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Should Britain and It's Banks Pay Reparations to Descendants of African Slaves for the pain they caused our ancestors years ago?

On this special Emancipation Day Holiday in St. Kitts-Nevis and many other Caribbean Countries - 6th August, 2012, my mind went wandering all over the place while I took a break from my daily busy schedule at and

I started wondering if we, as descendants of  BLACK  SLAVES from Africa shouldn't be compensated for the harm and pain and the displacement and the suffering that our ancestors endured because of the BRITISH TRANS-ATLANTIC  SLAVE  TRADE that my History Teachers taught about while attending the Verchilds High School in St. Kitts.

I won't go through the details of our rich black history and try to paint a picture of what happened to our ancentors, because we all learned about it in school as black students. If you don't know, just search "Black African Slave Trade" in or on any other search engine.

Look at it, over the years in several World Wars and in other cases, those affected were compensated through Reparations. (Jews etc etc etc)

(Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of enslaved people)

Don't you think that the descendants of Black Slaves who came from Africa to the Caribbean and America and other lands should be compensated whether monetarily or through land or otherwise?

Britain as early as 1993 signed a treaty of settlement between some People in New Zealand for $160 Million dollars to avoid going to court. Soooo....

How much does Britain owe us for the pain of our ancentors?

How much do they owe us for not paying our ancestors as they worked tirelessly on Estates?

How much do they owe us in Social Security or Any other special worker fund?

We can't put a value to life, but how much do they owe your family for drowning your great, great, geat, great grand mother or uncle, or aunt because they wouldn't behave on the long inhumane Slave ride?

How much do they owe us for knocking out our ancestors teeth and forcibly feeding them?

If I knock out the teeth of my neighbour for no apparent reason today, even with the best lawyer, I am bound to lose that case and would have to compensate. So why should BRITAIN go free?

How much do British Banks owe us because they funded the slave businesses that caused us suffering?

I can go on and on and on. . . .but I wanted us to get thinking.

In today's society, if I enslave ten (10) people today for 1 week, if they escape, they will SUE ME right for the pain and suffering and they will definitely win the case because THE  ACT  WOULDN'T  BE  RIGHT.

The USA and MANY other countries are bringing back up MURDER CASES and CHILD  ABUSE  CASES from decades ago and getting justice.

Why can't we get compensation too? Don't we deserve it? The truth is - WE  DO. If we get some type of compensation, we'll probably rise from the bottom of worldwide societies when they give us monetary compensation or some land. Don't you agree?

I would get some money to expand my business since it's so hard to get mega access to capital. You would get some money to pay off your debts and build a house and send your child to study. Those who opt for land would finally get to be land owners since they can't get any of the land that their ancestors worked so hard on.

We have certainly forgiven as Jesus recommends, but we search for CLOSURE. I hope that it does come someday, even if I'm not around to see it, my children, if God gives me any would be able to benefit and rejoice as they read this piece in much CONCERN that their daddy wrote.

Your thoughts on this Emancipation Day 2012 (Many others have been compensated - why haven't we as descendants of slaves?)

FOR  OUR  INFORMATION - The Court Cases have started to get reparations for us, but, as usual, Black People are not unified and many of us see it as a joke and I believe this is why the world isn't hearing us.

In 1992 Chief Moshood K. 0. Abiola instigated the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Group of Eminent Persons for Reparations. The original members of this group included Ali Mazrui, Jacob Ade Ajayi, and Ambassador Dudley Thompson. The OAU charged this group with pressing the political agenda for reparations for the African slave trade. In 1993 the OAU Group of Eminent Persons convened the First Pan-African Conference on Reparations in Abuja, Nigeria where it adopted the Abuja Declaration that officially committed the OAU to obtain reparations for slavery.

I fully believe that there are legitimate moral reasons for the payment of reparations to African peoples by those who were responsible for the instigation of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. During the barbarous period of the slave trade, at least thirteen million Africans were illegally transported from the shores of West Africa to the Western Hemisphere. Of those thirteen million, approximately 11, 3 2 8, 000 were delivered to the New World, amounting to the trans-shipment murder of approximately 1,672,000 persons of 13% or the cargo(1). These are extremely conservative figures that do not truly account for the murders entailed.
I want to go beyond moral arguments for reparations to the discussion of legal and political strategies for the reparations movement. I believe that we need to move from the discussion of legitimate claims to the development of strategies to satisfy those claims. In my discussion, I will reflect upon the successful reparations movement undertaken by Japanese Americans in the United States.

Khrystus Wallace, Founder, President, Youth Advocate, Motivational Speaker
Dare 2 Be Different International

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