Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Would Have Let Kim Collins Run - HE WASN'T TREATED FAIRLY AT ALL!!!!!

Crisis management seems to be a skill that many of our leaders lack. Many of us are good with alot of things, but lack some critically important skills.

To make a long story short - I would have let KIM  COLLINS of St. Kitts - Nevis run at the 2012 Olympics in LONDON. If he was out of order, as those in charge said, the matter wasn't as big as USING  DRUGS or KILLING SOMEONE, so his ACCREDITATION should have never been withdrawn.

The issue could have been dealt with at home.

If I come back to my print shop based in St. Kitts - and find out that employees didn't complete a RUSH job for a company, what am I to do? Spend hours cursing them? Send them all home? Or rally them all together so we can still push to complete the job and then deal with the situation after as to ensure any recurrence.

We should never call WRONG - RIGHT  and RIGHT  WRONG. I fully endorse Kim Collins' move to end his career like that. This is a strong example to the world that youths will not take any ill-treatment anymore from ANYONE.

The Youth Ministry that I founded, Dare 2 Be Different International -, will be sponsoring FREE prints from TODAY, as we prepare a "WE  SUPPORT  KIM   COLLINS" T-shirt screen to anyone who brings their shirt to print.

Somebody has to REPRESENT our young people, and when I founded this ministry  - I decided NEVER  BE  SILENT  when our youths need a VOICE. I will also get to work on a SUPPORT  WEBSITE  that I'll build through  to make the world aware of this ill-treatment and Mr. Collins' stand.

I am not making this a POLITICAL  ISSUE - but RIGHT  is  RIGHT!  Crisis management is LACKING on many critical committees and organizations in our Caribbean and World.

Should you HANG  ME  IF  I  SPELL  KIM wrong on the T-shirts I print?  That is just what was done to Mr. Collins. HE  WAS  HUNG  ON  THE  GALLOWS for killing a FLY!


Khrystus Wallace, Youth Advocate (BB PIN: 220067D8  to get directions for FREE PRINT) - Khrystus Wallace for Prime Minister - Speaking out for our YOUNG  PEOPLE

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