Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sign Up To Become a Member of the Biggest USA WholeSale Exporter and Sourcing Business that will supply the Caribbean

Kindly consider giving into another one of my innovative ideas that will impact the Caribbean and the world for the better. That is The Supply Shop Inc -

My dream is to bring down the cost of goods, especially groceries and other necessities for Caribbean individuals. The Supply Shop Inc already provides imprinting services and freight forwarding from Florida to the Caribbean. It jumpstarted and tested it's Internet Grocery Idea and it kicked off with a bang. It just needs capital to grow.

Join my Supply Shop Club for US$20 annually - paid via paypal to: . You will receive a membership keyring in the mail and instantly get special discounts on:

1. Shipping to the Caribbean from Florida

2. Printing T-shirts, Mugs, Banners, Signs etc

3. Help with sourcing reasonably priced products

+ more benefits

If you are an accredited investor or an angel investor and are interested in learning more about this project, email: or contact via blackberry PIN: 220067D8

Thanks for reading and for sending your US$20 via Paypal to:

We are trying to get a minimum of 250 Caribbean Members by 31st December, 2012 or an angel investor. If that ambition doesn't come through, we will refund your US$20 payment via Paypal.

Khrystus Wallace

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