ones keeping countries alive.

That is what I have been suggesting to ministry leaders all my life but no one has listened so I'm doing it myself. The Church should cater for the spiritual well being of individuals too but it also had a SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY as Jesus never allowed a crowd to follow him without feeding them."

Wallace has also recently added a new department to his FLORIDA BUSINESS called Integrity Professional Solutions - which would seek to market the services of his Dare 2 Be Different Supporting members around the world and connect them with people who need jobs completed so as to continue to provide MONEY for his members with NEEDS instead of just talking and talking and talking about HOPE  IS  AHEAD.

Another one of his projects that will come on stream during his 5th Anniversary Year is The People's Store. This store will only sell locally produced items by YOUTHS such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, craft, soap etc. The only things it will import are the items that cannot be produced locally such as toothpaste, pampers etc etc. The People's Store will also be a franchise project that will be in every country where a Dare 2 Be Different International is and will ONLY employ the organization's members.

President Khrystus ended by saying, "You see, I honestly launched these ahead of openingThe Victory Centre - because I wanted to show folks that what I am saying that none of my global members would ever be unemployed was the truth because people have been asking me how I will get that happened. and are part of the answers because we have many more ideas in the pipeline.

On a serious note though, every parent should invest in a $1000 dollar store from the moment their child turns 13 across the world. It will do two or three things.

1. Provide a practical way for children to stay occupied and out of trouble and off the streets, which is less work for law enforcement

2. It will help children start early to work and save for college and university and even teach them how hard their parents have to work to provide for them when they are doing it themselves and

3. Interestingly enough, because of Dare 2 Be Different's Ideas and Innovation, we are now going to see 13 and 14 and 15 year olds contributing to households and even paying bills. If Social Security allows it across the globe, their systems will become even stronger because DARE  TO  BE  DIFFERENT INTERNATIONAL  would have lowered the working age and helped to spur economic growth around the world. We will see 13 year olds who have businesses contributing to economic development since they too will be paying taxes. Imagine that. This is how you run AN  EMPOWERMENT  PROJECT"

Wallace who has never received a grant or funding of anytype from any organization, or any offerings or tithes on a weekly basis over the 5 years of his minstry's existence has never given up and continues to outshine many organizations that have a strong financial backing simply because he defintely has a heart for the people.

Sign up your youth for a $1000 Dollar Business today! -

Global Investors interested in talking to Wallace and helping him carry out some of his personal innovative ideas and ideas for his ministry can email  or  BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3 or WhatsApp: 1-869-663-0114. He has dozens of executive summaries ready for review.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Regional Media and Journalism Award Recognition For Khrystus Wallace

26 year old businessman, Founder, President and Ordained Minister of Dare 2 Be Different International - Mr. Khrystus Wallace seems to just be blessed in every area of his life. A recent letter into his ministry requested that Mr. Wallace be one of the featured speakers at the Jennifer Jones OECS and Barbados 2013 Media Awards Ceremony that will be held on the island of Grenada.

Wallace will speak on the theme - 'Recognising Excellence in Journalism - Chartering the way forward'

While Khrystus is accustomed to be recieving excellence awards since primary school, the letter excited Mr. Wallace as this is the first time that such a prestigious award would be named after him and his ministry for the OUTSTANDING  WORK  he has been doing as leader..

The letter stated, "Mr. Wallace we are cognisant of the very enormous and continuous contributions that you and your company continues to provide to the people of the region especially those in St Kitts and Nevis. As such, we are requesting your permission in naming some of the awards in honour of you as the founder and your organisation Dare to Be Different International."

Another highlight of the event would show that Wallace, a native of St. Kitts - Nevis would be the younger speaker ever to address the RED CARPET event. The letter continued, "Mr. Wallace the committee is very excited to have you as one of the speakers and must point out that you are the youngest person who will be speaking at this very impressive red carpet affair. It must be viewed as an accomplishment by you as your work and contributions within the region is duly being noted and recognised while its a honour to have someone like you gracing this event."

Mr. Khrystus Wallace will be addressing persons such as Honourable Prime Minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas along with other key regional persons that will grace the awards ceremony.

Congratulations are in order to this dynamic young man on behalf of his Dare 2 Be Different International Team Members, supporters and followers locally, regionally and internationally.

Wallace's statements were to the point and scriptural, " Proverbs 22:29  Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. I am most delighted that finally a reputable organization across the Caribbean Region is interestingly enough honouring the work that God is doing through my ministry Dare 2 Be Different International during this our 5th Anniversary year. This is actually our first gift and an outstanding and reputable gift indeed.

What saddens me though, is the fact that across the region, we are guilty of not recognizing the outstanding work that many persons are doing in their little ways in their HOMELANDS, and many times it takes folks from outside to do that. Then again, if that didn't happen, then the scripture won't be true ; " Matthew 13:57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house."

"I want to end by saying this. Dare 2 Be Different International is going to change that. After it took a regional organization to publicly commend me for the work I'm doing in my small country after no other body/firm ever did, I want to launch from today - The Give Credit Where Credit Is Due Innitiative which will seek to keep awards and recognitions going out to people firstly in St. Kitts - Nevis, across the region and the world for their work in different areas.

We certainly won't have the resources to do a red carpet event each time, but a plaque, a crystal, a little gift will certainly show those working hard that there is still a ministry that cares. We are coming to the police, the hospital, to the public and private sectors, we are heading to homes with our awards, our cameras and we will be training our youths to write articles on you for the web. This is a practical way of teaching English because I won't have all the time.

I personally believe we should GIVE  CREDIT  TO  FOLKS  WHILE  THEY  ARE  ALIVE and well and functioning. Psychology suggests that this can go a long way to boosting self esteem and morale and helping others produce even better.

So, don't be offended if we come to your church and award that person who has been singing well for years and all they get is a hand clap. If you don't allow us to make the presentation, we'll do it OUTSIDE the church or at their homes and make a big ado about it.

Don't be offended if we award that person in your office or business for their great customer service when
you are not valuing them. Employers, nothing is wrong with giving a $50 or $250 food voucher to help a good worker during this trying time. Pastors, nothing is wrong with giving a monetary donation to the members of your worship team and musicans once in a blue moon. AFTER ALL MAN. AFTER ALL. ALL  FOR  YOU?

Don't be surprised when people leave your organization and join Dare 2 Be Different International because they see who really cares and is looking out for them.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Pastor Molested Me

The young man made contact again recently. This time his words literally ate me out and caused some tears to run down my eyes and I got an instant head ache.

He said, "Brother Khrystus, doesn't my story matter? Why haven't you shared it after all these months since we first spoke? Doesn't my story matter? You are writing about everything else. Nobody really cares for real boy. Nobody!" That was it, he didn't wait for me to respond and I haven't felt so badly in a long time with regards to one of my clients.

You see friend, months ago, a male client who receives these very same blog postings that you are reading now, shared with me his story of being molested by a pastor and asked me to share it to help others around the world know that they are not alone and to help warn parents about the many reputable predators out there waiting to take their children and teens as prey after giving them special gifts, special treatment and special company.

Some client stories I forget about because I talk with so many folks around the world. Others get etched in a special place in my heart never to be forgotten. When ever I think about them, I remember the one on one session, or telephone call, or Blackberry chat, WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Convo, Linked-In Chat, My Space Connection, Ovoo Talk, MSN Chat etc just like we spoke yesterday."

Here goes. My friend, I humbly apologize for not sharing. Some stories I write and don't have to think about, so I just flow. Since you asked me to keep sharing your story, build a website to reach out to others around the world so they can share their stories but not use your name, I had to think through for months and ascertain the appropriate time to share and carefully decide how best to approach this. Since it must be burning you and the hurt must be growing greater, I won't wait to launch the STOP  THE  RAPE  - STOP  THE  MOLESTATION  CAMPAIGN in this our 5th  anniversary year - I will preamble it with your story NOW.  I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and write now.

"Brother Khrystus," he paused for a long while then continued. "I have something to tell you and I want you to share it with the world to help others for as long as you stay so influential. You have to promise me though, that you would NEVER use my name or tell anyone else at all. AT  ALL!"

How was I to make such a commitment I wondered to myself quickly? Did he Kill someone? If I promised to not tell, this could be obstruction of justice and I could be prosecuted. Should I tell him I can't commit to that promise? While I was thinking all soughts of things, he asked again- "You hear?"

I quickly sighed and sighed and responded, "Yes Sir. . . go on - I promise." I was really hoping that it wasn't something CRIMINAL he was involved in but I would keep my word.

"Brother Khrystus, I was molested by Pastor ___________. It still feels like a dream." The young man went into detail - every detail from beginning to end. Every gruesome - nasty detail. He said, "I'm above crying now Brother Khrystus, I walk so peacefully and reflect a happy look on the outside just to hide my pain. I try to stay patient and remain a people person because I don't want to stay away from individuals and let people see that something is wrong with me and I'm hurting.

I want you to know Brother Khrystus that the anger is built up so much within me that I am well capable of killing someone, not because I always look like everything is OK. When I lay at nights or spend time alone, the only memories I have are those that the "ANTIMAN  PASTOR" have left with me. He's a DAMN ANTIMAN and preaches and people shout AMEN."

I put my left hand on my forehead, looked down at the ground for a while and then I asked, "Have you ever told anyone about this?" He responded, "No sir, you're the only F****** person and it has to stay right here or I'll kill you. You are free to share it, preach it, talk about it, but never use my name."

I never knew this person to ever swear at all. In counseling, you are not to look surprised, you are to let your client just flow and ease themselves and express themselves anyway they like.

I looked at him straight in the eyes and asked, "Why haven't you ever told anyone until now?" I kinda predicted what he'd say but I waited for him to say it. Just as I predicted, he responded, "Number 1 - Brother Khrystus

- People revere PASTORS as perfect people with no sins and if I talk out about a Pastor, everyone would say that I'm lying and wouldn't believe me and would pity the Pastor

- Number 2 - Even if I talk out, everyone would Ridicule me and call me the antiman and very few would call the pastor antiman

- Number 3 - Some pastors have been raping girls and molesting boys for years because I know about other cases too and those that start coming into the public are quickly hushed down to save the Pastor's name and he or she just continues on like nothing.

- Number 4 - My relatives and friends revere the pastor and think that he's just being nice and kind to me and others, but never knew and I doubt they would ever believe and I don't ever intend to tell them. If they ask me, I'll just say no. If they pressure me - I'll still say no.

- Number 5 - There is no where to go and report this crime. NO WHERE.

I said, no sir, each country has a Special Victims Unit that deals with these sort of things. He quickly responded, "SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT? SPECIAL VICTIM  UNIT? Then why is it when ever someone is raped, the whole world knows about it on their BB or on the media. The media doesn't call their names and I know of many cases that weren't public and when they were taken to the Police, they became public and everybody knew who the victim was. That would never happen to me - NEVER. I prefer to keep my business to myself."

- Number 6 - Nobody cares! Pastors know their pastor friends are doing this and instead they get together and condemn these happenings, all of ya'll keep ya'll mouths SHUT and let the sin continue and let the Pastors Pastor. Anyway, there are no true pastors around. Politicians doing crap and Pastors ain't even talking out. NOBODY CARES"  he adamantly shouted.

Friend, he was really angry. I'll be honest. He said he was capable of killing because of everything he had stored up in him and he had me a bit uneasy. Even as I write, I am being very careful not to give any clue of his name but I understood him so well.

I won't use this article to talk to parents about how to monitor their children and teens with reputable and non reputable adults. I would also not use it to talk about how people honestly see the police when they have to deal with these type of cases too. I wouldn't use it to talk about how some of YOU have Pastors higher than KING  JESUS. I wouldn't use it to talk about how VICTIMS that REPORT such heinous crimes which is the right thing to do, get bashed by society. I wouldn't use it to talk about many of my other clients around the world - male and female alike that have been raped or molested or fondled by ministers of the gospel. I won't use it to talk about how WE - AS CHRISTIANS - AS  MINISTERS  OF  THE  GOSPEL show a don't-care attitude many times and don't speak out against WRONG just to remain popular and not lose our monthly gifts of offerings and tithes.

All these are topics all by themselves that I may write on if the Lord permits and  as I work on doing a number of things in honour of this young man who contacted again to get his story shared.

What I will use the last paragraph of this article to do as a matter of URGENCY, is to BEG parents and guardians to closely monitor your children and youths with both male and female ministers. Do not revere them as GOD. When you see your child getting extra special gifts and treatment from individuals, don't take it for granted. Investigate it. Mind you, there are some very honest, helpful people, but there are many wolves in sheep clothing and wearing a MINISTER COLLAR too.

Don't you remember that David was a man after God's own heart when he sinned with BATHSHEBA and aided in executing a MURDER? Yes the David of PSALMS.

Sometimes I continue to wonder if anyone ever bothers with these articles and if I should just stop writing and go back to using my network to advertise only. A few days ago, one of my clients emailed me and inquired as to why they don't receive regular discount coupons and promotions in their email so fast anymore, because that's just how all their youths got to print shirts for less a few years ago, as they printed over 50 of them using $5 Print Coupons they got in one of my EMAIL  PROMOS. I smiled and remembered that order at so well.

Then . . .I wondered - do these Dare 2 Be Different International Articles really matter? Like the gentleman asked me - Does anyone really care? Will the police do anything to step up on their special victims unit? Will we continue to see Pastors as Gods? or look at US - YES US - more closely?

On the website that our ministry will work on in honour of this young man who bravely spoke out, Other Victims from St. Kitts - Nevis, The Caribbean and The World will be able to share their stories too and when our ministry has enough confidence in the authorities and can be assured that our legal system gets up to date so that such cases can be tried without public exposure of the victim in a private setting, then and only then we would be able to see the community and the police holding hands to fight against crime.

If you are a victim of molestation or rape by anyone, Dare 2 Be Different International is there to reach out and help. We believe, that we are the organization God has placed in the Caribbean and on earth that will help to bring back up cases that VICTIMS thought are off the books since they happened 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago and help get you JUSTICE.

It is happening in the USA - we believe that our law enforcement and legal system is just as capable too and we encourage you to start talking out and reaching out to a person of confidence and we do expect to hear our regional law enforcement TOP  OFFICIALS making regular media briefings so as to make VICTIMS comfortable that they are now up to scratch to carefully, non-publicly handle such cases.

Young man - I applaud you. I applaud you greatly. Although you didn't share your name, you have resurrected a matter that has been sleeping for years and we promise to continue to blog about it, talk on radio about it, write articles about it, until WE as pastors get our acts together and STEP  DOWN if we are guilty of such, or aim to KEEP  OUR  STANDARDS  HIGH  and try our best to do as much RIGHT as we humanly can.

If you are apart of a FLOCK around the world and you very well know that your pastor is a CHILD PREDATOR or you have been molested by him or her, but kept down and under pressure, Jesus can talk care and set you FREE - RIGHT NOW. Do not be subject anymore - begin to speak out all around the world. You are worth more than $5000 or a Blackberry or regular topups and food hampers from your pastor. Do not worry about all the fancy gifts you have received in the past - At the start of this 2013 - decide to come out from BONDAGE - SPEAK OUT  LIKE  THIS  YOUNG  MAN  AND  HELP  OTHERS.

You DO NOT  deserve to be the one that can't sleep and always stay hurting. You can change that tonight by agreeing to start talking out. Cause a Minister of the Gospel or reputable businessperson or government official not to sleep. When they text you or call you - do not answer. That is your first step of turning things around - STANDING  UP  TO  THEM  and SHOWING  THEM  THAT  YOU  ARE  NOT  AFRAID - your next step is to tell someone - YES YOU  CAN!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

In Christ,

Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Devil Has No Work To Do If The Church Is Fighting Against The Church

I listened quite attentively and then had to conclude that the devil has no work to do if the church is fighting against the church and ministers of the gospel against ministers of the gospel.

May I say here from the onset, something that I have continued to postulate from the day God called me to start Dare 2 Be Different International -

Some ministers of the gospel are called directly by God. Some ministers of the gospel are called by self and are after your TITHES  AND  OFFERINGS  ALONE. Some ministers of the gospel are in the position because they inherited it from a family member and are not called at all.

Friend, look at this closely and most of you, I'm sure would definitely agree with me.

Does the devil have any work to do when ministers of the gospel and pastors lead the talks to pull down other ministers, other churches, other Christians and even some of their very own members and then preach from the pulpit every Sunday?

Does the devil have any work to do when Christians and church goers spend more time criticizing other members in and out of church, what they wear, what they drive, who their with etc. instead of praying, reading their Bible, listening the Word and doing good?

Does the devil have any work to do when a Pastor heads to the pulpit and preaches on one or two members instead of deeply studying the word to edify a whole body of believers and not try to pull down one or two or three people he or she heard something about during the week?

Does the devil have any work to do? I can go on and on and on and on but I do believe you get my point. I believe the devil and his imps are well rested in a rocking chair down in HOT FLAMING HELL that was prepared for those who reject Christ with a remote in their hands watching a flat screen LCD TV  of ministers of the gospel fighting against other ministers of the gospel and churches fighting against churches.

Can you see now why the unsaved aren't encouraged to get saved, much less join a church? If you can't - I can. I surely can. As I finalize plans to open The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre - soon, I had a great mind to ask the Lord just to send 2 year olds and 3 year olds to deal with because society along with many of us Christians from various churches are corrupt - not because we want to be corrupt, but rather because we are under Pastors or so called shepherds who spend more  time schemingly planning to victimize and pull down others rather than feeding their member sheep to ensure they  are properly equipped to continue to build the kingdom of God.

I guess that's why God gave us the name Dare 2 Be Different International and told us to name our church The Victory Centre - instead of The Victory Church. He wanted us to stand out as DIFFERENT and not carry the word CHURCH by our name because when I hear people in the world ask the question "CHURCH PEOPLE? CHURCH PEOPLE?" I never try to defend the name anymore because sadly - CHURCH  PEOPLE. . . . 

The Devil Has No Work To Do If The Church Is Fighting Against The Church. We encourage our global Christian following to STAND  OUT  LIKE  US - DARE  TO  BE  DIFFERENT  - REMEMBER  AS  CHRISTIANS  - we are called to build the kingdom of God and empower others remembering ONLY WHAT  IS  DONE  FOR  CHRIST  WILL  LAST.

While I believe we should never compromise as preachers from the pulpit, as President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International, as God grows our network of preachers around the world, our Constitution will emphatically state that any of our preachers that head to the pulpit with a personal matter instead of doing as the Bible says in Galatians 6:1, they cannot and will not be allowed to preach at any of our Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre denominations all over the globe ever again. 

Galatians 6:1  Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

I can only speak for the organization that God called me to start. It is your choice to sit in your church and let the Pastor or Preacher lam blast your business and people's business from the PULPIT when no where in the Bible God authorized that. What God did authorize was Galatians 6:1.

May I take this opportunity to extend Dare 2 Be Different International's hand of help to churches locally and around the world to firstly let our preachers minister at your church, then we can share our ideas, help you build your website, setup your own internet tv, internet radio, teach videography, show you how to stop raising funds with cake sales and other ancient methods, introduce E-COMMERCE as a new fundraising method along with other creative ways, teach business labs workshops and help your members start businesses, help you setup a WORKING  EMPOWERMENT  FOUNDATION and so much more.

We're ready to come when you send for us. We're ready to help! Here again, as we now celebrate five years of ministry, overseas churches, don't be like those churches in St. Kitts - Nevis that stayed away from help during our first 5 years and criticized rather than jump on the band wagon to build the kingdom of God and empower others. 

We are more than ready, able, capable and available to help. God knew what he was doing even before I was born when he gave our Dare 2 Be Different Team so much wisdom to start and run our youth ministry and then finally lead the way and show what TRUE  NEW  TESTAMENT  CHURCH  SHOULD  BE. Not just preaching, praying and collecting monies - but rather TEACHING THE  SAINTS,  EMPOWERING  THEM  IN  EVERY  SINGLE  WAY, MAKING  SURE  THERE  ARE  NOT  HUNGRY  AND JOBLESS  PEOPLE  APART  OF  OUR  VICTORY  CENTRE  CONGREGATION  and  SENDING THEM  OUT  TO  BUILD  THE  KINGDOM  OF  GOD.

Note Well: We continue to pray for God to provide the way so that no Saved Victory Centre Member would ever be jobless and have no money. We will use our ideas and creativity and the world would stand amazed at the first church where nearly everyone owns shares in a church business or owns their own business. Whether its a part time job or full time job, the Church will help. We will ensure that as time progresses, we establish OUR  OWN  SUPPLY  SHOP  FOR  MILK,  FLOUR,  RICE etc   AND SUPERMARKET so that our members don't die from high food prices.

Do you think that as a 5 year old ministry, we should be the first to be doing that? Don't you think we should have already seen Pastors and Churches working together to have The Baptist Bank or The Wesleyan Supermaket or The Church of God Brewery or The Seventh Day Adventist Cloth Store or The Methodist Clothing Factory etc

If we were working together as CHRISTIANS then the world and its bankers and supermarkets and hardware stores and factories would never be knocking the children of God around. They would have more respect for us. From a child, I always wondered if CHURCHES never recognized the power that they have if THEY  WORK  TOGETHER.

You get my point friend? But, we can't do that if we are too busy fighting against each other. Dare 2 Be Different International won't be apart of any fight for as you can clearly see, God had to establish a new brand in order to do a new thing. We know we won't be liked because when God sent his son Jesus to earth to do a new thing, He wasn't liked either, but we won't stop. We won't give up. We are mobilized to BUILD  THE  KINGDOM  OF  GOD.

Our ministry fully believes in Matthew 10:14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

Email us:    BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3   PHONE: 869-664-0911   (We're ready to TRAVEL  AND  HELP  YOU)


The Devil Has No Work To Do If The Church Is Fighting Against The Church. He definitely will have to start up his truck again because Dare 2 Be Different International - is a force to be reckoned with and with God on our side what ever man says or tries may only slow us down, but never STOP  US.

At the start of 2013 - We are mobilized more than ever and Dare 2 Be Different International is on a drive to ensure that ALL  THE  WORLD  HEARS  ABOUT  JESUS  CHRIST  BEFORE  HE  RETURNS  and we also plan to make the biggest impact in this our 5th Anniversary year. It's either you're on our train or off and either way, there's no waiting back - only ONWARD - FORWARD MOVEMENTS!

In Christ,

Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International