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Global Small Businesses NEED a Standby Arrangement similar to that between IMF and St. Kitts-Nevis

I always contend that GLOBAL  GOVERNMENTS  DO  NOT  CARE  ABOUT  SMALL  BUSINESSES,  when we contribute MOST  SIGNIFICANTLY  to the GDP of all countries.

Only small business owners who understand and who are feeling the heat of a global recession fully understand this. The others, probably people like you, on the outside looking in never know what is going on in our kitchens at all.

Governments DO  KNOW WHAT  IS  GOING  ON  WITH US - but don't seem to care!


Haven't you noticed that governments in the Caribbean, The USA, Greece etc are allowed to rack up debts higher than the sky and then they either simply hook up with the IMF for help under special terms or in the case of the USA, use the Federal reserves or print their own money?

You NEVER or SELDOM hear of governments going to court for debts - DO YOU? and they are in the MILLIONS, BILLIONS and TRILLIONS. I guess they don't care one bit because we, as tax payers and small business owners have to pay it back, but they are NOT working to help us make MONEY  or  GET  CONSISTENT  WORKING  CAPITAL  at all.

But you do hear of small courts and large courts carrying small business owners to court for $1000 or $5000 or more. Am I not right? So then, is it safe to say that GOVERNMENTS can be fiscally irresponsible and get away with it, but small business owners go to jail or run the risk of losing all their assets and having to start again?

No one seems to care about SMALL  BUSINESS OWNERS  GLOBALLY and do you know that WE  ARE  THE  ONLY  ONES  that can help to turn our global economies around with our innovation and ideas?

But innovation and ideas without funding and support are just like anything worthless.

When I saw the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis creatively get a signed agreement with The International Monetary Fund to get approved on July 27, 2011 (see Press Release No. 11/295), for an amount equivalent to SDR 52.51 million (about US $79.15 million), or 590 percent of St. Kitts and Nevis’ IMF quota. (FROM SKNVIBES: , I was in awe.

If Global Small Businesses can get such standby agreements approved in their countries through their Development Banks, where we are carefully monitored and guided and putting in place recommendations of that Bank or Funding Institution, WE  WOULD  SEE  A  GLOBAL  TURN  AROUND  SOON.

But. . . .I guess my talk will just slide down the drain AGAIN like many of the youth recommendations we give over the years. I sometimes wonder if it makes any sense talking. But I talk and write still simply because I know I have a GLOBAL readership and if I can help to inspire ONE  THINKING  LEADER  OR  GOVERNMENT, I would have done my part in this world.

Banks and funding institutions that claim they are their to HELP and sometimes fall under government, DO  NOT  DO  THAT  AT  ALL. I started my first business at 13 years old. I got my first funding EARLY. I won't lie and tell you that everything has went perfectly well over the years, but what I will say is that NO  FUNDING  INSTITUTION  ever checked up on the well doing of my business. They only called or visited if I lapsed on a payment.

My own Development Bank too. (Well, let me not lie, my Development Bank did pay me visits when they brought along consultants and members from The Caribbean Development Bank and other of their FUNDING  AGENCIES to see and boast of their clients and then that was it for me until another consultant wanted to see businesses funded by the bank again)

I have ALOT of ideas, but I think I'm going to go back to what I started doing at 13. Looking for affiliate programs and using the internet to make money. At 13 years, I started my own webhosting company and building websites for people at - The mother company is based in the UK and they have continued to help me step by step until today, I'm 26 years.

They gave me the step by step help that I wished Funding Instituations and Government Business Development Units would have given to me so I didn't make such mistakes. I am 26 and never worked for anyone in all my life. Sadly, I learned the hard way, but I'm using my bad experiences to make a living, and help others through

At 13 years in high school, I worked for an online company
 and used to make between US$20 - US$50 per month. They sent it to my mother's P. O BOX and even she was surprised. I should have never been so inquisitive and start my own business -  and,  and just stick to working ONLINE at:  and I would have probably been a rich 26 year old by now and out of debt.

Don't make my mistake - DON'T  GO  INTO  BUSINESS  IN  THESE  CARIBBEAN  ISLANDS  unless our CARIBBEAN  FUNDERS  and GOVERNMENTS  introduce better help for you YOUNG  PEOPLE.

I sometimes wish I never got so deep into the Brick and Mortar business so that I can experience such struggles. But then again, I'm happy that I learned that GOVERNMENTS  DO  NOT  CARE  ABOUT  YOUTH  BUSINESSES  and  SMALL  BUSINESSES when we impact societies by providing the MOST  EMPLOYMENT and pay the most TAXES. sent me an email the other day to say that I needed to verify some information before sending me out a check for all my writings and accepting allowing their advertising on I was wowed.

You see - I have several websites - I have to find an alternative to survive. So, as I tell other young people when I speak at Business Labs Workshops or conduct my private business seminars, "USE  ALL  THE  TALENTS  GOD  HAS  GIVEN  YOU  IN  ORDER  TO  MAKE  LIFE." I lead by example. So, since writing is one of my talents - I write.

Check out - Khrystus Wallace for Prime Minister -

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and others

Just by visitng my websites, I'll get a small commission. So if I reach 250,000 visitors to my sites combined per month. I'll retire and travel the world preaching through my ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International -  and spend more time at the Kenya ministry I founded - and market the books that I wrote already and planning to write found on: 

I will have 7 books published and launched by 19th September, 2012. I started writing to encourage the world on 19th September, 2011 when I was going through a very trying time with life and business. My devotional pieces on have become a worldwide hit and caused me to get a worldwide following.

If this worldwide following purchases at least one of my 7 books - imagine the possibilties. I may be able to start my own FUNDING  FIRM  to help YOUTH  BUSINESSES and show Prime Ministers and Presidents how to empower young people and turn around the world.
I better get the rid of any assistance or employees that I have and work from home and the internet. Things may be much better like that, since AS  A  SMALL  BUSINESS  OWNER  no one is supporting our innovative ideas and willing to help them go further.

Well. . . .I guess because there is no Silicon Valley in St. Kitts-Nevis or the Caribbean, I would just have to continue to keep my fingers crossed and my faith and hope HIGH in God, that one day, someone will see or hear about my  ideas and send me an email at: or contact me via my BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8 and say - Khrystus - I want to talk further with you or be an angel investor and help you see your dreams come to pass. I am no gready 26 year old. I believe in SOME  FOR  ME and SOME  FOR  YOU.

And thinking about it, the USA does offer a Green Card Citizenship by investment program just like St. Kitts - Nevis, so why should I stay here. I may not have the money to invest, but if I find an investor that is willing to join with me to get my movie scripts that I wrote myself and have sitting down there up to Hollywood, then I can apply for that program and get out of the Caribbean. Or then the investor may help me build my Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre in the USA instead of St. Kitts - Nevis (Read  about it HERE)

If you know me personally, I stay thinking, I already opened my USA BUSINESS - The Supply SHop Inc - - I'm just waiting for God to send the right partner and then probably, just probably, I'll continue the CARIBBEAN  BRAIN  DRAIN and carry my INNOVATIVE ideas to a country - THE USA that has so many of them already. I may have to probably go to Silicon Valley when I'm almost certain that the Caribbean could have helped me)

I can show other young people how to do it too through my Consulting Firm -  and show them how they can get faster funding through Merchant Account Funding in as little as 24 - 48 hours if they OPEN  A  USA  MERCHANT  ACCOUNT - remember the Caribbean is FAAR  BEHIND.

I can help the brain drain to continue if I get out, but connected GREAT  YOUTH  THINKERS  to  FOREIGN  COMPANIES  and investors. Then probably not much youth would be encouraged to stick around.

THE SYSTEM doesn't like me letting you know of the opportunities and alternatives available elsewhere. I always let my clients know all the time - and I haven't began to talk yet.

If it's God's will, it'll happen, if NOT, I'm starting to do things differently from TODAY.

1. Work hard to pay off my debts
2. Close my businesses and start working online where I am not tasked and don't have to worry about working capital
3. Travel the world preaching, giving motivational speeches, empowering youths and selling my books
4. Live Happily ever after. (I'm 26 and I have YOUTH ON MY SIDE - EN TIT?)

Why stress about business anymore when I can't be guaranteed of help from my own island? (Ohhhh yes, I didn't tell you about this, I had a foreign business friend that boasted that he came to St. Kitts - Nevis with nothing but his IDEA and went into a bank and got funding. Don't tell anyone that I told you that)

I was chatting with a chairman of a Financing Institution sometime ago and he told me just out of coincidence to go and try to apply for a small loan to see how his officer would deal with the sitution and see if I would be approved. He told me EXACTLY what to say and guess what. . . . .I was denied. Well. . . .a different approach got me the exact same funding in 24 hours after I was denied. (IMAGINE  THAT)

So then, can our financers really help, but are WILLFULLY  holding back because of reasons we don't know?

Global Small Businesses NEED a Standby Arrangement similar to that between IMF and St. Kitts-Nevis in order to survive this global recession or they will be forced to close which will further affect the world.

Well it may probably happen over my dead body. I'll keep my printing machines and run and  screen printing and embroidering t-shirts and polos and oxford shirts for churches, schools, individuals, along with other print work just at a level that I can manage around the Caribbean since my hands and feet are tied from expanding and putting a FRANCISE  BRANCH in every Caribbean Country like KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I guess those big ideas are only for AMERICAN and UK Businesses RIGHT? - Nothing like that for the CARIBBEAN - EVER?

I am never one to give up, but I'll rest by bigger ideas on the window ledge until an international investor notices and helps me because I can never be guaranteed of local help and would probably be victimized for sharing my views here.

When or if the victimization comes, I'll keep you updated RIGHT  HERE.

Of course I'll continue to make my Ministry Impact across the Caribbean and the globe by writing on  and doing ministry through Dare 2 Be Different International -

Just my thoughts.

Khrystus Wallace

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