Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's Start Our Own Caribbean Airline or Caribbean Boat Ferry - LIAT PRICES ARE TOO HIGH

Don't you realize that it has become ridiculously high to take a 20 to 30 to 40 - 60 minute air trip to our neighbouring Caribbean Islands? Years ago it was much more affordable!

When last have you travelled to a Caribbean Island? Some ticket prices are so high that instead of going to a Caribbean Island, I take American Airlines and go to a US state for just a few more dollars.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore - Caribbean People need to RISE UP!  Not against LIAT at all, WE  NEED  TO  RISE  UP  AND  DO OUR  OWN  THING!

We have the power! Let's start a Caribbean Travel Cooperative ASAP! ASAP! Here's my idea - if we get 20,000 people to buy $50 worth of shares, we would raise 1 Million dollars per island. If we get 10 Caribbean countries on board - that would be 10 Million dollars. This would be more than enough to buy a few ferries that travel between the islands DAILY or even 2 aircrafts as a start and have some working Capital to HIRE those from our cooperative ONLY who invested therefore Creating Jobs.

Everyone would have equal rights. You won't be allowed to invest more than $50 unless everyone can invest that amount. No one would own more than anyone. (Of course - I'm a youth mind and governments and countries aren't listening to the young innovative minds, so I just have to sit here and WRITE in hopes that someone would listen)

Of course, we won't have to worry about uniforms and branding, my printing company can embroider uniforms for staff and brand our boats and planes. and

That would be my extra INVESTMENT.

You know friend, as I continue to compile my list of global funders for my consulting firm -,  I already have a list of funders and investors who I have thrown this idea infront of already, but I prefer for US as a Caribbean People to do it, so we can KEEP the costs of travel DOWN - Much LOWER than LIAT and we would be the ones getting our dividends instead of a rich investor.

Wouldn't you feel better buying a ticket to travel on a Caribbean Ferry or Caribbean Airline that you own - that you have shares in? Won't you encourage your friends and family to do the same? We won't need to advertise alot, with at least 200,000 owning shares and talking about their Caribbean Travel Company, we would bring down the costs of travel, break LIAT's monopoly and killer prices.

But then again, I have to be 98% optimistic and leave a 2% room that you still may not listen and I should take this idea back to my investor colleages and do it with a FEW  RICH  FOLKS and keep us out. (I would hate that - but the ball is in YOUR  COURT)

A deal like this would certainly take me our of a struggling small business situation into a CEO position making a big salary. I don't want a Big Salary - I want to make travel easier for us ALL - But the Ball lies in our COURT  TO  ACT.

Caribbean people are TOOOOOO laid back. Why do you think LIAT is probably laughing after us as we continue to PAY  HIGH  PRICES  when they know if we join together, they'll go out of business within 6 months or less.

Look at it - Some of our Caribbean Government have shares in LIAT - Do we taste of the PROFITS - if they are making any at all? How do we know that LIAT isn't running at a LOSS and our TAX  DOLLARS  are paying for an AIRLINE that is losing. We don't know - but yet we hear that Caribbean Countries Own it.

If you help start our own Caribbean Ferry and Airlines - You'll know EVERYTHING because your money would be in it. Imagine the MOVEMENT of Caribbean people if they just want to take a ferry to a neighbouring Caribbean Island. The ferry of course would be cheaper than our plane, but both would be affordable.

I wonder if you catch my EXCITEMENT?

I would love to travel the Caribbean and market my business ( and because the St. Kitts - Nevis market is too small now and we are getting new printers everyday.

I'm only 26 years and I know that I am not the only young person thinking like this, but I'm probably just the rare one to come forward and talk out amidst fear of being victimized for opening the eyes of our Caribbean People.

With Talks of CSME - Caribbean Single Market Economy, I am surprised that I am not hearing Caribbean governments overly talking about CHEAPER  TRAVEL. I guess because they have shares in LIAT. They tied the hands of REDJET. That was a private company. THEY  CANNOT  TIE  OUR  HANDS  FROM  STARTING  AND  GETTING  LICENCES  TO  TRAVEL  TO  EVERY  CARIBBEAN  COUNTRY.


If they try to STOP US - WE  WILL  PEACEFULLY  DEMONSTRATE  and  SHUT  DOWN  OUR  CARIBBEAN  COUNTRIES until we get what we want.


My mom tells me everyday, that my mind is IDEA rich and one day I'll get a job as an advisor. I'll have to think alot about that, because many advisors let the title get to their heads and they do not function or work for the poor and middle class because they start getting their big salaries.

Look at the advisors and tip top people in Caribbean Governments - are many of them working for us or more concerned about their own selfish GAIN?

Let's Start Our Own Caribbean Airline or Caribbean Boat Ferry - LIAT PRICES  ARE  TOO  HIGH!

My Contact Email:   or BB  PIN: 220067D8

 (If you are an interested INVESTOR in this lucrative opportunity and want to be kept on standby so we can start a PRIVATE  FIRM  together if Caribbean People still sit by - send me an email or let's talk via BlackBerry)

Khrystus Wallace

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