Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Minds with Big Ideas usually have Small Capital

. . . I didn't feel too bad at all. I had finally had a chat with someone who seemed to be wearing my shoes. She Had a Big Mind - She Had a Big Idea - But was left betwixt as to whether to just work for someone for the rest of her life or pursue her dream.

Her words, "All of this sounds Ohhh So Good, but it's so hard to get LARGE amounts of funding for Large Projects in the Caribbean."

I smiled and smiled and smiled again. "Why are you smiling?" She Asked? I quietly and snuggishly responded, " I thought I was the only one who thought that way as a Young Ambitious Lad."

We smiled, comforted and encouraged each other to NEVER GIVE UP! We both agreed that there had to be creative ways to raise Capital from a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. We vowed to use the weekend to search and a few days after, we were quite elated as to the options available. We were very puzzled as to why our Caribbean Bankers and Financial Institutions never offer such options.

No wonder Internationally Based Businessses Always Have an Advantage over Many Locally Owned Caribbean Businesses. The Problem: Access to Capital.

My colleague and I noticed one thing - We live in a Global World and nothing Should Stop Us From Pursuing our Dreams. We were not bound and confined to Caribbean Bankers putting a CAP on how much they could lend or picking and choosing who to help.

We'll Keep Searching and Searching and Searching - We VOWED.


* An Angel Investor Too.

* A Merchant Account Funder

* Accounts Receivables Financer

* A Hardmoney Loan Consultant

* An underwriter who will do much of the hard work to get us funded

* Investors who will be happy to Buy Shares or Bargain Equity or Debt Financing through USA approved REGULATION A or D Funding that was keenly designed and passed into US Law to help small businesses.

* Businesses who will approve us for Credit Accounts

* Assigned Finance Specialists who will give Help, Advice and Guidance from Our Financers and not leave us in the dark to figure it out all by ourselves.

We know that in the process of climbing to the top of the mountain, we'll meet obstacles, we'll meet naysayers, many will turn us down, we'll get embarrassed, our reputation may be challenged, some will stop believing in our dreams, family may see us as crazy - BUT - I  - We - Won't Stop Pushing until we get the funding we need, until we reach the top - until we prove to the world and investors - that Pushing and Trying and Never Giving Up is always worth it in the long run.

The Internet is a Powerful Tool - And We Will Use it To Succeed!

Are Your Interested In Funding our Ideas/Projects? Do You Want to Partner As An Angel Investor? Do you work for a Financing Firm that You Think Can Help?

We'll be happy to send you our Business Plan / Sample Executive Summary or PPM.

Or Probably - You Just Want to Invest Otherwise - We'll be happy to discuss further!

With Hopes Up - We'll Make It - So Can You!

Never Give Up On Your Dream. Even When It Seems Like You'll Never Make It Up Out of the Valley ALIVE. It's during those times, God begins preparing you for the Mountain Top!

Real Estate - A Great St. Kitts-Nevis Investment in a Slow Global Economy!

I really didn't say much although I was at the centre of a very interesting conversation regarding Real Estate in St. Kitts - Nevis. The comments kept jumping out at me.

"Real Estate is the Best Investment anyone can make in St. Kitts-Nevis"

"Students always coming and looking for place to live"

"That's why I bought a house with extra rooms, because now I renting and don't have to work so hard"

I paused for while and this wowed me. I was moving so fast throughout life doing other things and wasn't bothering much about the listings I had placed on my website for Lawyer Nassibou Butler, a renowned SKN Practioner. ( )

I oft times got many contacts to purchase properties and just forwarded them on to him. He oft times encouraged me to invest in Real Esate. It was only after such an enthused conversation - I myself, visited Lawyer Butler's Listings on My Website and decided to try the world of Real Estate.

I believe, very soon, I too will be able to sing the same tune as one of the participants in the conversation.

"That's why I bought a house with extra rooms, because now I renting and don't have to work so hard"

Real Estate is a Wise Investment - Indeed.

Start Buying Today: St. Kitts-Nevis Real Esate:


Monday, May 30, 2011

Hope is Ahead!

I sat for a moment and looked at an image of the slave ships that my team and I were imprinting on some shirts for a customer. I tried for a brief moment to think a little about what our fore fathers must have endured. Then. .  .I had to come to the ultimate conclusion that they must have had THREE words foremost in their minds - EVERY DAY - EVERY HOUR - EVERY MINUTE.


From that spirit of optimisim - we are here today. They decided to continue toiling under the hot sun and the whip of the slave master. They sang the chorus quietly and constantly in their minds. Hope is Ahead.

In these challenging times. Let us learn a thing or two from those who've gone on before us. Never Give Up - Keep on Pushing - Hope is Ahead!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Website is access to Opportunity

My telephone rang at around 11:50am today. It was the Senior Business Manager from an international firm telling me more about the services his company provides. I wondered for a moment - "how did he find out about my company." Then, he broke the ice, "Sir, when we came across your website, it amazed my team and they immediately drew it to my attention."

"I decided that I would make this cold call myself." he said. "Whoever put that website together, did a splendid job." I told him that I've been developing this site since I was 11 years old and adding bit by bit as my business progresses.

This baffled him again. "I wish I had his conversation saved." Our talk opened my eyes AGAIN to the many opportunities that exist across the world. I was thankful that I had a website, that was well marketed and working for me. (I've done all the marketing for my website using some simple tools) I've never paid for website optimization.

Time won't permit me to tell you about the international companies that call and email daily offering to pay to advertise on my website. I honestly believe ECOMMERCE can pay and I'll make it work step by step for me until I write my ECOMMERCE STORY.

Imagine - just imagine. Sitting at home or floating around in my pool (FUTURE) one day and letting my websites work for me.

You can start building your own website using our service. (using our WYSIWYG Editor) ~ What You See Is What You Get Editor.

Or email me for an appointment from my website:

Don't Lose the Hype!

. . .I stopped for a while TONIGHT - -just a few minutes ago and thought; and thought.

It's been a while since I last shared what's on my mind here on my Blog. Then I thought how easy it is to start something 'with hype,' lots of hype then stop so suddenly.

You see. . .if you are to climb to the top of ladder and stay there, We just can't start and stop. One of the commercials that has left an imprint on my mind ever since I saw it constantly as a child, is that of THE  ENERGIZER BUNNY. Do you remember? It keeps going and going and going. It never stops.

That's my encouragement tonight (9:18pm EST) as I pen these words.

I've gotten the encouragement and I've also been bash. Many Times. I've embarassed myself and been embarassed by others. I've failed at tasks and I've succeeded too. I sometimes felt like giving up at times. . .but, it's then and there I remember that God placed me on this earth to be a winner - not a quitter.

So. . . when those around you Try - Try I say - Try to pull you down. Stand Your Ground.

. . . and, if you ever fall. .  .get up quickly and keep on running. God's with you!

Don't give up! Keep the Faith! Keep on Going! Someday - You'll reach the top!  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving with the New Wave of Online Business - Trying Something New

It thrilled my heart this week to step up our online marketing of KVK ENTERPRISES LTD and re-launch our online store.

This makes it far easier to shop from the comfort of your home or office and communicate with a customer service rep nearly 24-7 through our chat button on and

WOW - my BB went off, there I was communicating INSTANTLY with a customer on my website. A few minutes later, I had a SALE. Interesting!!!!

KVK has stepped us its official marketing to the world. My dream is to get a large percentage of the world buying a Custom FLAG T-shirt bearing their native country's flag, from my store at:

Imagine if just 10% of the world buys a Custom Printed Shirt from KVK ENTERPRISES online, what this would do for our business. We've also started selling online books and software to the world - check out our small select range at:

In just a few days, we'll be marketing our products on auction sites around the world. We just have to keep pushing and trying and in the long run, yes in the long run - someday we'll make it to the top of the ladder of success.

Why all this writing? . . . it's simply because I want you to join me, do something different, keep your mind occupied. Let's see if ONLINE BUSINESS really works.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Local Bankers Need A New Approach

Let's Push Our Bankers to Be Different
Sometimes when I stop by small sideway shops, things are so tight that their shops are nearly empty. Many of these owners think they don't qualify for a loan.
What if our local bankers were to appoint someone as a traveling loans/marketing officer who will go out to small businesses and offer to do a loan application on the spot, fill disclosure agreements etc and offer something small. Maybe $1000 - $5000. In the same light, offer to help them with their accounts and have a collections officer come around weekly to collect a small payment.
This will help them tremendously and gradually help to turn our economy around.
On Friday last, I was a bit shocked when I got a call from a certain US BANK's corporate officer who found us on the internet, pre-filled an application from the information he had and is hegging me to fax over over Articles of Incoporation and two pieces of ID for two officers from the account.
He showed me many benefits of banking in the USA and offered to set up a Merchant account which would allow me to get my deposits directly into the US account since I wasn't inland-USA. He informed me that getting access to cash wouldn't be a problem because they'll issue a Debit Card with automatic overdraft benefits etc etc.
Wow. . .imagine the USA is now marketing down here, what if they start doing that to many other people in the region, our local bankers will be affected greatly.
I may not go down in history for this idea, but I'll be comforted in the fact that I helped contribute in helping to turn our economy around.
Just an idea.