Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Khrystus Wallace launches FUNDING WEBPAGE to raise US$185,000 in capital for his TECHNO-IDEAS - DONATE TODAY

Blessed with a powerful mind, Khrystus Wallace launched a FUNDING  PAGE to raise Capital for his Techno-Ideas which consists of using his websites to market to the wider Caribbean Region and The World. One of the ideas that is expected to encourage webpage visitors to donate, is The Caribbean Auction Site - idea that Wallace first started testing in 2007.

Wallace said that he got the unique fundraising idea having visited several domains on the internet which recommend seeking donations instead of trying to sell shares or get investments which would need certain regulations.

A positve Wallace believes that as he shares the website with his following around the world, with God's blessing, it would be a light thing to reach is US$185,000 Goal.

Visit the Funding Page:

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