Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My General New Year Wish - YOU CAN MAKE IT!

HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  -  2011

As you reminisce on this past year and look forward with God's grace into a new year, remember to keep your eyes focussed - fully focussed on the Prize ahead.

If you ever fall, don't stay down, get up like David and try again - keep on pushing! If you have a dream or an idea and lack the support, still go after it - Joseph and Esther were among the unpopular few who had their mind set and made up. DON'T GIVE UP!

Never be afraid to take the chances you should. Sometimes a chance is all it takes to make your dream come through. (Author Unkwown)

Happy New Year when it Comes.

Feel free to join my Ministry - Dare 2 Be Different Int'l ( for our New Years Victory Party at the Dr. William Connor Primary School at 1am on Sat. 1st January, 2011.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let's Just Work Together. . .

I wondered and wondered and wondered, this Friday past, what the one on one experience would be like when I met with a particular BLACK person in authority.

I quickly found out about one minute into the conversation. It was another "Crab in a Barrel" situation. I decided that the meeting would not last long and I decided to not go on any further with it. I humbly and respectfully ended the meeting in less than three minutes and exited the room.

Honestly, it frankly didn't bother me, what the person thought after my actions. I had decided for some time now, after many other "crab-in-a-barrel" experiences, that I would never waste my time sitting or standing and letting some other person pull me down, or pull down my idea. Allowing that to happen, would not help to advance me, so I refuse to let it happen!

So should you!

At 24 years, I've faced countless "crab-in-a-barrel" experiences. At first, I used to think that EVERYONE  loved my plans and was excited about helping me achieve them. How foolhardy! I not too long after noticed that that wasn't so.

I met these "crab-in-a-barrel" experiences



. . .in BUSINESS!

and the list goes on. I won't go into detail here. Maybe one day when we meet face to face, I'll share some with you to help prove that YOU CAN OVERCOME!

What is sad to note though, is that in nearly most of life's experiences where I would have needed a helping hand, a word of encouragement from someone experienced, or just a tap on the shoulder - MANY  TIMES, it NEVER came from my Black Race.

MIND YOU. . .there were and are those who did and continue to be DIFFERENCE MAKERS and TOWERS OF STRENGTH  in my life. I BLESS GOD for them. Note well though, they are few and so I becareful - very careful as to the MOTIVES of those who claim to want to help or encourage me.

I stopped what I was doing at around 10:36pm (Sat. 4th Dec. 2010), as the thought crossed my mind and so I decided to add to my BLOG.

Many other races are working together and moving on. It's time for the BLACK RACE to do the same!

When last have you read stories of BLACK PEOPLE, who started out small and now are successful?

When last have you heard of BLACK PEOPLE moving from RAGS to RICHES. From Poor to Happy and Financially Comfortable?

There are many who've closed their ears to the NEGATIVES and decided to push. Let's clothe ourselves with that spirit. We can do it!

After all this writing. . . the word to all of my readers. . . if you still don't find the support you need. Don't Stop Pushing. If you meet up with the "Crab-in-the-Barrel" spirits, still keep on trying to reach the top.

Like the energizer bunny. .  .Keep going and going and going. In the LONG RUN.  . .SOMEDAY . . . SOMEDAY SOON. You'll make it! Dare 2 Be Different!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Raise Money & Funding Through Your Friends, Family & Social Networks

Wow. . . I won't be selfish here at all. I know I'm an internet saavy and come across all sorts of websites. I've found one called and I'll attempt to use it to raise capital for some of my ideas and see how it goes. You can try too!


40billion helps entrepreneurs raise money for businesses through friends and family rather than through traditional financial institutions. Using the Internet-based service, entrepreneurs connect with their social network - friends, family, friends of family, colleagues, and others - to raise capital. 40billion’s scalable platform facilitates the funding requests and transactions to make it easier for an entrepreneur to manage many investors. For more information, visit

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My mind went back. . .

As I travelled back and forth today making my daily rounds, my mind went back to a conversation I would have had with a young multi-talented individual. I didn't find that this person was talented because they told me about their talent - they backed it up with some of their fine pieces of work.

They actually WOWED me!

The shocker then came when I learned from them that they did what they did for fun and was having life real real hard and needed a job. My quick response was - You have all that it needs to start your own career right in your hands. They thought for a bit and then agreed. That was earlier this year, today, I received a text from that very same person saying that their new career was still working for them and they were now able to make more than the minimum wage most companies pay.

WOW - Congrats! If you've read this post and have been inspired to do something with your talents to cope/survive during these HARD economic times, then you've made the first step!

Hair Dressing, Secretarial Work, Nails & Toes, Admistrative, etc

Let me help you start your business or move advance technologically to the next level.

Khrystus Wallace

What's on my mind. . .


Welcome to my blog! I decided to start blogging to relax my mind and empower persons in the process. I look forward to sharing much of my life story. School, past times, business, trials, challenges, successes, church work, community innitiatives, some of my daily experiences.

I also look forward to sharing with you the impact Christ continues to make on my life. I look forward as I said from the onset to empowering you and pushing you to do something worthwhile with you're life.

Again . . .welcome - I look foward to developing, nurturing and impacting a fresh set of leaders, christians and business owners!

God's blessings!

Khrystus Wallace