Thursday, August 30, 2012

HOPE for the Struggling all over the Caribbean


I'm getting myself in a little trouble, promoting Dare 2 Be Different International as an international ministry and just doing most things in St. Kitts - Nevis and Kenya.

So, when I get emails, texts and blackberry messages from all across the Caribbean and the world asking when are we coming to their island to make an impact to, I understand the cries for our ministry's intervention.

As we prepare to expand our ministry and open of Second Global Victory Centre, this time in St. Kitts, I asked the Lord, "How am I going to carry out these wonderful plans, with no capital and so many people interested in being apart."

He said, "Khrystus - start a ministry of HELPS to help the struggling people around the entire Caribbean since you have such a powerful sourcing network and know where to get nearly everything more affordable around the world."  God continued, "charge a fee for each Caribbean member and grow the membership to 2013 Club members by December 2013. Go now, update one of your websites since you don't pay anyone to do that, to reflect the idea I just gave to you and send it out immediately. Market it to locals and Caribbean people first, and if they reject it, help the foreign students all around the Caribbean just how they've been findind and following you on Face Book and you've been helping them get products cheaper."

So friend, I'm just being obedient. Yesterday, I cleared several barrels and boxes of food supplies for new foreign students who found Dare 2 Be Different on Facebook, used our and service to get hand holding service since they are just in the island for less than 7 days. I told them exactly when to ship their barrels from the USA to arrive just when they get into St. Kitts and so they did.

They saved money since they didn't have to buy our expensive food at our grocers.

Remember government allows 100 lbs allowance per person on food when it gets to a customs entry point in St. Kitts, so yesterday, after clearing about 3 barrels and a large box of food for students, the young person I gave the brokerage job to paid EC$30 / US$11.04 to clear customs.


Join The KVK-Dare 2 Be Different International Star Club and learn of the benefits and sign up immediately. . You'll not only be BENEFITTING, but you'll also be supporting God's work around the world too.

We are on a quest to have 2013 club members by December 2013 around the Caribbean. Signing up is easy.

This is God's way of getting the entire Caribbean on board providing financing for our Dare 2 Be Different Initiatives, so we can come to your country and hold events and activities and stay travelling and sending persons on missions

From September 2012, we re-introduce our TWICE -MONTHLY Puerto Rico or Florida Trip where we will be posting prices directly to our Facebook page, allowing our CLUB-MEMBERS ONLY ( from all across the Caribbean to pay via Credit Card on our website or deposit to our account and we immediately purchase the items and ship them to their address all across the Caribbean at a small fee for our Ministry.

This is what Ministry is all about, HELPING. This is our VIRTUAL  MINISTRY  OF  HELPS.  We'll be HELPING our club members by travelling for them, saving them ticket prices, hotel fees, taxi expenses and allowing them to see the products immediately on our FACEBOOK pages and buy. It's just like they were there in person.

Don't DELAY - Join the Club TODAY -
Hi . . .don't forget to join me this Saturday on ZIZ Radio 95.9FM in St. Kitts-Nevis or listen online at . The show is called The Empower Hour and is brought to you by Dare 2 Be Different International and .

I'll be sharing with you great low start up business ideas, business tips, 21st century marketing ideas etc. You can become a sponsor if you join the KVK SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK. ( ) I promise you exposure GALORE. (Sorry. . . No Big Businesses Allowed. I'm pooling together SMALL  BUSINESS  OWNERS and teaching them that we can GET  THROUGH if we WORK  TOGETHER.

See you on Dominion Radio 91.5FM from 11am  and then on ZIZ Radio from 3pm.

Oh yes....I don't remember seeing you or your child's registration form come to my BlackBerry after you enrolled at The Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute for the September 2012 semester. Go to:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Opening of Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centres Globally To Make Massive Impact

The Victory Centre (  is a ministry of Dare 2 Be Different International ( and was started in 2010.

The Mother Organization Dare 2 Be Different International was established in 2008 and has been actively serving and impacting youth and all since it's inception. The organization is widely known across St. Kitts - Nevis and much of the world. It was safely taken across the 4 year mark by it's founder, 26 year old Khrystus Wallace, 23 year old Lemercius Wallace, 24 year old Kerese Dias and 22 year old Joy Codrington.

Dare 2 Be Different International has been reaching out to the world and building a global following especially since President Khrystus Wallace started writing almost daily Hope Devotionals on and giving a special hype to it's facebook page -

The Ministry is now following through with another part of it's mission to continue to reach the world, this time by planting Dare 2 Be Different International Victory Centre Churches and Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups all across the globe. Persons interested in helping to plant a ministry in their country can visit 
President Wallace believes that just how in days of old, the Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans etc travelled by boat to different countries to plant their brand of churches, God is using technology in the 21st century and the power of Social Media to plant a new brand of 21st century churches all across the globe - The Victory Centres.

He believes that the start of these technological, social media informed ministries, with its founding base in St. Kitts, West Indies will go down in history as the body that revolutionized the Church Body. The ministry has set out to provide encouragement, HOPE FOR ALL, no matter how far or deep in sin one may have gone and empowerment for EVERYONE. Dare 2 Be Different is expected to revive the ministry of helps that is so DEAD or barely active in many churches globally.

Wallace believes since Dare 2 Be Different was started by youth, and is and will be making such a global impact using such young people, this is helping to fulfill the scripture in Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

The 1st Brick and Mortar Victory Centre was established in Kenya along with the Dare 2 Be DIfferent International Kenya Branch.
The 2nd Branch is being established in the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis. See and Support the vision at:

The KVK LEARNING INSTITUTE, operating for the past 10 years providing primary, Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Secondary Training, Adult Computer Lessons and technical and Vocational training has been adopted by The Dare 2 Be Different Education Division and has  been restructured and renamed to The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute.  This division will provide extra classes both ONLINE and IN CLASS from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

The Dean of this organization is Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed. and her first order of business is to get local and international accreditation for courses. Get more information and register by visiting:

The ministry plans to follow a unique vision of getting all SAVED individuals properly trained and empowered through it's Bible Institute and send them on local, regional and international missions depending on how advanced they are in the Word of God .

Dare 2 Be Different International believes that no child, youth, adult or elder should ever be left behind and has creative events, programmes and services to cater for them all. A unique Spanish service is also expected to develop a Spanish gathering locally in St. Kitts - Nevis.

Dare 2 Be Different International's Vision started from a meeting in a 15 x 15 square foot room in June 2008. Although the global impact that it has been making has still been happening from a home based setting, its team has no doubt that God will bless and provide and will allow the ministry and it's worldwide vision to IMPACT  THE  WORLD  FOR  THE  BETTER!

Individuals interested in making a contribution towards the ministry's expansion can donate through paypal email:

Financial gifts can be mailed to:
Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

Contact Information: Ministry Lines: 869-465-5914 / 869-765-7270 / BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8

Monday, August 27, 2012

Start of Victory Centre Churches around the World Similar to the Start of Jesus' Ministry

Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International, ( a youth ministry in St. Kitts has stated that the start of Victory Centre Churches around the World is Quite Similar to the Start of Jesus' Ministry.

He made this comment after being asked about the fresh ministry excitement seen all across Facebook, and the internet.

"You see, we have to follow our mission which is to reach the world for Christ using the technology and on foot out-of-the-box events and activities. I believe our new move to start our second church in St. Kitts, ( having started the first one in Kenya - comes at a very critical time when we need to WIN THE YOUTH FOR CHRIST and be creative about spreading the gospel and using up to date resources."

"Before we heard of the first church, that was Antioch, that was planted in the Bible, we saw Jesus and his disciples doing alot of on the ground work. That is what Dare 2 Be Different International has been doing since it started in June 2008. We have been doing on the ground work. Actually, from as early as August 2008, we held our first Crusade and was among the first to introduce technology in ministry in St. Kitts - Nevis when we streamed our crusade over the internet on our website and installed a telephone line under the tent and took prayer calls and commendations from all across the world. It was actually a listener/viewer who sent us our first check love offering in our ministry's name to open our first account."

"We have refused to go into the four walls up until now, because we wanted to make an ON-THE-GROUND impact, just like Jesus did at first. We believe we have now. This certainly will not stop this type of radical, down to earth work that we have been doing with individuals, especially youth, but it will now create an opportunity for our followers in St. Kitts - Nevis and across the globe to assemble under our Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre Body as we plant churches all across the globe, just like the Baptists, Methodists, Anglicans, Catholics, Church of Gods etc" See - 

It's all about Kingdom Building. Dare 2 Be Different has now recruited new team members expected to meet for a first official meeting before August 2012 is out and will be known at The 21st Century Disciples that Revolutionized the World For Christ.

Dare 2 Be Different Media Team

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different Prepares to TURN WORLD UPSIDE DOWN FOR CHRIST

The Dare 2 Be Different International ( team has fuelled up it's tanks and is fully set to turn the world upside down just like Paul, John the Baptist, Peter and the others.

With a new rejuvenation, the ministry is now on a quest to establish Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre Churches on nearly every continent on earth and is using Social Media to help in the process.

Khrystus Wallace, founder of Dare 2 Be Different International said, "in days gone by, those that established great ministries such as the Methodist, Baptist, Wesleyans, Church of Gods etc had to use letters and travel via ship to different countries to establish and plant ministries.

In this the 21st Century, God is raising up a New Type of Church Planters.  The Victory Centre has an aim to spread the Message of HOPE  FOR  ALL and use Social Media as a tool to help plant and expand its ministry around the globe.

We find that many churches of today have become too sensationalized, improperly organized and caught up with events and activities while members, newly saved, especially youth SUFFER for lack of proper Bible Teaching and thus return to the world. Dare 2 Be Different International Victory Centres across the globe will change ALL  OF  THAT.

We are the 21st Century Church that God is planting around the globe. God is a God that is ALWAYS  UP  TO  DATE. He is all knowing and we know that he planted our ministry in such a time as this to make an impact, firstly on the many youth that are going astray around the world and then on the rest of society."

Dare 2 Be Different succesfully crossed the 4 year mark during June 2012, led by a group of 4 dynamic youths working TOGETHER to carry out the Vision that God gave 26 year old Khrystus Wallace. His team includes 23 year old Lemercius Wallace, 24 year old Kerese Dias and 22 year old Joy Codrington.

The team has since added Dwight Berridge as Director of the Spanish and French Network that the ministry is building, along with Tracy Chapman, Event Planning Director.

The ministry is preparing to officially launch it's 1st Brick and Mortar Victory Centre, which would allow individuals from St. Kitts - Nevis to attend in a building and not have to watch the service via the internet on like they have been doing all around the world since it's first broadcast in 2010.

The Virtual Section of the Victory Centre will still run separately, and would not be discontinued, so as to reach out to the international viewers and attendees.

Dare 2 Be Different's Worldwide followers are encouraged to support this new start and learn more about the vision so it can get off the ground sooner than later. Visit

Youth Individuals (up to age 35) called by God and want to open a Dare 2 Be Different Youth Group in their country or want their new current ministry to fall under the Dare 2 Be Different Banner  can learn more at:

Dare 2 Be Different believes that ministry should be more than just preaching, Bible study and collecting offerings. It should be about empowering people. Thus, it has carefully restructured and placed Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed., as Director of Education with a charge to grow and get accreditation for The Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute. Learn more at: 

Start a Dare 2 Be Different Youth Ministry or Victory Centre Church in Your Country

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different Needs Your Partnership to do more- THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING

Dear Friend of Dare 2 Be Different International,
Thank you for opening this email note. I want to get to the point as quickly as possible. Our ministry needs your partnership and support so we can continue to make an impact on youth all across St. Kitts - Nevis, expand to the Caribbean and continue to impact and reach further afield in the world through our Internet Outreach Programmes -
We were founded in June 2008 and God has been using a small member team (picture attached) to do wonders for him with our various talents. It would be impossible to tell you about all our doings during the last four years in this email. Simply search "Dare 2 Be DIfferent International" or "Hope is Ahead" in any search engine and you'll get an idea of the dozens of projects that we've initiated and carried out.
From Back to School Rallies, to Youth Empowerment Sessions, to Parties and events to keep youth off the street, to agro-processing and skills training workshops to name a few. Dozens of youth continue to be impacted on a monthly basis. One of our Highlights is our Mission Mobilization Program - which caters to empower youth by teaching them skills and business etiquette and showing them how to make a life and get money using such talents.
We established our Branch in Kenya - and hope to visit there some time soon in the future. During our 4 years, we used technology to build The Caribbean's 1st Fully Dedicated internet church at : where persons can watch services 24-7 / 365 days a year. We use social media to creatively get the Word of God OUT to audiences that may not be church goers.
Can I tell you that a Muslim emailed our ministry recently and said that he and his sister got saved after viewing one of our services and he now reads our devotionals to stay encouraged. He periodically emails me to ask to elaborate on scriptures so he can understand. God is doing wonders! Can I tell you that our Black Berry and Facebook and other social media sites are filled with folks from all over the world who stay connected for encouragement and love the fact they can dialogue with the team directly, which is not the case with many ministries?
Kindly head to one of our websites, preferably and give specifically towards a program that interests you. If you prefer to just give generally, you can become a card holder by going to:  
If you don't prefer to give financially, but can donate something of any kind, we welcome donations for both our St. Kitts and Kenya Divisions. If you need a general idea, see our WISH LIST AT:
To make the process quick, feel free to send a love gift of any amount to our paypal account:
We are living up to our mission statement which outlines our goal to REACH  THE  WORLD  for Christ using technology and on the ground mission programs. The top readers for our devotional website, which is translated into over 50 different languages, USA, UK, Russia, China, Germany, Dominica, Kenya, Australia, Bangladash, France. .
WE  SINCERELY APPRECIATE  WHAT  EVER  YOU  GIVE - Financially or Otherwise. If you don't give, we still appreciate you following our ministry. MAY  GOD  BLESS  YOU  AND  YOUR  FAMILY  TREMENDOUSLY, especially for partnering.
THANK  YOU once again for partnering.
Khrystus Wallace, President Dare 2 Be Different Int'l
Ministry Line: 869-465-5914  / Mobile: 869-663-0114  / BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8
Stay Encouraged Read out Hope Devotionals
Follow Our Ministry

Don't Give Up - View This Video Presentation

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donate to This Young Innovative Entrepreneur as he raises US$185,000 to Carry Out His Techno-Ideas in the Caribbean & Around the World

There is NO SILICON VALLEY  IN  THE  CARIBBEAN - So most Great Techno-Ideas that come from Innovative Youth usually die.

Donate any amount through PAYPAL or Credit/Debit Card / Bank Wire at Funding Raise page

Dear Friend,

I'm happy that you found this page on the internet or that you clicked the link to open it and you're reading this message.

My name is Khrystus Wallace and I'm from the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. I turned 26 on the 4th of July, 2012.  I started my first business when I was around 11 years old in primary school selling gooseberries from our yard to my friends and then I asked my mother to teach me to bake cakes and I started selling my baked cakes to teachers and schoolmates in Grade 6.
When I was 13 years old in High School, my mother went to pursue further education in a university overseas and I wanted to so something to keep myself occupied and stay out of trouble during her time out so I started a bicycle repair shop (KVK BICHANICS) in my community. I then used some of my earnings to order some t-shirt transfer paper from EBAY.COM. Having read the instructions, I started printing people's pictures and designs on t-shirts for my High School Colleagues and community using my mother's hand iron.

This became the big thing and I was only 13 - 14. On her return, my mom noticed my idea and how tidious it was printing shirts with her hand iron ON  HER  DINNER  TABLE and she quickly bought me my first heat press machine and gave me a bigger start. My mother, Mrs. Yvette Wallace has always been there for me every step of the way. She was there to help me get my screen printing machines, my embroidery machine etc.

Having graduated Valedictorian from high school and attending our local college for one year,  I decided to delay my dream of becoming a medical doctor and venture into business for a while. (After all - I was young. Well I still am young and I do have my creative ideas about my future medical business).
Over the years, God would have helped me battle the storms and smile during the triumphs and grow my business to where it is today. (I first bought this domain and started building it when I was 13 years old)

As I aim to not just capture the St. Kitts - Nevis market, I built to take Caribbean Printing and Marketing Orders.
I also started a small USA Company - The Supply Shop Inc - which is slowly allowing me to tap into the USA market and get orders too.
I am now using my good and bad experiences to help to guide and motivate others through my consulting firm -


God has blessed me with wisdom and a special love for technology and this is where I  NEED  YOUR  HELP. You see, as businesses grow, there is the rise, the peak and the fall. It is during the peak, businesses should aim to diversify and be innovative to ensure continuity, and this is what I'm doing.

I have some great technological ideas to expand my company, but  WE  HAVE  NO  SILICON  VALLEY  IN  THE  CARIBBEAN and bankers and funding agencies do not really consider our Techno-Ideas unless they are brick and mortar businesses.

I'm sure if I were in a USA or UK or CHINA or INDIAN country, bankers, lenders and investors would have rushed to help me with my innovative technological ideas. I see it happening on the internet all the time.
I want to prove Caribbean Funding Agencies wrong. As I continue to build and market websites that provide my services both in the Caribbean and the USA and around the world, I believe I can safely say, that my ideas would be among the next big thing in the Caribbean.

Take a look at The Caribbean's Auction Site - . I bought the script and programmed it and I am slowly but surely growing my clientele and selling bit by bit on that site. Take a look at, (being developed) this is where visitors to our Island would no longer have the stress of looking for souvenirs when they visit St. Kitts - Nevis. They will be able to go online, order what they want and have it delivered to their hotel rooms or to the ship in dock.
I have the TECHNOLOGICAL  IDEAS  but need the CAPITAL to market them around the Caribbean and the world. It is a possibility that The Caribbean's Auction Site - could be the FIRST  BIG  TECHNO-IDEA from the Caribbean. Where else can you go in the Caribbean to see pictures or get information on Real Estate for sale in ONE-SPOT. You can find them on the web, but you have to visit a MILLION  REAL  ESTATE  BUSINESSES - CONFUSING - RIGHT? The Caribbean Auction Site Changes All of That!

I'm never a youth to give up. I am a fighter. I stick with things through the good times and the bad and I want to prove something to Caribbean Bankers and Funding agencies.

1.  There are great techno-ideas that are being developed in the Caribbean but due to the tight access to Capital to fund these projects, they die because we have no Silicon Valley. If I need a loan to buy some shirts for my printing business, that's OK, but if I need money to market my techno-ideas, the IFs and BUTs start.
2. A little faith and partnership with our young people can make a big difference in turning our worldwide economies around.

Let's look at it, just how EBAY.COM provides so much employment for people around the world, don't you think, once marketed properly, WWW.CARIBBESALES.COM can do the same?
I've been trying to tell banks that for the last 8 years having represented my country in Brazil at a Youth Business Forum. That's when I got more hype about building SHOP  ONLINE  websites. Sadly, many persons and adults especially think that my ideas are CRAZY  ideas. (Up to YESTERDAY 22/8/2012, a banker told me that it won't work here in the Caribbean. Now are they out of touch with what technology is doing around the world?) Their comments only ENCOURAGED  ME  MORE!

Friend, I crave a DONATION of any amount to help me reach my first goal of raising US$185,000 to market this technological part of my business and grow it as big as or bigger than FACEBOOK and MYSPACE and GOOGLE from right here in the Caribbean.

I want to assure you that I won't forget YOU. You would be the 1st  SEED  SOWERS and would never be forgotten. I would keep you up to date every step of the way as to the progress, successes and trials. You will be able to smile with me or frown with me, simply because you had faith in me and GAVE.
Those of you who recognize the ENDLESS  POSSIBILITIES  of my ideas and make a FAITH  GIFT, I would definitely be coming back to you FIRST when / if we reach the point of selling shares PRIVATELY / PUBLICLY.

If you are an accredited investor and want to talk further, email me at:  or talk with me instantly via BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8.
Thank you in advance for your contribution large or small. (GIVE BELOW) I sincerely appreciate it. Do continue to follow many of my blogs online and stay encouraged by reading You can also think about becoming a partner of the youth ministry that I founded in 2008 when I was 21 years - Dare 2 Be Different International -

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Khrystus Wallace launches FUNDING WEBPAGE to raise US$185,000 in capital for his TECHNO-IDEAS - DONATE TODAY

Blessed with a powerful mind, Khrystus Wallace launched a FUNDING  PAGE to raise Capital for his Techno-Ideas which consists of using his websites to market to the wider Caribbean Region and The World. One of the ideas that is expected to encourage webpage visitors to donate, is The Caribbean Auction Site - idea that Wallace first started testing in 2007.

Wallace said that he got the unique fundraising idea having visited several domains on the internet which recommend seeking donations instead of trying to sell shares or get investments which would need certain regulations.

A positve Wallace believes that as he shares the website with his following around the world, with God's blessing, it would be a light thing to reach is US$185,000 Goal.

Visit the Funding Page:

Monday, August 20, 2012

INVEST TODAY - Unique Technological & Innovative Caribbean-USA Partner Projects - Family, Close Approved Friends & Accredited Investors Only - Includes 1 Year Projections

Name of Business: KVK  ENTERPRISES LTD (Caribbean Hub)

                             THE SUPPLY SHOP INC – (USA)

Address:                Boyds Housing Development

                             Trinity Parish

                             St. Kitts

                              2221 NE 164th Street Suite 304

                              North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Telephone:              869-465-2585 / 869-663-0114


Project:                    Maximizing the use of Technology – The Way Forward
Over the last 9 years of my business’ existence, I would have learned some very critical lessons. Both good and bad. I am now using these lessons to surge me into the next phase of my business and taking a technological slant which significantly reduces overheads and increases profitability. In order to make this possible, my company is in URGENT need of capital and we are seeking $500,000 to avoid being undercapitalized again.

We are moving forward with an aim of making the world our market and capitalizing on every aspect  of the Caribbean Single Market Economy and the access to the European Union treaties and USA IMPORT-EXPORT opportunities.

In order to survive in this worldwide economic recession and survive in general in these small Caribbean countries, I have always personally contended that small business owners need to try a variety of things so that if one isn’t working at the moment, others are.

KVK ENTERPRISES LTD / The Supply Shop Inc is properly equipped with everything it needs to grow its market share with regards to internet and technology. We have our merchant account, we build our own websites, we have our own equipment to print t-shirts, banners etc to market our business and we do our own internet marketing on a small scale. WE  DO  NOT  HAVE  TO  HIRE. I believe this saves us a lot and positions us well.



Provides: T-shirt Printing, Banners & Signs, Promotional Items such as Pens, Pencils etc

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year in St. Kitts

T-shirts – 7500 x $20 =                                   $150,000

Polos – 2500 x $55 =                                      $137,500

Banners & Signs - 150 x $650 =                     $   97,500

Stickers / Posters / Labels etc  =                      $   35,000

Promotional Items -                                        $    60,000

Total:                                                            $  480,000

The Caribbean Print Shop –(Subsection of KVK geared towards Caribbean) –

Provides: T-shirt Printing, Banners & Signs, Promotional Material

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year in the Caribbean

T-shirts – 15000 x $20 =                                 $300,000

Polos – 6000 x $55 =                                      $330,000

Banners & Signs - 3500 x $650 =                   $ 227,500

Stickers / Posters / Labels etc  =                      $   75,000

Promotional Items -                                        $ 150,000

Total:                                                              $1,082,500

Khrystus Wallace Consulting SKN –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year WORLDWIDE

Business Labs Workshops  
$100 per participant @ 30 per month =          $   36,000

Loan Matching Commissions             =         $   75,000

Business Startup Client Fees              =         $   50,000

Speaking Engagements                       =          $   20,000

Total:                                                           $  181,000

The Caribbean Auction Site –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide

Auction Fees                          =                      $100,000

Real Estate Commissions        =                      $250,000

Advertisements                       =                     $   50,000

Total:                                                           $  400,000

St. Kitts – Nevis Souvenirs –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide

Souvenir Sales: (T-shirts/Dolls/Craft) =                     $100,000
Total:                                                                     $ 100,000

SHOP & SHIP SKN (Freight Forwarding) –

·         This includes The Internet Grocery – where customers can shop for food stuff overseas and get them shipped to their Caribbean Destination. It is very lucrative in St. Kitts – Nevis because of the 100 lb Allowance
·         We order and ship vehicles, furniture etc to any Caribbean Island

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Caribbean

Shipping Fees                                                  =                     $350,000

Ordering Commissions                                   =                      $150,000

Total:                                                                                  $ 500,000

The KVK AGROPROCESSING CENTRE – Operated by my Mother

Agro-processed produce such as Guava Jam, Fudges, Coconut Confectionaries, Pawpaw Balls, Green Season, Fruit Drinks, Potato Flour, Breadfruit Flour etc

·         We have planted about ¾ acre of items at Trinity Parish to ensure that we can properly supply these items and use the Tawainese Agroprocessing Centre to produce these items. We plan to plant a piece of land in Nevis also and get our own equipment.
·         We will use our Caribbean affiliates and USA company as points of EXPORT to reach the world with these Caribbean Delicacies

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide
Agroprocessed Goods – Sales                        =                     $250,000
Total:                                                                          $ 250,00

Dare 2 Be Different International (NON-PROFIT) Organization attached to KVK / The Supply Shop Inc but supported by the companies –

Over the last 4 years of our existence, we have been making a global impact using the technology for Christ. We have a worldwide audience and following and want to capitalize on it.

We propose having more Youth Events locally: (St. Kitts-Nevis)

Youth Gospel Parties -            2 Monthly  - $1500 earnings x 24 =                            $36,000

Banquets –                              3 annually - $75 x 75 persons each time                     $16,875

Youth Rallies / Crusades (Sell T-shirts, Offerings, Donations etc)    - 3                    $  45,000

Mega Charity Gospel Concerts – 4 in the year. (Estimated 1500 each @ $50)         $300,000        

Sale of Dare 2 Be Different Shirts  5000 x $30                                                         $150,000

Dare 2 Be Different Internet Radio / Television Advertisements                                 $150,000

Total:                                                                                                                      $697,875

Dare 2 B Different Franchise Launched **** (Explanation)
Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible School  (Use of the Internet & Technology)

On the Side Online Work – Writing (Payments from    Aim to get 250,000 visitors to my websites per month = US$7500.00 x 12 = US$90,000 / EC$244,521

Estimated Total Earnings:      

KVK                                                   $   480,000
The Caribbean Print Shop               $1,082,500
Khrystus Wallace Consulting           $   181,000
The Caribbean Auction Site                        $   400,000
St. Kitts-Nevis Souvenirs                  $   100,000
Shop and Ship SKN                          $    500,000
Agro-processing Centre                    $    250,000
Dare 2 Be Different Int’l                  $    697,875
Private Writing                                  $    244,521
Total Estimated Earnings                 $3,935,896
If overly ambitious and we divide in 4 = It will still be: $983,974
·         We are well positioned since we have 90% of the equipment already and there is not much need for much new equipment

·         No need for RENT expenses


Marketing                  -           $200,000

Equipment                 -           $ 100,000

Working Capital       -           $ 100,000

Reserves                                 $100,000

Market Advantages

There is NO  CARIBBEAN  BUSINESS that is maximizing the use of Technology in Business like KVK hence we have positioned our self well

Since we plan to learn from our RENT mistakes and capitalize on working from home, we expect to maximize profits

We plan to not only use of Local St. Kitts – Nevis Market, but travel the Caribbean and World to print and produce for Carnivals and Events

The Variety of services will therefore keep us money flowing into the company

Market Disadvantages

A Global Slow Economy can split our $3M projects into 4 (But it will still profit us big)


If we cannot raise this capital through Banks, we can consider doing PRIVATE  INVESTMENTS or PRIVATE  SHARES of up to $500,000 @ $1 per share

Email:   BB PIN: 220067D8

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can Someone Mail Our Ministry - a Check for 1 Million USD Please?


Thank you for clicking on this link. I know nothing is impossible with God and it has probably sparked your interest. We are a youth organization from St. Kitts-Nevis in the Caribbean that was founded in June 2008 with a mandate to reach the world for Christ using the technology and also impact our youth in positive ways.

Over the last four years, we have been doing that with very little capital and contributions and God has kept us going. We are humbled to say that God has used our small team and lay members to reach the world for Christ.

I am also humbled to add that we seem to control the words "HOPE is AHEAD" because of our almost daily devotionals on We are getting through with our mission to reach the world.

We have built the Caribbean's 1st Online church at and we teach our young people about building their relationships on Christ on

Can I tell you of our Youth Programs that are designed to empower young people? Mission Mobilization - is the name. We have been training young people in a variety of areas. Screen Printing, Embroidery, Agro-Processing etc and teaching them business lab skills so they can open their own businesses and make a living or themselves during this hard economic time when jobs are so hard to find.

We help to encourage many young poeple around the world because our Black Berry Pin is Open: 220067D8 . You would be surprised to learn of how many suicidal victims around the world have contacted me for counselling on my blackberry or via facebook or telephone call. My blackberry has people from a wide range of countries simply because they need help and Dare 2 Be Different International continues to be there for them.

We answer their questions on and we have our online news publishment at

Did I tell you that we have such a large African Following that a ministry in Kenya asked us to help start a Dare 2 Be Differerent International in Kenya and we did? -

We have many other things that we have done and are doing, but to talk about them here would keep you reading for ever. One of the most important things we want to do is to build our Mission Centres in St. Kitts-Nevis and Kenya (Learn about the dream HERE).

We need your help though. If you can, we need your assistance in what ever way you can. (Monetary, Food, Clothing, Supplies etc)

You can send a donation to our paypal account: or mail us a love gift to: (Please request our USA PACKAGE SHIPPING ADDRESS if you want to send anything other than a donation)

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

On behalf of my entire team and the young people that we serve in St. Kitts-Nevis and Kenya, I say THANK  YOU  IN  ADVANCE.


Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different International

Charity Donations. Give to Charity. Reputable Charities. Honest Charities. Give to Ministries. African Ministries. Give To Children in Africa.