Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Will Government-Run Social Security Ponzi Schemes soon come crashing down around the world?

Isn't Social Security a government regulated PONZI SCHEME?

Is your money really safe in the hands of Social Security?

Will the system last? I mean really last - to give back hundreds of thousands of people around the world their mini investments that they and their employers gave over the years?

These are but some of my burning questions as I continue to propose that Social Security is somewhat of a legalized government run PONZI SCHEME.

What is a Ponzi Scheme you ask? According to a web based definition on Wikipedia.com - A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation.

Soooooo - I hope you get where I'm coming from. If employment rates are low and there are not much new employees coming in to top up the SOCIAL SECURITY fund, then how will it keep paying out monies when nothing is coming in.

If more young people around the world are seeking online work and many are not opting for Social Security - How will the fund stay properly topped up?

If there is no employment, then no social security is coming out of the wages of people and employers won't have to match it on a monthy basis.

Why haven't people asked and kept on asking for a proper quarterly or bi-yearly or yearly report of a detailed way in which the funds are being spent? Next time you see a director or board member who serves on your country's Social Security Board - Ask Them about how some monies are being spent and demand an answer and see what response you get.

It's your money and you and others have a right to know what is going on with YOUR  MONEY.

Are the board members taking the money employees and employers work so hard for and investing it in FAILING  SYSTEMS to try to get a bigger and quicker return?

That is what many of the USA banks did why they failed. They made too many RISKY INVESTMENTS with no look into the distant future and lost people's money. ALOT  OF  IT.

That is WHY  WE  ARE  IN  THIS  FINANCIAL  CRISIS. Not because of anything bad that we did, but because of what the BANKS  did and we have to suffer. I wonder if it would be wiser to all invest in SAFES and save in our homes. We would lose out on the miserly low interest rates they give us every three months or the low rates they give us on Certificates of Deposits.

I'm sure we can Save our money in safes, use it ourselves and make more on it than what the banks and social security systems are giving over time. But they make us feel we NEED them when it is not the truth.

BANKS and SOCIAL SECURITY aren't really there to help. Like any business, they have THEIR OWN interests at heart - don't you realize? Why do you think at at Annual Meetings they boast on how much they profited and instead of passing it down to us because it's our money they invested, they take large bonus'. Some banks pay their employees significant commissions while our interest rates remain ridiculously LOW when it was OUT money - even if you only saved $10 or contributed $10 to Social Security - it was your $10 that helped.

Suppose our Social Security Boards are making risky investments with OUR  MONEY but not letting us know? That means our money is in jeopardy when we pay it into The Global Social Security Ponzi Schemes that can shut down anytime just like many of the banks that plunged us into this recession.

I am not alone when I suggested that Social Security may be a PONZI scheme. I browsed google.com to see if there were others that shared my view and I found some. Actually some of those seeking political office in the USA mentioned that SOCIAL SECURITY needed some urgent and serious reform.

The New York times covered this story with some of our future leaders indeed calling the SCHEME PONZI. . . .and concerned as to whether it will last. See their aricle below: http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/09/09/is-social-security-a-ponzi-scheme

As the Republican presidential debate and President Obama's speech this week made clear, politicians are now willing to call for changes to entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security. For the leading G.O.P. contender, Social Security is definitely not a sacred cow: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said in the debate that “you cannot keep the status quo in place and call it anything other than a Ponzi scheme.”
An article in The New York Times after the debate said "that metaphor is misleading." The reporters noted: "Government projections have Social Security exhausting its reserves by 2037, absent any changes, but show that the payroll tax revenues coming in would cover more than three-quarters of benefits to recipients then."

Does that mean the system is not a Ponzi scheme? How is Social Security different from a Ponzi scheme?

And so I close and ASK - Will Government-Run Social Security Ponzi Schemes soon come crashing down around the world?

Charity Concert Artistes Needed for Dare 2 Be Different Charity Concerts

Artistes locally, regionally and internationally, are being sort by Youth Organization Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) to perform at on going Charity Concerts in St. Kitts  - Nevis in the Caribbean as the ministry raises funds to continue to impact youth all around the world.

Artistes are also invited to host charity concerts in their countries with an aim of helping the Youth Ministry raise funds too once they contact us for approval.

Two of the biggest initiatives that need funding are:

1. The Dare 2 Be Different Kenya Hub - http://www.daretobedifferentkenya.com/

2. The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Dream - Read about it HERE

Dare 2 Be Different has dozens of other ongoing worthwhile programs. One of them that is geared at empowering youth to get a skill and open their own businesses is Mission Mobilization - http://www.mmskn.org/. It has been going well, but lacks the funding to expand.

Interested parties can reach the ministry via email at: information@kwforchrist.com or BlackBerry PIN: 220067D8

Doing a Charity Concert in St. Kitts - Nevis for Dare 2 Be Different International gives them both exposure, a chance to relax in the luscious Caribbean Island Federation and also an opportunity to impact the future generation.

Monday, July 30, 2012

KVK turns STOREROOM into STORE at his home in 4 hours

The "NEVER  GIVE  UP" Businessman and Hope (http://www.hopeisahead.com/) Preacher - Khrystus Wallace has turned a store room at his home into a mini store and display centre for http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/

Wallace, who also is also founder of Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/), a ministry geared at impacting and empowering youth said that as he moulds Youth Business Owners under his ministry's Mission Mobilization Programme - http://www.mmskn.org/, he wanted to lead by example and show them that also things are tough and slow, they should use what they have around them to make life and NEVER  GIVE  UP!

Wallace has already helped several Youth start their own businesses through http://www.mmskn.org/ help and guidance and seeks SPONSORSHIP and funding so that he can help to empower and i)mpact more youth. (Interested Parties wishing to sponsor this leg of Dare 2 Be Different can email him at: khrystus@kvkenterprises.net or BB PIN: 220067D8)

No one who steps into the store would guess that it once housed barrels and boxes and yard equipment. Wallace said the project took him a little less than four (4) hours to complete and it is already open for business.

Since Wallace primarily works from HOME and ONLINE, he was proud to comment that his mini store or mini mall which will be selling nearly everything is open from 10am to 10pm and customers can also come to place printing orders at http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/ during that time. He said goods from a New Website Blog called St. Kitts - Nevis Souvenirs (http://www.skngifts.blogspot.com/) will also be available for sale at his new STOREROOM turned STORE site.

Clients wishing to come before 10am or after 7pm have to call 869-465-2585 or BB PIN: 220067D8 to make the company aware in advance.

"Yes no other local or regional print shop offers these work and service hours at all. Imagine you can come to get your name on your child's bag at 9pm after work or print your company logo on your blouse or shirt or even purchase a St. Kitts-Nevis Souvenir at 9:45pm as a last minute gift if you're travelling in the morning. KVK just continues to be as innovative as possible to serve you."

Wallace recommends that late night customers use Credit/Debit cards to pay.

Khrystus' HOPE song slowly becomes HIT household single as far as INDIA

"Don't Give Up - Hope's Ahead! Don't Give Up - Jesus Will Come Through For You!" Those are some of the words from Khrystus Wallace's HOPE SINGLE that he wrote and recorded late December 2011. Since January 2012, he has been sending it all across the world into homes via CD and EMAIL to encourage people during this trying time in our world's history.

A recent email from a listener who received the track in India said, "This came in just in time. The words were just for me. They encouraged me alot and it is now a household single. I play it over and over and do what I have to do. It keeps me motivated and I know that God will come through for me too."

Wallace stated that God gave him the words and tune while driving home in December 2011 and he pulled over and wrote the entire song on scrap paper and recorded a voice note on his blackberry.The same evening, he headed to his brother Lemercius Wallace's home based studio - http://www.djmerci.com/ and let him play his keyboard and guitar and create a track and they recorded it.

Khrystus took the time out to record several songs that he wrote when he was a child and his brother - http://www.djmerci.com/ put them on a CD for him so he can start getting the messages out.

A smiling Khrystus ended the interview by saying, "I am no great singer. I can just hold a note long enough. I believe though, that God isn't just using me as a preacher, motivational speaker and youth advocate to travel the world, but since I am availing my voice - he's using me as a singer too."

Interested parties can hear the song at: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11839791 and also purchase Wallace's Dare 2 Be Different Ministry Hope Shirts in different languages too at his ministry's estore at: http://www.d2bdifferent.com/

Wallace started writing daily devotionals on September 19th 2011 while he was going through a very trying time in his business and life. He has since developed an international readership and following and has added other HELP websites such as http://www.loveshouldlast.com/ , http://www.askbrotherkhrystus.com/, http://www.mmskn.org/  and others, along with a wide array of sermon videos, dramas, programs and speeches on youtube.

His Popular Hope Video Devotional Sermonette is also a hit on the internet and radio stations all across the world. Wallace (http://www.kwforchrist.com/) is available through his Dare 2 Be Different Ministry to preach at youth events and general crusades across the world and to conduct motivational sessions and present speeches on topics through http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/

Khrystus is in search of an International Promotion & Event Planning Firm that can market his ministry, books, Hope Wear Line across the globe and plan his preaching and motivationla events so that he can focus on preparing and leading his Dare 2 Be Different team and using his talents to IMPACT.

He is also seeking a company that will help him get as many of his dramatic comedies and story based dramas on the big screen. Interested parties can email Khrystus Wallace at: information@kwforchrist.com our contact him via his Blackberry Pin: 220067D8.

Hope Video Presentation recorded and produced by Dare 2 Be Different International

2012 Dare 2 Be Different T-shirts for 2012 Highly Favoured People Around The World

Dare 2 Be Different International has launched a drive to sell 2012 Dare 2 Be Different T-shirts before 2012 comes to an end as it raises funds for the ministry to Travel to it's Mission in Kenya (http://www.daretobedifferentkenya.com/ ) and make an impact there.

Team members gathered to pray for a special miracle for each person who would purchase and wear one of the ministry's shirts around the world. Shirts are available in different colours and sizes and cost US$8 for children and US$11 for adults. (+ shipping or delivery charges anywhere across the globe)

Orders can be placed online at: http://www.d2bdifferent.com/ or through the ministry's Paypal Email: information@d2bdifferent.com

The ministry is encouraging Youth Groups to order in Bulk for a special discount as they take up the Challenge to Dare 2 Be Different.

Dare 2 Be Different Releases Pageant Sponsorship Options For Small Businesses

Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) is hosting its first ever Positive Pageant at Carnival Village in St. Kitts (West Indies) on 31st August, 2012. It is giving it's global following an opportunity to sow into the lives of youth as they stand up and speak out against "Single Parenting, Adultery, Crime and Violence, Gangs, Pollution, Child Abuse"

Become a sponsor today or mail us a prize to distribute.

Mail Prizes to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
8400 NW 25 Street, STE 100
Miami, FL, 33122

Monetary Donations and Sponsorships can be sent via our website at: www.d2bdifferent.com  or to our paypal account at: information@d2bdifferent.com or mailed to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160

Make A Donation Towards The Dare 2 Be Different International Youth Group

If you are blessed by the work out Youth Organization is doing, Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/), we encourage you to send us a package of items that we can distribute to the children and youth we impact or make a monetary donation.


Mail Prizes to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
8400 NW 25 Street, STE 100
Miami, FL, 33122

Monetary Donations and Sponsorships can be sent via our website at: www.d2bdifferent.com  or to our paypal account at: information@d2bdifferent.com or mailed to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Local Radio / TV Marketing Keeps You In A Box - The Internet Is The Way To Go

Approximately 2 years ago,  I pulled all my radio and television advertisements from local stations and decided to use the internet to create awareness about my company and ministry doings (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) . This turned out to be a tremendous success and I have never regret that I started.

You see, when I advertised locally in St. Kitts - Nevis, I got a significant piece of the printing market share indeed. What happened though, it was expensive - very expensive and limited me to a 45 second advertisement played 4 times a day and in the case of a television advert, 45 seconds played about 3 - 4 times too.

God has blessed me with natural writing skills, so I can do my own press releases, write on my own blogs, keep constant feeds going on social media sites etc. He has blessed me with the ability to create my own websites and connected me with a Company that allows me to build my own sites and sell domains quite easily. That's the plus!

This has taken the significant $$$ that I used to spend on advertising for just a couple seconds per day to 365 days a year 24/7 for a FRACTION  OF  THE  COST. I no longer have to advertise one thing at a time, but I let the world know about the many things that I do through my websites

(Shhhhhh - They didn't want me to tell you this) - You can really get the the word out about your business using the TECHNOLOGY if you know how to do it well or if you hire http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/ .

Search "KVK ENTERPRISES" or "Khrystus Wallace" or "Hope is Ahead" or "Dare 2 Be Different International" + many other short phrases, you'll see we're all over the web. Can people find you there?

When you search my name, you'll see that you can buy any of my books titled "God's Prescription For Positive Living I and II"

http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/ can help you market your business where ever you are around the world. The world is my market - it can be yours too.

We are not just a techno-marketing firm, we print many other promotional items ourselves. From t-shirts, banners, signs, keyrings and more. We're your ONE-STOP MARKETING SHOP and we are able to help you penetrate local, regional and international markets.

I make no bones about it, but I use FACEBOOK as a marketing tool instead of just liming on it like so many others.

Why don't you add me as a FB friend and follow me: https://www.facebook.com/khrystusw  or follow my ministry at: www.facebook.com/daretobedifferentskn

Through my Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/, I stay advertising 24-7 and persons also ask me to adveritise things they have for sale too on the same website. (Check out that site, you may be able to buy a St. Kitts - Nevis property or some land there) You can also let me advertise your product or service there too. Even if it's from China or India or Turkey - We can let the Caribbean know where to get better prices.

There is a way for small businesses to survive this worldwide recession. They must stop depending on their local market, but look regionally and internationally too. The Internet allows ACCESS. We can help out those who don't know how to use it to reach the world - http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/

You can hire me on contract to for your firm to increase your visibility or I can be your background ongoing marketing firm. Just ask - http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/

I don't fully depend on local St. Kitts - Nevis orders any more. When I get them, I appreciate it, but over the last 30 days, I have hand printing orders coming in other Caribbean countries through http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/ and USA orders through http://www.thesupplyshopinc.com/

This works! Can you imagine that some tourists traveling to St. Kitts and wanting some shirts and souvenirs, found me on one of my websites, emailed me for a quotation for 80 screen printed t-shirts, paid online and when their jet landed, I delivered them to their hotel room?

What convenience? A business place in another Caribbean island needed some shirts rushed over the weekend, the manager sent an email to: orders@thecaribbeanprintshop.com, I responded that we can help, printed all weekend and his shirts left St. Kitts - Nevis on Liat - The Caribbean Airline on the 8am flight.

Technology makes that happen and we can get you noticed over time with consistency. It just didn't happen OVER NIGHT for those that are wondering. It takes consistency. So, if you plan to use our services at http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/ and think the world will notice you in a week, don't contact us. But, if you are willing to wait, pay the required charges consistently / one time, and bear with us, you'll definitely see results.

You see, we did all the hard work over the years already. We've built a solid network from all across the globe. In my Blackberry, I have business associates with different products and services waiting to contact you. Imagine That!

I know where to shop for items wholesale. I know so much. It took me years and years, but no one can take this knowledge away from me. God has given it to me, so you can contact me for help. http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/

Interestingly enough, many companies around the world have sent me product listings and information about their services because they want me to advertise them for them having found me on http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/

Business Funders have asked me to send anyone in need of business funding to them that pass through my consultancy firm. (I am working on Caribbean Business Funders - They Are Coming) Caribbean Bankers Rates will go down and Small and Large Business Owners will have easier and more alternative ways to access capital for their businesses.

And do you know - years ago, I didn't know much about doing all this on the internet, but I got an opportunity to build my first website - http://www.kvkenterprises.com/ through a do it yourself programme on http://www.internetinnkeepers.com/ and that changed my life forever.

I won't begin to talk about many of the domains that I own and advertise on, but what I will tell you is that you are losing when you do not use the internet to advertise.

Do you know that companies around the world have noticed how hyped I keep my personal Facebook Page and all my Business FaceBook Pages and are offering to pay me on a per hour basis to keep theirs hyped too?

Well. . . This is another way that will prevent me from working so hard in a typical brick and mortar business, so I'm taking the jobs to hype your pages too. . . .Simply email me for consultancy help and pricing: info@kwconsultingskn.com and we'll cause your product / service line to take flight with our options.

How can I not tell you about my mother. She was the one who told me to just get a good education and then I can be anything I wanted to be. My first dream was / is to become a medical doctor. (I haven't given up on that you know - I'm young - anything is POSSIBLE to those that BELIEVE.)

Even though my mom, Mrs. Yvette Wallace saw me venture into business, she never bashed me, but supported me every step of the way.

Mommy doesn't prefer any publicity at all, but I must give it to her anyway and publicly tell her thanks.

I market her services to the world too. Can I tell you that the other day I shipped ironing board covers that she made to Illonois after listing and selling them on EBAY? Is it ok to tell you that my mom decorates dolls and sells locally and I ship them too? Some of her dolls appear on display tables at universities and in offices and on wall units at homes. (Order yours today - just contact me: khrystus@kvkenterprises.net)

Is it ok to tell you that my mom is a great maker of agroprocessed items and she makes and ships coconut fudges, sugar cakes etc overseas to friends and clients. I want to build a CANDY WEBSITE for her and blast it off to my network so you can buy, but she's holding me back....So I'm being obedient. But if you need something, just contact me. (Don't tell mommy I did this - PLZZZZ)

I built a little website for her at: http://www.alteritskn.com/ because she loves sewing and I don't want her to just sit there playing around when she can stay occupied mending your clothes, making table mats and crafted items. I think I'm going to try and get her a job ONLINE to teach at an Online University, because, although retired, she's still young and to just relax now, would be wasting her Masters Degree in International Education Management. So. . . to my network, if you want the woman who raised me, to also have an impact on the lives of your students - send me an email and I'll probably persuade her to teach some classes at your institution. Email: khrystus@kvkenterprises.net

And if you don't need her, I'm already working on building an INTERNET  SCHOOL  FOR  HER so your child can attend or get extra help. After teaching for over 15 years, being a head teacher for over 8 years and an Education Officer for over 5 years - Isn't this the lady who you would want to see establishing an educational institution in the CARIBBEAN  ONLINE?

Well honestly. . . Mommy, along with myself already teach private classes through our Computer Training School at: http://www.thecompudoctors.com/ . So it's actually up, but we never let the world know about it until now.

Did I tell you that I pushed my brother - Lemercius Wallace to build his website for his studio that he started at: http://www.djmerci.com/ and since he has, people from overseas and locally contact him to play for weddings or provide live clean entertainment for parties and events?

Did I tell you that those employees that stuck with me during hard times, I've built websites for them and use http://www.kwconsulting/ to market them to the world?

Check out Joy Codrington's Website - http://www.tagdownskn.com/ . She designed it herself and she now gets not only more local clients, but tourists visiting St. Kitts find her online and use her services. I didn't even see her for today, she's been busy at plaiting appointments all day.

Can I tell you about Curtis Mulley? When he started showing me what he can do, I was amazed that he had such painting skills and I immediately donated a website with his services to him as a young man - http://www.theartdepotskn.com/ - Since I did that, he gets more paintings sold and he recently got a BANK CLIENT who buys paintings from him often enough as gifts for their clients.

Another one of my colleagues - Kerese Dias built her basic webpage at http://www.kayscorp.com/ and does desktop publishing on the side to make some extra money.

Technology is what is doing it! http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/  can help get you out there.

I don't have it all yet and I don't want it all. I don't expect success to come over night. It will come in the long run once I stay trusting God and remain faithful and persisent. Nope. . . I'm not doing too much, you have to give birth to as many of your ideas, so if one doesn't live the full breath of it's life, you can always fall back on another one. It's a dangerous thing to just have or USE one talent alone. (Views are different in this regard)

Once I'm out of debt, living comfortably, able to look after my wife and family if it's God's will for me to get married. Once I'm able to have enough resources to preach and carry the Gospel around the world and HELP people through the ministry as that I founded at 21 years as a medical doctor too- http://www.d2bdifferent.com/, This will bring me MORE  JOY and I'll be completely happy with that.  I will be even more happier when God provides the funding for me to build my ministry dream - The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre - Read about it HERE.

Friend - I never, ever want to portray myself as Mr. Perfect. At 26 years, having started my first business at 13, I know what it is to see a business rise, then fall and then have to build it again. That's what I'm doing now, except not the typical BRICK and MORTAR way, but using the INTERNET. Who said that the next Mark Zukerburg had to be a USA citizen - I belive the next youth to establish a fortune in the internet world will come from the Caribbean and if it's God's will, it may just be me. (Forgive me - I always stay optimistic and stay dreaming. I do this for the young people I lead to show them that they can reach the stars. It all starts with a DREAM.)

So. . . One day if you see my name in the Fortune 500 listings, always remember that I told you that a relationship with GOD + a little MUSTARD SEED faith + a spirit of DETERMINATION = SUCCESS.

Don't ever give up - there are dozens of HOPE  DEVOTIONALS that I personally wrote filled with much encouragement for you at my Devotional Site - http://www.hopeisahead.com/ - Head there now and stay HOPEFUL - DON'T  GIVE  UP!

Come out of your marketing BOX and start reaching the world! http://www.kwconsultingskn.com/ can help! The Internet is the way to go! Next time when I write like this, I may tell you that my search for an investor willing to buy shares in one of my small businesses or willing to buy over a business or willing to FUND it was successful. This will just be another testimony among the others that I use when I preach and speak at events to encourage my following! Add me to your Black Berry - BB PIN: 220067D8

Don't Give Up! Even if you're down on the ground and bleeding - still PUSH  ON! Dare 2 Be Different and always remember - Hope is Ahead!

Khrystus Wallace, CEO

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The Media Is Partially Responsible For The Non Recovery / Recession (Inspired to Write this after watching ALI VELSHI CNN YOUR MONEY SHOW)

I sat to eat the sumptuous Sunday Lunch that my mother prepared for me today, and decided to turn on the television to CNN.

When I did, there was Ali Velshi starting his YOUR  MONEY show and the topic was STORM WARNING. He went on to suggest that the US ECONOMY may be heading to into another recession and was commenting on GDP and how slow the recovery was happening.

He also commented that he certainly won't be afraid to talk out. This has caused me to question whether the MEDIA in general is partially responsible for the slow GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY. I won't make this article too long, I just wanted to get your thoughts.

You see, if we tell people a HURRICANE or TORNADO is coming, people usually prepare - RIGHT?

So too, if we tell people that things are not getting better, they will hold on to the little they have or the lot they have and not spend. Are you catching where I'm coming from?

That means, with ALI's comments and others, I expect sales at my business to be down more this week, since a STORM  IS  COMING. or IS  IT?

So if ALI and the others keep frightening the world, I doubt we'll ever be out of a recession, even if WE'RE  HONESTLY out for real.

I wonder what Howard Kurtz from CNNs Reliable Sources would say on this one. I like him, he isn't afraid to tackle even his CNN TEAM.

So. . . .Thanks to ALI and the other media reps. I guess my printing machines won't be seeing too many shirts, and banners and signs right now and my websites http://www.kvkenterprises.com/ and http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/ would barely see orders since the world is being scared to death.

Khrystus Wallace, Writer, Speaker, Youth Advocate

St. Kitts, West Indies

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Donate a Pageant Prize to Distribute to a Participant at the 1st Ever Dare 2 Be Different Pageant

Dare 2 Be Different International is inviting its GLOBAL following to donate prizes to distrubute to the winners and participants in its 1st ever Dare 2 Be Different Pageant on 31st August, 2012.

The Pageant will see 5 teenage ladies and 5 young adult males compete for the King and Queen Ambassador of the Year Crowns as they advocate against Child Abuse, Pollution, Single Parenting, Crime and Violence and Gangs.

The Ministry is accepting any types of prizes and awards and they can be mailed from anywhere across the globe to:

Mail Packages to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
8400 NW 25 Street, STE 100
Miami, FL, 33122

Monetary Donations and Sponsorships can be sent via our website at: www.d2bdifferent.com  or to our paypal account at: information@d2bdifferent.com or mailed to:

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160

Prize Suggestions include: Blackberries, Iphones, Laptops, Cosmetics, Colognes, Travel Awards, Trophies, Medals, Dinner Coupons, Grocery Coupons, Hotel Stays, etc etc etc

The ministry takes the time out to THANK  YOU  IN  ADVANCE  FOR  YOUR  PATRONAGE

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dwight Berridge joins Dare 2 Be Different as Director of our new Spanish/French Arm of the Ministry (See his 1st Video Address to the World Inside)

A long enough ice cream meeting at Dare 2 Be Different International headquarters in St. Kitts, saw president Khrystus Wallace, officially welcoming Dwight Michael Berridge to his team as Director of Spanish-French Out Reach Division.

The ministry plans to build a dedicated Spanish and French Email List and Network over the next few weeks and create Spanish and French websites with devotionals, dramas, music, encouragement, advice etc.

Berridge was overly excited to be taken on his first tour of Dare 2 Be Different's small home based ministry. He was shocked that we were reaching so much of the world with our handful of resources and was eager to join and get started.

"Turn on the cameras. Turn on the mixer. Let's do something and get started!" I was shocked to see how excited he was, but I followed his request," commented President Wallace. "I honestly didn't expect our first meeting to be so fruitful and productive with Brother Berridge recording several audio/video programmes already.

By the time the evening was past, Berridge had already left information on how to build and translate the new Dare 2 Be Different Spanish Network and requested that it be sent to him to back check for errors.

He didn't stop there, he instructed our media team to turn the cameras on and he taped several Spanish programs already.

Berridge holds a BA in Spanish (major) and an minor in French. He is currently pursuing his Associate Degree in Education.
Cheers to Bro Berridge!

President Wallace acknowledged that he can do so much and no more alone and was happy for the help and diversification Berridge brings to the Dare 2 Be Different International team.

"This is just the start," added Wallace, "Ministers of the Gospel from churches of like faith, especially those who are not being used by their churches, will now get a chance to preach to Dare 2 Be Different's Worldwide audience via The Victory Centre - http://www.thevictorycentre.com/. It's not about me, or any of my team members. It's all about reaching the world for Christ. When Caribbean Pastors and leaders learn to work together, the world will see a drastic change in the impact it is suppose to be making."

The Dare 2 Be Different Team slowly and selectively chooses Ministry Directors who are ambitious, excited, blessed with a talent that will add to the ministry and available to God to do his work.

The ministry has dozens of lay volunteers that they can call on for assistance and encourages it's global following, no matter the country to sign up to become a general member at: http://www.thevictorycentre.com/MEMBER.htm  or a Dare 2 Be Different Card Holder Member at: http://www.d2bdifferent.com/cardholder.htm

"When you sign up from a Different country other than St. Kitts - Nevis, you can possibly help to be the link to our ministry's entry into your country as we fulfill our God Given Mission of Reaching the World." ended Wallace

Dare  2 Be Different Media Team

Dare 2 Be Different International To Host 1st Pageant in St. Kitts

Veteran Gospel Pageant Director and Gospel Event Planner, Khrystus Wallace is at it again with his team. This time, he is directing the ministry's first ever Dare 2 Be Different International Pageant (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) to be held on 31st August, 2012. Wallace is no stranger to planning gospel events and certainly no stranger to positive gospel based pageants having been directing them since he was 15 years old.

The first pageant will see five lovely ladies compete for the Dare 2 Be Different Ambassador Crown and will serve the community under the category they win for one year.

The five ladies are:

Ms. Stop Crime and Violence - Shakia Johnson

Ms. Stop Child Abuse - Ms. Tisheda Dasent

Ms. Stop Pollution - Ms. Tishari Kelly

Ms. Stop Gang Violence - Ms. Shenel Dunrod

Ms. Against Single Parenting - Ms. Teresa Dias

Wallace is keeping his fingers crossed in hopes that 5 males would step forward to compete under a Dramatic Song Composition Category where they would depict an issue bothering youths and society and sing and dramatize. They can sing any type of music (reggae, soca, etc) during their presentation as the judges will not only judge on lyrics, but presentation and possible worldwide impact.

The ladies and gentlemen are not just expected to compete, but will be seen throughout the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis in Shirts, with placards and participating in activities as they advocate on the issue they chose.

The venue is to be confirmed and all are invited to stay posted via Facebook / Email / Media. Tickets will be available ONLINE on http://www.d2bdifferent.com/ , from any member of the pageant and also at KVK. The pageant will also go live on http://www.skngospellive.com/ for a PAY-PER-VIEW option so the world can see.

Dare 2 Be Different wishes these ladies the best as they aim to spread a POSITIVE word across the world.

Individuals, small businesses and corporations interested in becoming major sponsors for the market exposure or interested in donating a PRIZE (S) can email: information@kwforchrist.com or BB PIN: 220067

Dare 2 Be Different plans to use ALL Youth Service providers as it encourages them under its Mission Mobilization Project - http://www.mmskn.org/,  during this mega event.

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department

Joy "Lady Smilez" Codrington launches Poetry Website

Encouraged to use ALL  her talents to make life by President of Dare 2 Be Different International Khrystus Wallace and Youth Advocate of the Mission Mobilization Project - http://www.mmskn.org/, Joy "Lady Smilez" Codrington launched her Poetry website - http://joycod.blogspot.com/ on July 23rd, 2012.

Codrington said that she has been writing poems since in Secondary School but no one ever encouraged her this much to go this far as to write on a website and to publish a book.

Wallace is working with Codrington so that she can have her first poetry book published and available online and in her home country St. Kitts - Nevis for sale before November 10th 2012 which is her 23rd Birthday.

Dare 2 Be Different International, takes this opportunity to wish it's colleague, partner and drama director much success as she surges on ahead as a youth.

Dare 2 Be Different International Media Department

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different Needs Your Urgent Partnership

Greetings Friend!
Dare 2 Be Different is a youth ministry that was founded in June 2008 and has been making a worldwide impact on not only youth in St. Kitts Nevis, but youth and those young at heart all across the world. Simply search Dare 2 Be Different International or Hope is Ahead on any search engine of follow visit our FaceBook Page at www.facebook.com/daretobedifferentskn  and you'll see and read about much of the work we've been doing over the years or feel free to visit any of the links at the end of this letter.
Every venture needs capital to take it to the next level and we need your help to move  our Dare 2 Be Different Projects Forward and to keep our youths occupied and off the streets. We also need your help in acquiring The Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre too - The 1st of its kind in the Caribbean.
There are four ways you can partner: Our youth are depending on YOU!
1. Become a Dare 2 Be Different Card Holder (Bronze, Silver, Platinum) - http://www.d2bdifferent.com/cardholder.htm
2. Give a Donation of any amount - Use any donate button on http://www.d2bdifferent.com/
3. Make a $100 investment for 1 year with a 10% R.O.I (Return on Investment)
4. Buy a Dare 2 Be Different T-shirt (Adults - US$11.04  Children - US$7.36)
Do let me know of your interest so we can speak further.
Donations can be mailed to:
Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts
Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160
Thanks in advance for considering and partnering by either donating any amount or investing.
Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different Int'l

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Monday, July 16, 2012

12 Year Old & 7 Year Old Screen Print T-shirts at the 1st Business Exploraton Camp (Pictures inside)

On Day 1, approximately five (5) hours after attending Dare 2 Be Different International (http://www.d2bdifferent.com/) and http://www.kvkenterprises.com/  1st ever Business Exploraton Camp, 12 year old Teesonie Wattley is already getting hands on experience and he is responsible for designing and helping to print The Leeward Islands Under 15 Warm Up Camp Shirts.

Jeadon Hodge, the 7 year old who flew all the way from Tortola, BVI and inspired the ministry to have something this summer vacation, bounced in for the afternoon session and was guided as to how to screen print his first ever shirt as he rushed to help Teesonie. After which, he had fun using Corel Draw to make his own designs. By the time the afternoon was complete, he was already using a US$15,000 embroidery machine to put his name on his shirt."

Khrystus, Camp Coordinator commented, " Why keep them back when their minds are young and ready to learn? I do not believe in victimizing and keeping back ANYONE. I will definitely be encouraging Jeadon's and Teesonie's mom to invest in some basic equipment for them so they can be kept positively occupied and make their own money after school hours in the process. It can happen, I started KVK when I was 13 years old, having ordered my first t-shirt kit from EBAY. I know it can happen" Jeadon, now 7 and Teesonie, now 12, if they continue using this skill, can have something considerable SAVED to help them get a great start to university.

President Khrystus Wallace continued, " We particularly tailored this camp to teach the youth a skill. We didn't want it to be theory at all. I think after months of school, they needed a break. I know this year, we are not catering for ALOT, ALOT of participants at a time, but the wise parents, who see the critical importance of allowing the child to learn a skill, have been contacting us, registering and making this minimal investment. You could never learn this for the fees we are charging. I had to buy a round trip ticket to the USA, pay hotel, buy food and pay for transportation. This is a steal of deal indeed for anyone who registers and takes advantage. Clients who fly into St. Kitts for me to teach them, have to pay FAR MORE. For those who never start their own businesses, they will get a certificate to show to other printers how many hours in each course they completed. This would be a plus if they are looking for a part time job by a printer or seeking employment at the end of their school career."

Participants, who are at different levels, but will be taught equally, would get the chance to learn to use Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, our embroidery software, learn screen printing, embroidery, heat press, mug printing, customer service, customs brokerage through http://www.shopandshipskn.com/  etc.

A smiling Joy Codrington who runs her own business (http://www.tagdownskn.com/)  that came to life under Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project (http://www.mmskn.org/) and Curtis Mulley of http://www.theartdepotskn.com/, another participant were on hand to help teach participants.

Wallace closed by saying, "I've been constantly questioned as to if I won't be threatened when one of these youths who I taught rises up and betters my business. I am not afraid at all. I am actually glad for them. I know that I am quite a rare and unique business man to be teaching my skill to others and opening up my business to select youth, but as a Youth Advocate, I am leading by example when I am helping to empower young people. My competitors I know hate this because it introduces more INNOVATIVE  YOUTH  in  the market but doing this gives me inner joy and inner peace that at least I would have made a difference in at least ONE LIFE. While I teach locally, orders have been trickling in from the Caribbean who we now serve through http://www.thecaribbeanprint.com/  and interestingly enough from the USA through http://www.thesupplyshopinc.com/ . This shows me that St. Kitts-Nevis is no longer my only market, so I'm helping the youth to take advantage of the possibilities that exist HERE in St. Kitts - Nevis while I look at greener pastures. You just have to stay thinking!"

By the time the day was done, the participants were learning how to make their own Pizzas at this holistic Business Exploration Camp. Certainly, they would definitely leave knowing how to do at least ONE  THING.

The camp started on Monday 16th July, 2012 and has either AM or PM or FULL DAY sessions. It runs until the end of August, 2012.

Half Day Week sessions cost EC$50 and Full Day week sessions cost EC$75. Interested international businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring this Business Exploraton Camp further can email: information@d2bdifferent.com

The Business Exploraton falls under Dare 2 Be Different's Mission Mobilization Project which is geared at empowering Youth - http://www.mmskn.org/ and is only catering to 15 participants each week.

Wallace will be running a FREE Nightly Vacation Bible School (called THE HOPE-CORNER) all throughout the Summer in the afternoon / evening from 5pm. Unlike typical Vacation Bible School, children and youth acan come in anytime between 5pm to 9pm, as Bible Stories, Positive Activities, Movies, Games etc would be played.

Dare 2 Be Different also plans to hold its first ever HOPE  PAGEANT  this summer using Boys and Girls who attend. (More Information Coming)

The sessions will be both informative and fun and seeks to impact the Youth and keep them off the street and positively occupied all summer long. "You see, after all the day camps and Vacation Bible Schools are over at 12 noon, our children have nothing left to do and that's where we come in. We really need our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre, but until then, we'll use what we have. Is is OK to mention that we are LEADING the way with positive, interactive, fun, down to earth youth activities in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis?

To all our followers locally, regionally, internationally, we crave your support financially, through gifts or otherwise, if you are blessed with what our ministry is doing to IMPACT our youth in St. Kitts and Nevis and around the world especially through our recently released - http://www.askbrotherkhrystus.com/ and popular Hope Is Ahead Motivational Website -  http://www.hopeisahead.com/ "

Learn more about the mission centre dream - click HERE.

Submitted by Dare 2 Be Different Media Department

Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Year Old From Tortola, BVI (Caribbean) Inpires Dare 2 Be Different to Host 2012 Summer Camp

A 7 Year old boy from the Caribbbean island of Tortola, BVI inspired President of Dare 2 Be Different International Khrystus Wallace to reconsider plans to cancel all activities for Summer 2012.

The child who vacationed in St. Kitts last year and attended Dare 2 Be Different's In-Day Camp, was adamant that he wanted to come back to St. Kitts to participate. Soon after landing, he wanted to come to find out about Camp, but missed the President. According to Mrs. Yvette, Wallace, the president's mom, she said she felt the child's excitement as he spoke and his grandmother couldn't stop him from saying that he was so grateful for all the Computer Help He got at Dare 2 Be Different's Summer Camp 2011 and he was waaaaay ahead of his class back at home.

Late Thursday afternoon, 12th July 2012, Khrystus agreed with his team that they should still do something this year and the 7 year old was one of the first to know.

Wallace has dubbed this year's Camp as - The Business Exploraton, and it falls under his ministry's Mission Mobilization division (http://www.mmskn.org/). Wallace is only allowing 15 children/youth in the morning session and 15 children/youth in the afternoon session because of the slant this year's activities will take and the careful attention that is needed with each individual participant aged 7 - 15.

An innovative Wallace said that as he considered what to do this year, God gave him the idea to have a Business Exploraton and teach the participants how to operate and open their own businesses by giving them hands on experience at http://www.kvkenterprises.com/, http://www.shopandshipskn.com/ and his Ministry http://www.d2bdifferent.com/.

He commented, "Thus, for the next 7 - 8 weeks, the Business Exploraton participants will be taught good customer service, how to answer the phones, bank and do corporate transactions, print t-shirts, mugs, banners, signs, use the embroidery machines, clear packages for customers and some would be taught basic sewing by my mother and get to compose and record their own songs in my brother's studio - http://www.djmerci.com/ . Although it's a last minute plan, I'm totally excited about it and I know my 7 year old Tortola friend is too."

Weekly Sessions are EC$50 for half day - 9am - 12noon  or 1pm - 4pm or EC$75 for the full day (Monday to Friday)

To register, email child's name, address, age, Contact Number, Allergies and Week of attendance to: orders@kvkenterprises.net  (Clients can instantly and immediately register and pay on KVK's Payment page on http://www.kvkenterprises.com/ or visit its office in Boyds.

Snacks and Lunch would be on sale during the week or participants can bring along these items.

Wallace closed and boasted, "Dare 2 Be Different continues to lead the way with innovative ideas, plans and activities for our youth. I am most excited to see which parents would act fast and register before spaces are filled. I know I can say that NO  SUMMER  CAMP 2012 in St. Kitts - Nevis is going out to this extent to get youth involved in business, teach them skills and help them start their own little businesses.I can personally be reached at: 869-663-0114 or BB PIN: 220067D8"