Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If I Had Alot of Money. . .

The dream of the average man is to work, retire with what we commonly call, "alot of money," and enjoy the rest of his/her life. We plan to go on cruises and travel the world and do what we commonly would say, "enjoy what we would have worked for."

My dream is quite different though. Of course, if God provides for me a wife and gives me a family of my own, I want to ensure that I treat my wife like a queen and kids like little princes and princesses. I want to be an exemplary husband and show the world that good men still exist. I want to make sure that my family would have my time and access to the resources that they need in life and never be in want. Once they're happy, in a covenant relationship with God, and not in lack, I will feel complete.

Unlike the typical person though, If I Had Alot of Money, I'll set out on a mission to Impact Youth All Across The Globe. I have a passion to empower young people. I love to see them excel and make something out of their life. I can remember getting the first opportunity to be the featured speaker at a Graduation Ceremony very soon after I had graduated from High School.

It was actually my first job in my Motivational Speaking Career. I sat for a long time preparing for days. It was my first official speaking engagement and it would either create or destroy my Speaking Career Dream. I wanted what I said to the youth at The Bronte Welsh Primary School, Trinity Parish, St. Kitts to stick with them throughout their High School career and in years to come. I think I did do justice, because ever since then, I've been on demand to address Youth Gatherings, many other graduations and youth groups. That's my passion you see.

That's why I know that if I had alot of money, I'll travel the world and plant Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centres in every island, on every continent, in every corner of the world. (Read about the Mission Centre Vision at: http://hopeisahead.blogspot.com/2012/05/st-kitts-nevis-may-probably-be-home-to.html)

These Mission Centres, if you would have read about the vision above, would actually be Empowerment Homes for young people. They may actually be franchises owned by God's people all around the world. My idea isn't patented, so someone with access to the resources may make it happen before me - TO  GOD  BE  THE  GLORY. I would gladly jump on board.

Once they have my Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project (http://www.mmskn.org/ ) apart of the centre, I would feel complete again. This project aims to empower youth to get a skill or use the skills they already have to make life. With my personal resources and funds from ministry fund raisers and no government and non-profit assistance, we have been helping dozens of persons get into the world of business or organize themselves better.

A few Examples:
Mr. Curtis Mulley, Artist - http://www.theartdepotskn.com/
Joy Codrington, Hair Dresser and Mini-Store Owner - http://www.tagdownskn.com/
Kerese Dias, Desktop Publisher - http://www.kayscorpskn.com/
Lemercius Wallace, Musician - http://www.djmerci.com/

It's really not about my idea, it's about impacting a generation. It's about Saving Our Youth! It's about showing them that they are special and important and talented and can make something productive out of their lives.

I know that one day, no ifs, or buts or maybes. God will send an overflow my way so that all my business dreams and ministry visions that fall under his will, would definitely come to pass.

I started writing almost daily on http://www.hopeisahead.com/ to empower myself and encourage others. To date, I have published 2 books titled God's Prescription for Positive Living I and II. By September 2012, I hope to have published III, IV, V, VI and VII.

Then I'll be able to use the profits to speed up my dreams as I accept your invitations to speak at graduations and youth empowerment events around the world and also to preach at small and large crusades everywhere. Feel free to start supporting by buying a book today: http://www.lulu.com/shop/khrystus-wallace/gods-prescription-for-positive-living/paperback/product-18639255.html;jsessionid=7CFB8EA879D5689AA11244F721843DC2

If you personally know me, I am a constant dreamer and I never give up. I fight to the finish. I believe we were all born to win and winning comes after perseverance and patience. Job was patient even when he lost everything and had to wait for God to come through again - RIGHT? Daniel constantly prayed even when the odds were against him. Joseph had to suffer. He was sold as a slave and thrown into prison before he rose to the top.

I am prepared - well prepared to fight for me dreams to the very end.

Notice something about the three. They all came out victorious.

I had a strange, strange, strange dream recently and I brushed it aside. It keeps coming back to me though. In the dream, I was told, not to worry, because one day, I'll get a mail or some mails in my letter boxes with a dollar amount to make all my dreams and visions come to pass.

So. . . .I sit and work and wait patiently on God for him to let this night dream come through and send my team and I to higher heights in Kingdom Building and Youth Impact.

That's my heart friend. If I had alot of money. . . .I'll make a big worldwide impact on the youth.

Khrystus Wallace
Youth Advocate

PS: Maybe you are the the angel that God is going to use. So, just in case you are, here are my P O Boxes

Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street, Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


Dare 2 Be Different International
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

Mark Zuckerberg, a Caribbean Internet Entreprenuer is trailing closely behind.

Mark Zuckerberg, a Young Caribbean Internet Entreprenuer is trailing closely behind. Don't worry though, we're in two different types of Internet Businesses.

I believe My New Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ will soon be drawing international investor attention.  I can feel the calls coming and I can just image my email filled with options and offers to partner. Who ever said that no Big Idea can ever come out of the Caribbean?

Mark - we do have somethings in common. We're both overly ambitious. We we both born in the 80s and we both founded our Internet Ideas in a little room. You from your College Dormitory and me from my 12 x 14 homebased office in little St. Kitts (Caribbean)

We have a few differences though. We're from different races and opposite sides of the world. You're from the Big Busy like a Bee USA and I'm from the Small Quiet, Cool, Luscious and Relaxing Caribbean Island Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.

Let's keep on pushing. Let's not give up. I always believe that very soon, young people will be running the WORLD.

Khrystus Wallace, FOUNDER
The Caribbean's Auction Site

Email: mobile@kvkenterprises.net 
BB PIN: 220067D8

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Alot of Fun Just Sitting and Selling Online on My Caribbean Auction Site - www.caribbesales.com. . . .Will You Join Me

It's Whit Monday here in St. Kitts-Nevis and Memorial Day across the USA. I don't know if it's a holiday in other countries across the world, but I'm having alot of fun.

I didn't cook and head to the beach or go play cricket or football on the pasture with the youth. No, I'm not preparing a sermon to preach through the Internet Church that I lead - http://www.thevictorycentre.com/ and I'm not planning a ministry event for my active youth Ministry - http://www.d2bdifferent.com/

I'm certainly not fund raising for our ministry in Kenya either - http://www.daretobedifferentkenya.com/ , although I still wish that you'll pack a box with some items for us.

I'm having fun because as I sit and chat on facebook and myspace and tweet people back and forth, my pages are working for me. You see, I've officially lauched one of my ideas I've been perfecting for years called The Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ and selling new and used stuff that I own and also for clients and posting them on my page.

I'm also charging a small fee for small businesses to advertise their services and I keep my fingers crossed that a property listed would sell.

I am also, connecting with wholesalers and retailers all across the world that want me to list their products on my site or are asking permission to do it themselves. It gets more and more exciting when a client contacts me to buy something through the website or through a social network with whom I am affiliated. What get's more exciting is when the product is located in St. Kitts, they pay online and then pull up by my gate to collect the item if it's located at my residence.

I heard of a 22 year old who advertises her Hair Plaiting and Locks Styling services on The Caribbean's Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ . My Auction Site directs them to her simple website, http://www.tagdownskn.com/ and she is then constantly flooded with calls to do hair for students and adults alike. I told the young ambitious lady this weekend, that we have to begin looking at putting a professional salon in place.

The Caribbean's Auction Site  - http://www.caribbesales.com/ is making that happen. Of course I am also happy to boast that she is a product of my Ministry's Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project - http://www.mmskn.org/ that works with the youth to empower them to get a skill or use the skills they already have to make life. Cheers to TagDownSKN.COM

This is what excites me because this is why I built the site, I wanted to help to empower young people to make a dollar during trying economic times.

I must end here, a client who purchased a product online at The Caribbean's Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ is scheduled to stop by very soon. Although it's a holiday, I don't want the person to catch me so relaxed and without a shirt.

I think I'm kinda getting the hang of just sitting at home and working and not running up and down. So, if I lose the excitement with my brick and mortar businesses, I may just happen to offer them publicly for sale soon. Somebody may just be able to buy The Caribbean Printshop - http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/ along with all my screen printing machines and supplies and embroidery machine and mug machine and pen printing machine and heat presses and supplies.

Or. . . someone can buy http://www.thecompudoctors.com/ or http://www.shopandship.com/ or http://www.thesupplyshopinc.com/

I'm preparing to stop working so hard, but work smart. That means, instead of wasting precious time on the internet like so many young people do, I'm going to sell 24-7, 365 days a year my Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ , sign up for a few MLM Online Work at Home programmes and then travel the world relaxing and preaching the gospel.

I am not worrying. God is going to send me an angel investor to help boost this Caribbean Auction Site much faster and probably raise the First Caribbean Tech Fortune 500 company from the little St. Kitts in th Caribbean.

I honestly don't want it for me alone, young people, the opportunity is yours to use your Tech-Abilities and make a life for yourself!

Staying Optimistic!

Khrystus Wallace, Founder & CEO
The Caribbean's Auction Site

Email: mobile@kvkenterprises.net   BB PIN: 220067D*

The Caribbean Auction Site - How the Caribbean Would Conduct Business in the Future

I have always been an Auction Fanatic. I started using EBAY at a very early age when I didn't even have a Credit/Debit Card. I would communicate with the sellers and ask for time to mail a Money Order and they usually allowed that. So, as early as 13 - 14 years, I've been ordering, firstly on Yahoo Auctions and then I moved to EBAY.

I actually started my 2nd business after my Bike Shop, KVK BICHANICS, at 14 years old having ordered some T-shirt Transfer Paper from EBAY so I can print pictures on my friend's shirts using my Mother's Hand Iron. That was cool! See. . . I'm an auction fanatic from a very early age.
I loved the auction world and wondered whether or not I could actually sell on EBAY and make money. I was around 18 years old when I decided to test the selling part of EBAY and it was a SUCCESS. I had partnered with a company to DROPSHIP PlayStation 2s to clients when they ordered from me and it went well.

Within two weeks, I had made about US$10,000 in sales and a little over US$2000 profits. I recognized it worked and I never continued again. I wish I did at times and not get caught up into the brick and mortar businesses I'm involved in today because they do take alot out of me as opposed to online business. But. . .I still thank God for giving me the vision for KVK ENTERPRISES - http://www.kvkenterprises.com/ , The Caribbean Print Shop - http://www.thecaribbeanprintshop.com/  / The CompuDoctors - http://www.thecompudoctors.com/ , Shop and Ship SKN - http://www.shopandshipskn.com/  and The Supply Shop Inc - http://www.thesupplyshopinc.com/

One day I may get to sell them one by one.

Everything happens for a reason. After recognizing that auctions can work, I set out on a quest to create The Caribbean Auction Site. I interviewed other young Auction Site Owners and got tips here and there too. I remember when I was selected by the Youth Department of our Local St. Kitts - Nevis Government to attend a Youth Seminar in Brazil some years back, each time I got a break, I was on a quest to meet another young person who actually had my same idea of an Auction Site.

Interestingly enough, I did meet a duo from New Zealand. They were very young. Both of them had built an Auction Site in their country and sold it after three years for a little over 3 Million New Zealand Dollars and then went to study cash and started a few other businesses.

This inspired me alot. I still chat with them now and again.

When I returned from Brazil, I bought the Auction script, programmed the website and launched it and pulled it. I launched it again and pulled it from the web again for a few years. This time I've lauched it for real at http://www.caribbesales.com/ with an aim and determination to market it around the Caribbean and make it the hottest selling spot for new and used items in months to come.

Auctioning in the Caribbean is pretty new to Caribbean Folks. They prefer to just go to an online store and buy immediately, so I know there is alot of marketing that is needed. Therefore, I've listed many products at a set price and will be a foot soldier teaching the concept of bidding around the Caribbean in the months to come.

In a slow global and Caribbean economy, where young people need jobs and businesses are closing left, right and centre, it is my desire, to teach youth and others how they can open a business online and start selling products without the typical overheads of a brick and mortar business.

I also want to show Caribbean businesses that have closed and still have STOCK left, that they can re-open their store - THE  ECOMMERCE  WAY, and sell their products not just to a local market anymore, but to a regional or international market via The Caribbean's Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/

The Caribbean is famous for growing fruits and vegetables. I want to teach farmers and individuals that they can turn their produce into Agro-processed items and can sell their Agro-Processed products on the Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ and market them instantly around the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ brings a new level of HOPE during a slow economy if it is utilized and utilized well.

I am believing God for Equity Investors or an angel investor because just like EBAY and QUIBIDs etc, I can't do it alone and need the help to take it to the next level.

I'm not giving up though - The Caribbean Auction Site - http://www.caribbesales.com/ will defintely be the Caribbean Technological Product to kickstart a slow regional economy and will be one of the best Business Ideas that God has ever given to me.

Little Overheads - Big Profits! I wonder if you're considering investing?
You have the opportunity now to partner as an angel investor.

Khrystus Wallace, Founder & CEO

Email: mobile@kvkenterprises.net   BB PIN: 220067D8

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Need To Bring Back The Values of Yesterday

When will we re-introduce the values of yesterday into the world of today? I believe they made a great impact then and can still inspire TODAY.

Nobody seems to care anymore! When will our brothers and sisters learn to live together without envy and strife and hatred amongst themselves again? When will society push up and encourage a promising community male or female instead of trying to throw them in a pit like Joseph's brothers did to him?

Gone are the days when we cared for our neighbours and stopped to give a hug or a smile of compassion to our hurting children.

We live in a generation now where a neighbour could be locked in and dead in the house next to us for days and we never noticed.

We live in the facebook, twitter, blackberry, iphone generation where we stay connected to others and ourselves using technology and forget about the person next to us who is suffering from a heart or asthma attack.

We are so disconnected at times that we walk into electrical poles and drop in holes because we don't look at where we are going. Countries and states have to ticket us to get us off our phones as pedestrians because we are so disconnected from the world - YET  STILL  CONNECTED. Or so we say.

We live in a generation now where we would prefer to support the larger businesses instead of buying from our Church member's new small store that sells the same thing at a competitive price or from the farmer that farms the same produce that we buy from the vegetable rack at the grocery. This is so simply because we feel that would make them richer than us. So we keep them down and don't support them and smile as if we don't know what we are doing.

We live in a generation now where we prefer to throw our extra food to the dogs than take five minutes out of our regular busy schedule to walk around and give it to the homeless.

I never got to live in the generation of yesterday, but from what I've heard, I surely would not have mind at all.

We Need To Bring Back The Values of Yesterday or we'll just help to destroy TODAY much sooner.

Khrystus Wallace
Youth Advocate and Empowerment Speaker

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Young People Have the Power - The Start of a Global Youth Revolution

Youth Have The Power To Enact Change!
I don't know where this recent EXTRA passion for our youths has been coming from, but I think I have to run with the flow. We need an entire Worldwide Youth Revolution. One that will cause Governments to listen to our views and put laws in place that help us not forget about us.
We need bankers to know that we have ideas too that need funding and they shouldn't give us a hard time or we'll each take our $10 out, which would affect them and start our own credit unions and banks. We need employers to value our contributions and not treat us like a piece of trash or we'll walk out and start an exact same business like them, grow until we can compete and cause them to close down, because we will be supporting our fellow youth busineses too.
Young people, society doesn't understand that YOUTH have the power in our hands now. We have the power to elect. We have the power to put money in local business or use our access to technology to shop overseas. We have the power to stop using our cell phones, which will hurt any mobile company and start our own cell phone company where each Young person owns at least 1 share for $1. All we have to do is to rally together.
The Youth Revolution Begins and it'll go down in history that it started in the small Caribbean island of St. Kitts. To get it to continue, all we have to do is to talk up, keep politics out of our talks and move forward to get what we want.