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INVEST TODAY - Unique Technological & Innovative Caribbean-USA Partner Projects - Family, Close Approved Friends & Accredited Investors Only - Includes 1 Year Projections

Name of Business: KVK  ENTERPRISES LTD (Caribbean Hub)

                             THE SUPPLY SHOP INC – (USA)

Address:                Boyds Housing Development

                             Trinity Parish

                             St. Kitts

                              2221 NE 164th Street Suite 304

                              North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Telephone:              869-465-2585 / 869-663-0114


Project:                    Maximizing the use of Technology – The Way Forward
Over the last 9 years of my business’ existence, I would have learned some very critical lessons. Both good and bad. I am now using these lessons to surge me into the next phase of my business and taking a technological slant which significantly reduces overheads and increases profitability. In order to make this possible, my company is in URGENT need of capital and we are seeking $500,000 to avoid being undercapitalized again.

We are moving forward with an aim of making the world our market and capitalizing on every aspect  of the Caribbean Single Market Economy and the access to the European Union treaties and USA IMPORT-EXPORT opportunities.

In order to survive in this worldwide economic recession and survive in general in these small Caribbean countries, I have always personally contended that small business owners need to try a variety of things so that if one isn’t working at the moment, others are.

KVK ENTERPRISES LTD / The Supply Shop Inc is properly equipped with everything it needs to grow its market share with regards to internet and technology. We have our merchant account, we build our own websites, we have our own equipment to print t-shirts, banners etc to market our business and we do our own internet marketing on a small scale. WE  DO  NOT  HAVE  TO  HIRE. I believe this saves us a lot and positions us well.



Provides: T-shirt Printing, Banners & Signs, Promotional Items such as Pens, Pencils etc

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year in St. Kitts

T-shirts – 7500 x $20 =                                   $150,000

Polos – 2500 x $55 =                                      $137,500

Banners & Signs - 150 x $650 =                     $   97,500

Stickers / Posters / Labels etc  =                      $   35,000

Promotional Items -                                        $    60,000

Total:                                                            $  480,000

The Caribbean Print Shop –(Subsection of KVK geared towards Caribbean) –

Provides: T-shirt Printing, Banners & Signs, Promotional Material

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year in the Caribbean

T-shirts – 15000 x $20 =                                 $300,000

Polos – 6000 x $55 =                                      $330,000

Banners & Signs - 3500 x $650 =                   $ 227,500

Stickers / Posters / Labels etc  =                      $   75,000

Promotional Items -                                        $ 150,000

Total:                                                              $1,082,500

Khrystus Wallace Consulting SKN –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year WORLDWIDE

Business Labs Workshops  
$100 per participant @ 30 per month =          $   36,000

Loan Matching Commissions             =         $   75,000

Business Startup Client Fees              =         $   50,000

Speaking Engagements                       =          $   20,000

Total:                                                           $  181,000

The Caribbean Auction Site –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide

Auction Fees                          =                      $100,000

Real Estate Commissions        =                      $250,000

Advertisements                       =                     $   50,000

Total:                                                           $  400,000

St. Kitts – Nevis Souvenirs –

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide

Souvenir Sales: (T-shirts/Dolls/Craft) =                     $100,000
Total:                                                                     $ 100,000

SHOP & SHIP SKN (Freight Forwarding) –

·         This includes The Internet Grocery – where customers can shop for food stuff overseas and get them shipped to their Caribbean Destination. It is very lucrative in St. Kitts – Nevis because of the 100 lb Allowance
·         We order and ship vehicles, furniture etc to any Caribbean Island

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Caribbean

Shipping Fees                                                  =                     $350,000

Ordering Commissions                                   =                      $150,000

Total:                                                                                  $ 500,000

The KVK AGROPROCESSING CENTRE – Operated by my Mother

Agro-processed produce such as Guava Jam, Fudges, Coconut Confectionaries, Pawpaw Balls, Green Season, Fruit Drinks, Potato Flour, Breadfruit Flour etc

·         We have planted about ¾ acre of items at Trinity Parish to ensure that we can properly supply these items and use the Tawainese Agroprocessing Centre to produce these items. We plan to plant a piece of land in Nevis also and get our own equipment.
·         We will use our Caribbean affiliates and USA company as points of EXPORT to reach the world with these Caribbean Delicacies

Estimated Projections over the period of 1 year Worldwide
Agroprocessed Goods – Sales                        =                     $250,000
Total:                                                                          $ 250,00

Dare 2 Be Different International (NON-PROFIT) Organization attached to KVK / The Supply Shop Inc but supported by the companies –

Over the last 4 years of our existence, we have been making a global impact using the technology for Christ. We have a worldwide audience and following and want to capitalize on it.

We propose having more Youth Events locally: (St. Kitts-Nevis)

Youth Gospel Parties -            2 Monthly  - $1500 earnings x 24 =                            $36,000

Banquets –                              3 annually - $75 x 75 persons each time                     $16,875

Youth Rallies / Crusades (Sell T-shirts, Offerings, Donations etc)    - 3                    $  45,000

Mega Charity Gospel Concerts – 4 in the year. (Estimated 1500 each @ $50)         $300,000        

Sale of Dare 2 Be Different Shirts  5000 x $30                                                         $150,000

Dare 2 Be Different Internet Radio / Television Advertisements                                 $150,000

Total:                                                                                                                      $697,875

Dare 2 B Different Franchise Launched **** (Explanation)
Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible School  (Use of the Internet & Technology)

On the Side Online Work – Writing (Payments from    Aim to get 250,000 visitors to my websites per month = US$7500.00 x 12 = US$90,000 / EC$244,521

Estimated Total Earnings:      

KVK                                                   $   480,000
The Caribbean Print Shop               $1,082,500
Khrystus Wallace Consulting           $   181,000
The Caribbean Auction Site                        $   400,000
St. Kitts-Nevis Souvenirs                  $   100,000
Shop and Ship SKN                          $    500,000
Agro-processing Centre                    $    250,000
Dare 2 Be Different Int’l                  $    697,875
Private Writing                                  $    244,521
Total Estimated Earnings                 $3,935,896
If overly ambitious and we divide in 4 = It will still be: $983,974
·         We are well positioned since we have 90% of the equipment already and there is not much need for much new equipment

·         No need for RENT expenses


Marketing                  -           $200,000

Equipment                 -           $ 100,000

Working Capital       -           $ 100,000

Reserves                                 $100,000

Market Advantages

There is NO  CARIBBEAN  BUSINESS that is maximizing the use of Technology in Business like KVK hence we have positioned our self well

Since we plan to learn from our RENT mistakes and capitalize on working from home, we expect to maximize profits

We plan to not only use of Local St. Kitts – Nevis Market, but travel the Caribbean and World to print and produce for Carnivals and Events

The Variety of services will therefore keep us money flowing into the company

Market Disadvantages

A Global Slow Economy can split our $3M projects into 4 (But it will still profit us big)


If we cannot raise this capital through Banks, we can consider doing PRIVATE  INVESTMENTS or PRIVATE  SHARES of up to $500,000 @ $1 per share

Email:   BB PIN: 220067D8

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