Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can Someone Mail Our Ministry - a Check for 1 Million USD Please?


Thank you for clicking on this link. I know nothing is impossible with God and it has probably sparked your interest. We are a youth organization from St. Kitts-Nevis in the Caribbean that was founded in June 2008 with a mandate to reach the world for Christ using the technology and also impact our youth in positive ways.

Over the last four years, we have been doing that with very little capital and contributions and God has kept us going. We are humbled to say that God has used our small team and lay members to reach the world for Christ.

I am also humbled to add that we seem to control the words "HOPE is AHEAD" because of our almost daily devotionals on We are getting through with our mission to reach the world.

We have built the Caribbean's 1st Online church at and we teach our young people about building their relationships on Christ on

Can I tell you of our Youth Programs that are designed to empower young people? Mission Mobilization - is the name. We have been training young people in a variety of areas. Screen Printing, Embroidery, Agro-Processing etc and teaching them business lab skills so they can open their own businesses and make a living or themselves during this hard economic time when jobs are so hard to find.

We help to encourage many young poeple around the world because our Black Berry Pin is Open: 220067D8 . You would be surprised to learn of how many suicidal victims around the world have contacted me for counselling on my blackberry or via facebook or telephone call. My blackberry has people from a wide range of countries simply because they need help and Dare 2 Be Different International continues to be there for them.

We answer their questions on and we have our online news publishment at

Did I tell you that we have such a large African Following that a ministry in Kenya asked us to help start a Dare 2 Be Differerent International in Kenya and we did? -

We have many other things that we have done and are doing, but to talk about them here would keep you reading for ever. One of the most important things we want to do is to build our Mission Centres in St. Kitts-Nevis and Kenya (Learn about the dream HERE).

We need your help though. If you can, we need your assistance in what ever way you can. (Monetary, Food, Clothing, Supplies etc)

You can send a donation to our paypal account: or mail us a love gift to: (Please request our USA PACKAGE SHIPPING ADDRESS if you want to send anything other than a donation)

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

On behalf of my entire team and the young people that we serve in St. Kitts-Nevis and Kenya, I say THANK  YOU  IN  ADVANCE.


Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different International

Charity Donations. Give to Charity. Reputable Charities. Honest Charities. Give to Ministries. African Ministries. Give To Children in Africa.

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