Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recessional Fighting Tip: We Must Work Together

As I awoke this morning, God started allowing me to think of creative ways that we as a Caribbean and Global people can turn things around in this challenging economic climate.

It is a fact that we need jobs and we need money flowing among ourselves in order to make life - RIGHT? I believe we are the ones that decide to stay TRAPPED in our cages because we are not working TOGETHER.

Look at it, the big grocers are working TOGETHER. They ship in their food in one container to bring down shipping prices and then distribute it among themselves and sell to us.

That is one way the larger companies are working together. Why can't we as small people begin to work together too. If that starts happening, all of us would benefit tremendously and start having a constant flow of monies in our pockets DAILY.

Here's one thought. . . .

If I gather about 8 - 12 people in my community and we mutually agree that we would import different well needed products and sell them among each other and to our friends instead of buying from the grocers, we instantly start getting money in our pockets, stop making the grocers richer and we are HELPING  others when we price of groceries lower.

So for example, after the meeting, I would agree to import toilet paper, Tom - soap, Mary - toothpaste etc and you get the picture. These are the necessities of life and word would spread around quickly and this would begin to put money back into the hands of the poor and middle class. Don't you agree.

I always notice something. If someone who doesn't have it needs $5, they would ask me and would never go and ask the BIG  GROCERIES and BIG  STORES. So, this is why we as individuals must show society this. We must show the poor and middle class this and encourage them to buy from us when we start such a system.

The Larger businesses hate me talking out like this - but why should we remain quiet. I have alot more ideas to help. I'm not a GOVERNMENT  LEADER - I'm an ordinary struggling small business owner with IDEAS to turn around our worldwide economies.

You know, when I write, I like to show you that I don't just TALK. Over the past 2 years, I've been helping the poor and middle class save tremendously. I am not selfish. If I travel overseas to shop for shirts or any items for my printing business or, after I'm done, I roam stores in Puerto Rico and Florida etc taking pictures of products and posting them on my Facebook and twitter page for my followers. When they need a product, they send me an email or Black Berry Message to find out how much to deposit. I usually charge them 10% for my services and I buy and ship it for them.

I have been helping dozens of people save. When I am not overseas, I let them visit to get my price list for food and I order and ship all across the Caribbean. (I need capital and a partner (s) to grow this side of my business though.) So if you are an investor or seeking equity partnership - do contact me - let's do something TOGETHER: or BB PIN: 220067D8

I sit at home and help people across the Caribbean source great pricing on products and order them. From computers for companies to supplies for businesses to cars for individuals to pampers and wipes. That's me. I have a heart for people - I'm not just a businessman, I'm a ministry person. Not an ordinary ministry person, but someone who believes churches and ministries should go beyond just talking, but helping too.

Visit my ministry website at: and stay encouraged by visiting

I can help you source affordable products for you or your group as we FIGHT  THIS  RECESSION  TOGETHER. Let's start somewhere!

Khrystus Wallace

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