Monday, April 8, 2013

We have started counting down the days from today. . . .all of us

It is always nice to keep track of certain things once you have the time.

Will it LAST? History has a way of repeating itself and no matter how hard it tries, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I have lived to see that happen.

Let the count begin......

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Deadly Girl Friends - I want to help caution you and prepare you -

I have an experience to share through our Dare 2 Be Different International Love Should Last Project just to help other males and females all around the world.

Personal stories are the best to help. As God's servants, we are placed on earth to help others. Thank God for freedom of speech.

Need Love Help? Getting into a new relationship? Ask Brother Khrystus - he's been through the good times and the bad. Let's talk all around the world. He can advise and help and warn you with his personal experiences.

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Khrystus Wallace

Been There - Done That! Is that what people are saying when they see you with someone new?

Many, many times, we err from what the Bible says and we all do our own thing. Me too. In business, in family, in personal life. The Bible does give us clear instructions on how to live.

In 1 Corinthians 7:1  Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

If we all listen to the Bible, we would never have any regrets. The Bible does say that when you have sex with someone, you are married to them? My question is - How many wives or husbands do you have walking around? We should really listen to God's word.

Imagine home embarrassing it would be, if while you are walking with your pretty girl friend or handsome boyfriend, someone whispers in your ear - BEEN  THERE  -  DONE  THAT.

All of us should aim to keep ourselves for our partners because you don't know if you'll end up with them. Forgive and forget yes, but you must aim to try to get involved with someone who hasn't been here, there and everywhere. They are not as energetic as they really should be.

Just try - ALL  OF  US. I would hate being with a Partner where others can smile and say - Been There - Done That! Is that what people are saying when they see you with someone new?

How do you know that they are really enjoying their sexual experience with you and not wishing they were with their EX or good friend from a couple years ago who does it better. Too many persons have told me that they are in intimate relationships and their mind is else where - ELSE  WHERE  ON  THEIR  EX.

Is that you?

In 1 Corinthians 7:1  Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

Khrystus Wallace 

There are girl friends and there are MONEY friends - BEWARE

I want to suggest to the world that there are honestly some females who want to be someone's girl friend and then wife and there are some females who just want to be someone MONEY  FRIENDS.

You call those opportunists and they would go out of their way to fool you and make you feel that they love you just to get what they want and when they want, they quickly change men. They are very good dramatists. They can act well and fool people well.

They are even ready to freely give of themselves and bodies EASILY and sleep out at any request just to live a big, big, big life!

Always remember - There are girl friends and there are MONEY friends - BEWARE!

Khrystus Wallace 

Stick With Your Class When Dating! Never Step Down

I think I am beginning to understand why in the INDIAN culture, parents choose who marries who.

You see, when parents talk, you should always listen. I was always told to STICK  WITH  MY  CLASS and I didn't listen and thus I've wasted 11 years of my life.

In the Indian culture, you have to marry someone with the same qualifications or even better qualifications. So I've made my mistake - but I am happy I learned my lesson.

Khrystus Wallace 

Just Thank God You Weren't Married

When the gentleman who heard about the situation came to see me, he pat me on the should and hugged me and said. Just thank God you were not married - God always gives quality men - quality women!

I didn't think of that at all before, but he got me thinking for true. God does promise to look after his own beyond what we can ever imagine or think. So if you ever find out that things aren't working out, LET  GO - LET  GOD. Chances can damage images.

If I had let go when I couldn't take certain things any more, then, oh then. . . .


That was my big mistake. But, according to the gentleman who came - I thank God I wasn't married because I got to see a preview of what a Horrible Marriage I would Have Had - so I leave it for others. 

God always gives quality men - quality women!

Khrystus Wallace

Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Give Someone a Heart Attack Via Email And Discard them as a Friend

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6th April, 2013

Since I founded The Hottest and Newest Political Party in St. Kitts - Nevis -, I have been having some interesting days and interesting experiences.

Just yesterday, an individual was emailing some nasty things back and forth to another person about me and then, since I have done business with them before, they accidentally typed in my email address and clicked send. You have to becareful with emails, because you can't recall them.

When I read through all of the NASTY  COMMENTS from someone I thought was close to me, I responded and said, "You sent your email to the wrong person." I am yet to receive a reply and I can't wait until I see the person face to face. I want to see their response.

I thought they were close to me, but I've now learned otherwise. I really don't know who to trust right now, so I have to pray and trod carefully because there are Judas' on the loose.

I wonder if you've been involved too. . . sooner or later I'll hear and confirm too. I love being an expert at technology. I help folks and businesses all around the world, especially with marketing and call centre jobs - Send yours to me -

Therefore, it's quite easy to give someone an electronic HEART  ATTACK. When you find out what they've been saying or doing to you, forgive them first, but let them know that you know what they've been doing and heap coals of fire upon their heads forever by doing good still.

Khrystus Wallace
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I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

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6th April, 2013

I cannot continue to underscore the importance of reminding individuals how small this world is. I want you to know that everyone won't love you and everyone won't hate you. That's a fact! I do believe though what the Bible says. They that are for you are more than they that are against you.

My recent formation of a Godly Youth Politcal Party in St. Kitts - Nevis (Caribbean) as an Agressive Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Style Ordained Minister attached to my global ministry Dare 2 Be Different International - has sparked much controversy not only in St. Kitts - Nevis, but across the Caribbean and the world.

It is during such a controversial time you tend to recognize who are your closest and truest friends, who are your enemies and who the hypocrites are around you.

NOTE  WELL:  HYPOCRITES  ARE  ON  THE  LOOSE. As a politician in the peak of political season here in St. Kitts - Nevis, I listen very attentively to those who bring information. I have to be very careful with who I trust.

NO! NO! NO! Don't judge me - I don't go by hearsay. Technology has now eliminated hear say, therefore, most of the things people are saying about me now, I have them delivered to me instantly through BlackBerry or WhatsApp Voice notes or Via Email.

If folks are speaking negatively about me via TEXT MESSAGE, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, MSN etc, my TRUE and CLOSEST friends send me their messages or copy their chat to me with these technological phones. At times they jump in in my defence. After all - I confess - I am not perfect - are you? Then cast the first stones.

Then, I have those who claim to be my friends and listen to every negative thing said about me, digest it and then continue spreading it without finding the truth. I know who is really for me from the 1st of March, 2013 - the day I launched my Political Party. Those that are for me, hear and come quickly to find out the truth.

I have no problem with folks talking badly about me. It's their right. It's called freedom of speech. What I do have a problem with is this. Folks lamblasting me and making me look like the worst creature on the face of the earth, then showing up at my business place - late in the night after hours wanting a favour. A shirt embroidered or screen printed because they can't go to work without uniform.

Or they show up, having bashed me terribly wanting some computer training because they just got a new job and need urgent brushing up at:

How crazy can people get?

Or, a Pastor bashing me with his members than giving me a big handshake and a smile like all is well.

I forgive them all still - but I am very careful with them, because they can kill me too.

I am happy for technology. It helps me be strong and know who is who. I never really let people know that I know too. I just play back the game with them. I am compiling a record of all the negative texts, emails that people pass between each other on me. I am saving the recorded voice notes of people pulling me down.

Trust me, one day soon, when God allows my dreams to come to pass, I will publish a book along with a CD and sell it to the world to show that YOU  CAN'T  KEEP  A  GODMAN  DOWN.

Be very careful with what you say about people today, because you may need them tomorrow, and may be so afraid to ask for help, because you won't be sure if they heard all the bad that you said about them too. I Have Very Close Friends Around My Deepest Enemies

Prayerfully submitted.

Khrystus Wallace

Have You Ever Been Called A Lunatic? Probably Not!

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6th April, 2013

Great minds, outside the box thinkers, people who are different and go above and beyond to make their dreams come through or get what or who they want in life are often called crazy and lunatics.

Those that sit down, relax and do nothing are called nothing. (Begin to watch and see from today)

The Wright Brothers went through much pain and suffering and shame, but we can fly in Aeroplanes today and get where ever we want to go quicker than sale boats that once took weeks to reach from St. Kitts  Nevis to England.

If you, like me are ever called a lunatic or crazy simply because you are different, NEVER  GET  DOWN. Use it as a source of motivation to surge ahead and accomplish your dreams even if the road gets rocky and the waters are rough. Keep foremost in your mind that you will make it and let your HATERS be your motivation.

You're DIFFERENT and the regular minds would NEVER understand you and while trying to rise, rest assured that it'll be a struggle, because all the other crabs in the barrel will be trying to do one thing - KEEP  YOU  DOWN with them. Never stop trying until you reach the top and accomplish ALL your dreams!

Don't worry if they call you crazy or a lunatic! Hope is ahead for you -

Khrystus Wallace