Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Wonder If There Is An Angel Investor Out There Looking For Me

I do have some lucrative ideas for both the USA, The Caribbean and my home country St. Kitts - Nevis.

But. . . .Like all small business owners, we never really get access to the type of Capital we want to expand and make our dreams and inventions reality, so very few get through. We never reach Silicon Valley like the few fortunate ones. We never get to pitch infront of investors because event tickets cost from US$1200 +. We never feature on CNN's Next List with Sanjay Gupta  or Black in America on CNN.

So. . . .me, like many other small business owners, both black and white and other races always have to remain in a little box without expanding and maximizing our fullest potential simply because only the few fortunate ones are found.

I refuse to remain among the very few that get through, I will keep on pushing and fighting until my dreams - as many of them become reality. I am a man of God and man of MUCH  FAITH. I will get through. I will get noticed. I will get MEGA-HELP and Partnership and be one of the most innovative young people to reach the top too.

I'm not giving up!

Interested in become an equity partner or an angel investor, email me:  or BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8

Worldwide Inquires, Partnerships, Short term, long term investments welcome for review and further discussion.

Khrystus Wallace, Motivational Speaker, Business Owner, Youth Advocate, Ministry Founder

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