Thursday, August 30, 2012

HOPE for the Struggling all over the Caribbean


I'm getting myself in a little trouble, promoting Dare 2 Be Different International as an international ministry and just doing most things in St. Kitts - Nevis and Kenya.

So, when I get emails, texts and blackberry messages from all across the Caribbean and the world asking when are we coming to their island to make an impact to, I understand the cries for our ministry's intervention.

As we prepare to expand our ministry and open of Second Global Victory Centre, this time in St. Kitts, I asked the Lord, "How am I going to carry out these wonderful plans, with no capital and so many people interested in being apart."

He said, "Khrystus - start a ministry of HELPS to help the struggling people around the entire Caribbean since you have such a powerful sourcing network and know where to get nearly everything more affordable around the world."  God continued, "charge a fee for each Caribbean member and grow the membership to 2013 Club members by December 2013. Go now, update one of your websites since you don't pay anyone to do that, to reflect the idea I just gave to you and send it out immediately. Market it to locals and Caribbean people first, and if they reject it, help the foreign students all around the Caribbean just how they've been findind and following you on Face Book and you've been helping them get products cheaper."

So friend, I'm just being obedient. Yesterday, I cleared several barrels and boxes of food supplies for new foreign students who found Dare 2 Be Different on Facebook, used our and service to get hand holding service since they are just in the island for less than 7 days. I told them exactly when to ship their barrels from the USA to arrive just when they get into St. Kitts and so they did.

They saved money since they didn't have to buy our expensive food at our grocers.

Remember government allows 100 lbs allowance per person on food when it gets to a customs entry point in St. Kitts, so yesterday, after clearing about 3 barrels and a large box of food for students, the young person I gave the brokerage job to paid EC$30 / US$11.04 to clear customs.


Join The KVK-Dare 2 Be Different International Star Club and learn of the benefits and sign up immediately. . You'll not only be BENEFITTING, but you'll also be supporting God's work around the world too.

We are on a quest to have 2013 club members by December 2013 around the Caribbean. Signing up is easy.

This is God's way of getting the entire Caribbean on board providing financing for our Dare 2 Be Different Initiatives, so we can come to your country and hold events and activities and stay travelling and sending persons on missions

From September 2012, we re-introduce our TWICE -MONTHLY Puerto Rico or Florida Trip where we will be posting prices directly to our Facebook page, allowing our CLUB-MEMBERS ONLY ( from all across the Caribbean to pay via Credit Card on our website or deposit to our account and we immediately purchase the items and ship them to their address all across the Caribbean at a small fee for our Ministry.

This is what Ministry is all about, HELPING. This is our VIRTUAL  MINISTRY  OF  HELPS.  We'll be HELPING our club members by travelling for them, saving them ticket prices, hotel fees, taxi expenses and allowing them to see the products immediately on our FACEBOOK pages and buy. It's just like they were there in person.

Don't DELAY - Join the Club TODAY -
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I'll be sharing with you great low start up business ideas, business tips, 21st century marketing ideas etc. You can become a sponsor if you join the KVK SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK. ( ) I promise you exposure GALORE. (Sorry. . . No Big Businesses Allowed. I'm pooling together SMALL  BUSINESS  OWNERS and teaching them that we can GET  THROUGH if we WORK  TOGETHER.

See you on Dominion Radio 91.5FM from 11am  and then on ZIZ Radio from 3pm.

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