Thursday, December 20, 2012

Khrystus Wallace Consulting - HIRED

Reputable organizations around the world are recognizing the multiple skills and talents of 26 year old Khrystus Wallace who started his first business at age 13 and has grown it into His clientele is growing from not just the common man, but to big organizations.

One such is The St. Kitts - Nevis Labour Party who hired to assist with its Public Relations and provide consulting help and 21st century ideas, especially with regards to empowering youth.

Mr. Wallace of Khrystus Wallace Consulting - happens to be in a very unique situation. He is a Christian with wisdom straight from God himself, he leads the way with up to date amazing ideas in every field, he is a spokeman and popular radio and tv host, he owns his own printing companies that imprints t-shirts, polos, banners, signs, promotional items etc, he is a graphics designer and website designer and a well sort after motivational speaker and his marketing skills and social media skills are beyond amazing as seen on his facebook page and several other pages.

Wallace founded his own ministry when he was 21 years old - Dare 2 Be Different International - and it is now in St. Vincent & The Grenadines -,  Ghana -, Kenya - and applications are in to establish it in different areas across the world has Youths and all are catching the vision of this young man.

Wallace commented with a smile, "Khrystus Wallace Consulting is your one stop shop. We can serve the world. Technology allows us to do it right from St. Kitts once you feed us the information, or you can pay for our team to come to your country, assess the situation with regards to your Political Party, Religious Organization, Business etc and present a marketing campaign that would definitely work."

The fact that Dr. Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister of St. Kitts - Nevis sees the worth and power of this young man, speaks volume that his organization really does have the capacity. Less than 12 hours after meeting with the Prime Minister, Wallace quickly presented him with a new campaign idea website showing that his party works for all - See it at: .

When asked about his involvement in Politics being an ordained minister, The 26 year old bachelor said said, " Am I really involved? Or is it that my Consulting Firm was hired to do a job? Marketing is my job. Should I stop marketing and reject jobs because I am a Christian? That means other pastors and ministers who are doing other things should stop too. This is how I make a living to support myself, family and ministry. Actually - for the 4 years I've been around with Dare 2 Be Different, I barely got support and no local church or organization ever extended a helping hand seeing all the work we were doing with youths. I had to do everything to raise capital and go to my pocket 75% of the time. Once you will pay me to stop working, I don't mind stopping, but as long as I get a job and it's not beyond my conviction - I'm going to do it and I don't care what others think. God gave me a talent and I'm going to use it!"

To Contact or Book Khrystus Wallace Consulting for advice, marketing and motivational speeches, crusades or workshops, Email:   or BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

See many of his speeches and sermons on YouTube

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas of St. Kitts-Nevis Agrees To Work Along With a Youth's Vision and Launches Labour For All Initiative

Prime Minister of St. Kitts -Nevis, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has agreed that Dare 2 Be Different International Founder and President Khrystus Wallace - A Godman as he called him, has the 21st Century Vision To Help Turn St. Kitts - Nevis around and confirmed that his St. Kitts-Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation will be supporting the outside the box unique and creative ideas of the Gospel Ministry.

Dr. Douglas requested an URGENT meeting with Wallace and confirmed there and then that that was just what St. Kitts - Nevis needed.

Dare 2 Be Different International has a 12 member board in place and a supporting team that will start working immediately to HELP  YOUTHS and ALL.

As Wallace was leaving the meeting, Dr. Douglas called Wallace back and told him that he also needed his Consulting Firms assistance - in his Labour For All Initiative that he wants to roll out immediately.

Wallace told Dr. Douglas immediately of how his firm was well equipped to assist in this area and would begin to work immediately.

Less than 6 hours after the duo meeting with Dr. Denzil Douglas - Prime Minister of St. Kitts - Nevis and President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International and CEO of Khrystus Wallace Consulting -,  Dr. Douglas was handed over one of the many webpages that he would be getting -

Dr. Douglas encouraged youths and all to visit the page immediately because it outlines many of the 2013 plans to empower the country. He ended by saying - "I am even the more empowered and encouraged to continue to work for my people because the truth is - I really do care."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Print All You Want In 2013 - Buffet Style for a low price - Only 5 People or Companies Get This OFFER - ACT NOW!

Greetings Friend,
The business I founded when I was 13 years old, KVK  ENTERPRISES LTD - is turning 10 in 2013 and the Ministry I founded at 21 - Dare 2 Be Different International is turning 5 in 2013.
We are growing all around the World. We now serve and print for the the Caribbean through,  The USA through, St. Vincent and The Grenadines through -, Ghana  through,  Kenya through  and we're opening in Florida, New York, Nevis, Antigua, Germany, The Philippines and other countries soon.
If you haven't been following us, we've started the Celebration already - Our Christmas Party this year for youths was AWESOME and all parents and guardians were AMAZED when we said that once they registered and paid their $25 or $50 for their child to attend, they get FREE COMPUTER  CLASSES and Homework Help  at  all throughout 2013.
So many parents have been contacting me after to ask for the same deal regretting that they didn't register but that's past now and we are not offering this deal.
We want to offer 5 companies around the world ONLY - the ability to PRINT  ALL  THEY  LIKE  FOR a donation of $2013 to Dare 2 Be Different International during 2013.
* We'll screen print or embroider what ever for you once you provide the shirts  (an unlimited VALUE)
* We'll print up to 10 banners for you ($5000 value)
* We'll print stickers, labels,
* We'll print up to 500 pens  or pencils for you
* Once you provide the type of mugs, we'll apply the print for you
* Provide the keychains and we'll apply the prints
Once its in PRINTING and WE can do it - It's BUFFET  STYLE - - - -We'll print it for you. Act now!
Call me for details: 869-663-0114
Get in fast - Pay via Paypal Email:  or using your credit / debit card around the world at:, or
Company Checks / Wires acceptable too - Email: to request wire information.
Remember - The 1st 5 get In - the others lose out like so many children after this year's Christmas Party!
Khrystus Wallace, CEO

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early Christmas Gift: Khrystus Wallace Rated 2nd Top Motivational Speaker in Miramar - Florida

Khrystus Wallace, who is a member of, a business that researches and recommends Service Providers in particular areas has been rated as the 2nd Top Speaker in the Miramar - Florida - USA area.

His other ratings are:

2nd Most Reviewed Motivational Speaker
2nd Most Vetted Motivational Speaker
3rd Most Affordable Motivational Speaker
3rd Most Popular Motivational Speaker


Wallace registered this particular speaking service under his Supply Shop Inc Business in Florida in 2010 when he started it. It took 2 years of continuous writings, videos, inspirational pieces, constant social media updates before rising to that level.

Khrystus commented, "This is an early God Sent Christmas Gift For Me! If I don't receive anything else, this rating covers it all as I plan to go all out and global from 2013 with my Dare To Be Different Motivational Programs, Speeches, Youth and Adult Events and Global Crusades too. 2013 is a big year for me personally and for us as a ministry because we turn 5. We plan to celebrate it from 1st January, 2013 - December, 31st 2013 and many of our team members will get to travel the Caribbean and The World with us to do ministry, crusades, and help me host empowerment and training sessions etc. We are most excited and have no doubt in our minds that God will provide."

The public endorsement online lists and and The Caribbean's Auction Site - among Wallace's Most Inspirational Websites.

The website features Wallace's July 2012 Featured Graduation Address at The Beach Allen Primary School - St. Kitts titled: Choice Not Chance Determines Your Destiny.  It links back to Wallace's YouTube TV with other motivational addresses, Sermons, Dramas etc. also follows and monitors all of its clients Social Media Accounts to see their updates and contributions to society before it publicly recognizes them or rates them.

Wallace is also DOJ Smart Search verified. This means he has passed all of the below tests and scrutiny.

  • Professional License

    We verify service pro's license with the state's licensing authority's database if he/she provides that information to Thumbtack.
  • DOJ Smart Screen

    We check to ensure each service provider is not a sexual offender using the Department of Justice's comprehensive, nationwide registry.
  • National Criminal Check

    We screen service pros through Acxiom Information Security Services' national criminal database of more than 600 million criminal record files if the service pro requests a background check.
  • Thumbtack Review

    We carefully review each service profile to ensure that it meets our community standards.
  • Identity Verification

    We verify the following identity details when they are provided by service pros:
    Phone number
    Social security number
    Physical address
    Social media accounts
  • Community verification

    Thumbtack asks former clients to evaluate a service professionals quality of work, timeliness and professionalism.

Wallace concluded by saying, "I believe one of the keys to becoming a great speaker is to be as open about one's personal life as possible. It helps people to relate to you, see you as a real person with challenges and struggles too and not some big perfect SUPERSTAR.  It is also nice to have gone through a challenge, or challenges and show how you overcame or are overcoming. So, like Job, Like Daniel, Like Peter, Like Paul, Like Joseph, God has allowed me to pass through many challenges in my life as preparation for a great future speaking Career. The Greatest Speakers always have a personal story. 

Wallace particularly likes sharing about being taken before a church board and ridiculed for accepting many invitations to preach and spread the gospel and having to resign from Children's Director at age 21 at a former church and start Dare 2 Be Different International -, a ministry that has grown to impact the world in 4 short years using the technology. He said he is MOST  GRATEFUL for this happening, because had he not been ridiculed, he would have just probably been a regular church goer impacting a few individuals. Wallace publicly thanked those involved for their promotion assistance and helping him with a testimony by their actions."

Wallace is available to speak for gospel, business and other events as well as youth rallies, revivals, crusades etc around the GLOBE. He is superb in Conducting His Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Business Labs Workshops. Unlike regular business labs workshops, Wallace ensures that each participant leaves with a workable idea that is ready to implement, a WEBSITE, A FEW PRINTED SHIRTS, BUSINESS CARDS and FREE MARKETING CAPABILITIES via his ministry.

As a youth advocate, he is passionate about taking this program around the world, along with many other of his Dare 2 Be Different Ministry Projects, and is always willing to accept invitations especially to conduct this type of Business Empowerment Workshop.

Khrystus 'NEVER  GIVE  UP" Wallace's story of starting his first business selling gooseberries in Primary School to charging 50 cents to air a bicycle wheel to ordering a pack of 12 heat press papers on EBAY.COM and printing for his friends at age 13 and growing his business into by age 26 is always a lot of inspiration to his audiences and he usually leaves each speaking session with new clients who draw close to him wanting more after session empowerment and a closer relationship.

Quite different to most speakers, after speaking events or during the day while invited to preach overseas crusades, he is available and willing to help write business plans, teach online marketing, business skills, share ideas, teach website design, graphics design, screen printing, embroidery, heat press, banners and signs, trophies and awards, promotional item printing, help individuals, church members, pastors, ministers publish their books and cds Online, sell and market them online, teach businesses and ministries how to effectively use the internet to boost their organization, where to shop online for deals, equipment etc  and so much more that he knows. Wallace is always willing to use his 9 years of customer discounts and relationships to help new businesses get started when he is invited around the globe.

Wallace said that the Federation individuals and organizations had 26 years to use him and only a few tapped in for help while so many others stayed away from God-Sent Help.. He said he considers those that came as ministry partners and will continue to help them because they jumped on board as partners. He will only be conducting his ministry empowerment events and taking overseas invitations as he believes that it is now time to help his current outside ministries, establish more ministries and empower other global followers who haven't had access to him.

Youth artistes, preachers and ministry folks form around the world are registering with Dare 2 Be Different International to be their manager, event planner, promoter. This new partnership will allow them opportunities to travel with Wallace around the world to minister and market their talents. As partners, Dare 2 Be Different International gives each artiste a free webpage, plans global concerts for them, sends them across its global ministries to minister at concerts, plans open airs, youth crusades for its youth preachers that are usually kept back in different countries, helps each youth artiste bring out their own line of clothes and memorabilia which include keyrings, mugs, pens, mousepads, etc and shows them how they can actually make a living from their talents

Youth artistes from Florida, New York, The Bahamas and St. Kitts have already taken on this offer.

Truly, booking Khrystus Wallace to travel to your island around the world, would not be a waste. You would definitely get more than a motivational speech, you'll get a package that Universities would charge you thousands in Tuition from The Multi-Talented Man of God that was lent to earth for such a time as this.

Email: to book Khrystus Wallace and/or his Dare 2 Be Different Team.


Dear Dare 2 Be Different International Global Follower,

The fact that you either opened this email, read this blog or opened this CNN iReport, means that you have some interest in the current political situation in the small 68 square mile island of St. Kitts - Nevis.

I would not use this forum to get into any details and publicly support any political party. Simply search the internet to find out what is going on in one of the smallest islands in the world.

My spirit led me to stop my business doings call upon my local team  and global team and following around the world to PRAY.

President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International - 26 year old Khrystus Wallace

There are no two ways about it. I smell DANGER, CONFUSION, AND  BOWELS  OF  ANGER  AND  HATE around this Christmas Season 2012. Unless those who fully believe that GOD  IS  STILL  WELL  ABLE - begin to make a DIFFERENCE  and PRAY, we cannot be certain what to expect.

Dare 2 Be Different International refuses to sit back idly as God's Global 21st Century Mouthpiece when we are at such a critical time in our Nation's History. We will pray and continue to call for PEACE among our Politicians and Peoples.

Sis Patricia Sampson - Dare 2 Be Different's Global Prayer and Intercessory Director will function in her capacity tonight at 8pm at our Dare 2 Be Different International Hub at Boyds - St. Kitts.

Church Leaders and Christians are invited to be apart. If you can't join us, we will again lead the way with technology in ministry. We will be using a conference line to connect the world and keep folks praying. This conference line  dial-in number: (559) 726-1200 and can only accomodate 1000 persons at any given time.

For callers joining the conference call using Skype, first add 'freeconferencing.5597261200'  At the scheduled date and time of the conference call, Skype callers will select the contact and click Call. Next, they will locate the key pad and enter the access code when prompted. 

TO  GET ACCESS  CODE  TO  PARTICIPATE:  Email:  or  BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3  or TEXT: 869-664-0911

We are rallying our established Dare 2 Be Different International Branch Directors to gather your teams and pray for the Political Situation in St. Kitts - Nevis and around the Caribbean. For our incoming directors in 2013 in THE USA, UK, GERMANY, The Philippines, Bahamas, Antigua, India and Pakistan, we kindly ask you to pray too and if you can, join us at 8pm EST on Tuesday, 11th December, 2012 online at:


WE  ARE  CALLING  UPON  EVERY  BORN  AGAIN  BELIEVER  - Let's put barriers of DENOMINATIONS  ASIDE  AND  CALL  UPON  OUR  GOD - We refuse to have a similar EGYPT  uprising in one of the small nations on earth


James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Will Your Child Be At Brother Khrystus' Dare To Be Different Christmas Party 2012?


Friend, after our first party in December 2008, we stopped advertising. After a parent contacted us this year and asked about our yearly party, she said that she didn't think it was fair only let some know and not others when Dare 2 Be Different has such a massive St. Kitts - Nevis following.

She said that our following should not just receive somethings and not others and demanded that every knows about ALL events. I tried to tell her to follow us on FACEBOOK and she had a point, everyone isn't into facebook. So I got her verdict LOUD  and CLEAR. You'll know about ALL our EVENTS from now on.

As President, please accept my apologies and I promise to let you know of ALL events moving forward and just prepare to cater for bigger numbers each time.  (But note - we're an active YOUTH  MINISTRY - so we ALWAYS have something going on to help keep youths occupied 7 days a week - just ask. We can't advertise everything until we build our Multi-Million Dollar Mission Centre)

SORRY  AGAIN. . . . .SO. . . .HERE  GOES!!!!!

Will Your Child Be At Khrystus' Dare To Be Different Christmas Party 2012? Every Year It Just Seems To Get Better and Better and more fun indeed.

Venue:           Dare 2 Be Different Club House - Boyds - St. Kitts

Contact:         869-664-0911 / BB PIN: 220067D8 / Email:

Date:              15th December, 2012

Time:              1pm Until. . . .    (FROM  AGE  4 - Don't worry we have plenty of adult help and plus 20 Year Child Veteran Specialist - Mrs. Yvette Wallace on hand with activities for the children)

Activities:        Bouncing Castles, Computer Games, Nintendoes, Sack Races, Pictures With Cartoon Characters, Fun With Santa, Videos, Karaoke, Pony Rides, Pinatas, Obstacle Races, Prizes and Much, Much More with ALOTTA - ALOTTA SNACKS AND FOOD AND DRINKS.

Children NEVER WANT TO LEAVE - Each year they cry and cry and cry to not leave. We just know how to keep youths happy

Cost:              EC$25 to attend and not receive a gift  or $50 and receive a gift

Payment Methods: 
Online using debit / credit card on  or
Send To Paypal Email: or
Make Payment at Boyds Office

We've been hosting this MEGA  PARTY  SINCE  WE  WERE  FOUNDED IN 2008 - This year is our 5th Party

See 1% of our Pictures from two previous parties

Brother Khrystus having fun with Children after Sunshine Corner on Sundays in 2012

                           Don't Say We Didn't Tell You!

We Enjoy Leading The Way in planning and executing the most creative, innovative, fun, down to earth events as a Gospel Organization around the Caribbean. Finally - there's a group that has added LIFE to MINISTRY.

We know how to present CHRIST  to  CHILDREN  by doing what Jesus would have done - A  WHOLE  LOT  OF  GOOD!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

No Charge For Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Press - NO CHARGE FOR PRINTING

Breaking News! Spread the word! No charge for prints at during December 2012. No charge for screen printing, embroidery, heat press. Just bring your shirts and give a reasonable donation to Dare 2 Be Different International - We're open until 10pm this season. We pickup at a fee. 664-0911 \ BB PIN: 220067D8 \ Email your order to;

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Only Mouth? Mount Carmel Baptist Complex & Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre in the works

Mount Carmel Baptist Complex & Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre (2 Multi-Million Dollar Gospel Projects) to bring FRESH HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT AND INSPIRATION to the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis - Over 600 permanent jobs on the way and construction jobs at these complexes to empower families and bring smiles to faces again soon. (Details in Report Below)

We're proud to be the Most Active Ministries in The Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis Working for You and Empowering Youths Positively in the Process

As I walked up a particular hill in my community promoting my service and letting my fellow villagers know that they can come by my home, - which I now call The Dare 2 Be Different Club House to order items such as clothes, electronics, home appliances, vehicle parts etc up until 10pm nightly and also patronize The New Dare 2 Be Different Snackette, I was violently approached by some dogs.

They rushed out of the yard at me, barking and making advances and strangely enough, I wasn't scared, so I just continued walking. They barked and snapped, barked and snapped until I passed safely through. This caused me to think to myself that all these dogs had was only mouth - NO ACTION. As I continued walking and thinking about that statement, that reminded me of so many people and organizations across my homeland, the Caribbean Region and the world. With regards to implementing and executing creative, innovative, creative, up to date youth activities and events, all they seem to have is MOUTH. You hear them in board meetings, on the radio, on the platform, in small groups. ALL  MOUTH - NO ACTION.

When God gave me the commission to move on and establish Dare 2 Be Different International in June 2008, his instructions and plans to me were clear. The other day, I took some of my team members to my Studio Office to show them that nearly everything that we are currently doing now and have planned for the future was being documented and given to me since 2003 - 5 years before we actually launched. In one of my documentations, it was outlined years ago that I would suffer first in life and in ministry before I come out triumphant so that I too can have a PAUL-LIKE  TESTIMONY.

They were all amazed as I went through folders and books dated years back with the vision for a ministry that I knew God would lead me to start. I ensured that I showed them where every God Given Vision safely was so that in the event I die, the work could still go on. I also told them that nearly all my ideas and visions for Dare 2 Be Different for the next 25 years are carefully documented in my over 350 articles all over the internet. One of the clear instructions that I received from God was NOT  TO  BE  LIKE  OTHERS and ONLY  HAVE  MOUTH,  BUT  TO  HAVE  MOUTH  AND  YIELD  RESULTS and empower global team members to ensure continuity.

Due to our team's dedication, committment, service and support from MAINLY poor, (not the middle class or rich - but the POOR,) God is blessing and using our ministry to not only impact St. Kitts - Nevis, but the Caribbean and the world. In 4 short years, Dare 2 Be Different International has done what many ministries 10 years old, 20 years old and 50 years old haven't done. We have clearly followed our God Given mandate and remained firm above constant criticism from many, including Pastors who tell their congregations not to support anything we are doing.

We have remained steadfast and now clearly lead the way in Gospel Ministry across the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis and soon we would be able to say, across the Caribbean Region and the world.

We not only had MOUTH - we exercised our God given faith and TOOK  ACTION. God blessed the efforts our our team members, especially the four youths who started and didn't stop supporting and worked hard during our first 4 years and we are certainly impacting the world.

As you read this message, around the world, this Christmas Season and you are wondering and searching for a Gospel Youth Charity that isn't just taking and taking and taking, but giving back out of the little it has - then consider Dare 2 Be Different International -

Note: It doesn't have to be money! That is the least. It can be clothes, shoes, food, electronics, home appliances, toys, games, books, chairs, speakers, computers, etc etc. What ever God lays on your heart - GIVE. Email us for shipping or mailing instructions -

Remember - it's not just the St. Kitts - Nevis Branch at or

We have our St. Vincent and The Grenadines Branch -  and our Kenya Branch -  and our Ghana Branch -

We already have the youths and we are working on building websites and organizing the launch of our braches in The UK, Florida, New York, India and Pakistan.

This Christmas Season is a great time to give and support. We DON'T  JUST  TALK - Dare 2 Be Different Acts and shows our results to the world so you can see that we are an honest working charity.

Let's run down about 2% of what we've done in four short years and having browsed our blogs, websites and pictures for yourself, we pray and trust that you'll consider becoming a Global One Time or Monthly Monetary Donor or Goods Donor for any of our Dare 2 Be Different International branches around the world. The sitting Directors would love to have you on board.

And now, let's examine some of the work we've done during our 4 short years of existence. June 2008 - November 2012

* Our organization started out as a Youth Organization in one of the smallest countries on the globe - 68 square mile St. Kitts in the Caribbean, but has grown to now empower both Youths and Adults around the WORLD.

* We've officially established 4 working organizations around the world.
Dare 2 Be Different International St. Kitts - Nevis:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - St. Vincent & The Grenadines:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - Ghana:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - Kenya:

* We share 5% of what we do on our Facebook Page. See Pictures and Posts galore:
* We're continuously planting Dare 2 Be Differents and Victory Centres around the globe when Christian Youths Contact Us:

* We're ensuring that no youth who is called by God around the world is ever victimized or schemingly kept back by Pastors who don't want them to rise, so from January 2013, we'll be helping Youths plant Internet Victory Centres in as many countries around the world - similiar to the first one planted by Founder Khrystus Wallace - which has a global listenership at each service and allows the world to attend church 24-7 / 365 days a year.

* We'll be organizing open airs, crusades, concerts and events that will allow youths across our global organizations to exchange pulpits, host concerts and events in each others countries. This will always ensure that our youth preachers are always used, our musicans, dramatists, singers, missionaries get the exposure and opportunties to do missions in each other's districts.

* We adopted The Mount Carmel Baptist Church - St. Kitts - . Therefore as we work on The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Project, The Mount Carmel Baptist Complex will be in the works too. Both complexes would be identical. According to Architectural Projections by: GHW ARCHITECTS INC - P O Box 1141 - Basseterre - St. Kitts (869-466-3797 / 869-760-3571 / 869662-3571), Each complex will have a 21st Century Sanctuary and the capability to seat between 500 - 1000 individuals, a club house, commercial area / mini mall so our members can have their businesses and offices, 1 to 2 factories that will export and keep members always employed, a tennis court, basketball court, mini shops and football / cricket field.

As God provides, the current Mount Carmel Baptist Sanctuary will be turned into a Fundraising Initiative. Inside will hold a state of the art GOSPEL  AUDITORIUM that will also be used as a Gospel Cinema and the large yard will be fenced and the wall used to faciliate the Federation's 1st Drive in Theatre.

The duo project was pitched to investors recently and created much excitement as they commented that they finally found a Gospel Organization that wasn't just concerned about TAKING, but also giving back and empowering its members. (Special Thanks to GHW Architects for such an outstanding graphical presentation. We now continue praying and working) Investors want Dare 2 Be Different International to conduct a feasibility study to see the possibilities of constructing the Federation's 1st Christian Gated Community whether for middle class or high income earners locally, regionally or internationally and also explore the possibility of Investors Getting St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment if they partner with the project.

If approved, The Mount Carmel Baptist Complex and The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre will go down in The Federation's History as the first Gospel Based Projects to be approved for the Citizenship by Investment Opportunity.

The Dare 2 Be Different International Team, with little resources, has been doing all this with little help, and just with the God given talent of its small group.

See more - -  -

* We adopted The Tyrell Williams Primary School and we're actively involved -

* We encourage the world by writing Hope Devotionals on - see over 250 of them all over the web.

* We've built and we're working on promoting our Internet Radio Station and TV Station - or watching our TV -

* This Don't Give Up Video Presentation is impacting the world every where that has it

*Drama Team: We do ministry dramas and fun dramas - This drama has the world shaking -

It's impossible to tell you about our other 20+ websites / blogs out there in this entry. Simply search "Dare 2 Be Different International" or "Kerese Dias" or "Lemercius Wallace" or "Joy Codrington"


Paypal Donation Email:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tribute to Dare 2 Be Different Donors - The Poor Continue To Keep Us Going - See Who Some Are - THANK YOU

Soooo many times we miss out on our FUTURE BLESSINGS because we didn't sow 1st Seeds. On behalf of Dare 2 Be Different International -, we pay special recognition to the few persons who have supported our ministry over its 4 years of Existence.

To the elderly gentleman from St. Peters - St. Kitts who heard me preach my first crusade in August 2008 (still online on our website) to launch my ministry and wrote the first check ever in our Ministry's Name to open our account, we say THANKS.

I will look out for the youth in your family line and we'll remember to help and empower them. To the grandmother who called me on the phone and said, I can't be sending offerings overseas to big ministries when someone 10 minutes away from me is doing so much for youth and everyone can see and getting no support.

To the RASTAFARIAN farming father who brought his children along with some herbs from his garden to season the meats, and gives them something to help in the kitchen each time they come to a function, I say thanks.

To the mother who sent some cupcake cups and the next mother who read an email at work and called me down the road to collect some flour to make some pizza for the children - Thank you. 

To the first youth around the globe to ever sow a seed ONLINE, from the small Caribbean Island of Nevis - Thank you. Your encouragement and commendation for being so young meant alot. Confessing that you couldn't see and read about all the work we were doing and not give a little financial suport online - we cherish those words.

To the mother who called me by her home and gave some koolaid and sunquick. THANK YOU.

To those adults who give clothing and items towards our overseas missions - WE SAY THANKS.

To the young lady who took the time out to write a letter of encouragement to our ministry one Christmas and enclosed a love gift - that was the only seed sown for the entire year - we used that to treat some children who wouldn't have had a great Christmas had you not given. MAY God cause an overflow to fall on your life as you not only looked on, but you saw the importance of giving to a ministry that is WORKING for youth. THANK YOU!

To the student at my Entrepreneurship Class at a high school in - St. Kitts, who came up to me after my session was ended and was about to leave and and said, "Mr. Wallace, you have so much hope and put so much energy into us as rejects and 4th Form School Leavers. I don't know how to say thanks, but please, please, please take this dollar. I appreciate your hard work with youths everywhere. I listen to all your radio programs and follow everything you do on Facebook."

To those who text me or call me daily or send me an email or blackberry message: BB PIN: 220067D8 just to see how I am doing - That keeps me going. To those who call me to pray or who tell me that they keep praying for me, my team and ministry - your prayer keeps me going.

When I lay in my bed at nights, tears run down my cheeks, especially to see how Dare 2 Be Different has no MAJOR SUPPORTERS, just POOR people (not middle class) But poor people, seeing the GOOD and supporting.

When I lay relax, it thrills my heart to browse through the many pictures on our Ministry's Facebook Page - and see how the children and youth we impact are always smiling or busy doing something creative.
Even when I get discouraged for the lack of support and the willingness to do more, but lack resources, I never can seem to stop as I remember the four year olds who always grab my pant and shirt and cry when ever I say "It's home time."

I know one day, my mission centre dream will become reality.

Donors - you mean the world to me. I hold you a special place in my heart simply because you are not rich, but like the the woman in the Bible who gave out of her little, you remind me of her and may FAVOUR  FOLLOW  YOU  ALWAYS  from tonight and may you not be able to comprehend the BLESSINGS that will rush to your doorstep and fall on your children. May you be healed, may your children grow to love the lord and know for sure that as FIRST  SOWERS, you and your children always get FREE  COMPUTER  CLASSES, FREE  ATTENDANCE  AT  ALL  EVENTS now and in the FUTURE. Free access to training sessions, free access to many of our services - SIMPLY  BECAUSE  YOU  GAVE.


How can I ever employ and empower other folks before you and your children, when you SOWED 1st during our 4 years of existence.

To the three youths that have stuck with me, my brother Lemercius B-Major Wallace, Kerese Dias and Joy Codrington Thomas, alot of what we do wouldn't happen without you.

Please take some time out to sit and reflect on all that we have done in 4 short years because we STUCK  WITH  IT.  God is going to reward us all - Do Not Give Up! We still have a long way to go.

You prefer the background alot, but I want t to tell the world, that YOU MAKE THE THINGS HAPPEN - HURRAY to background workers.

To our new addition of 8 members - (Sherma Hanley, Patricia Sampson, Jefferson Wallace, Yvette Wallace, Amal Wilkin, Dwight Berridge, Tracy Chapman, Nicole Green,) thank you for accepting to join a team that has an aim to build the kingdom of God and impact the world. God is going to bless you indeed. CHEERS

Interestingly enough, we are a group of twelve - 12. I think it is then safe to say that we are The 21st Century Disciples

Contact RON: 1 - 2 Day Shipping From the USA to SKN This Christmas and onwards via

Everything happens for a reason at the RIGHT SEASON - Time does indeed heal all wounds and perseverance yields results. We're always working on some background miracle to make things BETTER.

The young man who was the backbone of  KVK's Nevis Office has now relocated to the Big City - NEW YORK - USA and has partnered with The Supply Shop Inc - a USA sister business of to make life so much better for  clients and Global Dare 2 Be Different International Registered  Platinum members  ONLY.

Ron Weekes was employed at KVK NEVIS shortly after its opening. He knows the ins and outs of the printing business and is an expert customer service rep, salesman and broker. Shop and Ship SKN - clients and Dare 2 Be Different Registered club members can now ship directly to The Supply Shop's New York Address where Ron Weekes - Nevisian works. The Supply Shop Inc -  has organized to get shipments leaving Ron's office everyday bound to St. Kitts - Nevis during this busy holiday season to ensure that there are absolutely no delays.

Registered Customers and Members can begin shipping immediately to:

520 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn
New York, 11221

St. Kitts - Nevis Dare 2 Be Different Platinum Club members will now be able to get certain locally produced products into The Supply Shop Inc (FLORIDA) and (NEW YORK) market for the Christmas Season and a page will be added to  (Such products include locally produced bread, cakes, crafts, t-shirts, designs, Christmas gifts for relatives etc)

Shop and Ship SKN - now allows EXPRESS  OUTBOUND  shipments from St. Kitts - Nevis and the Caribbean. It's Shop and Ship Clients and Platinum Members anywhere across the world can simply prepare their packages from home, email or call Dare 2 Be De Different International, and its relationship with several couriers will allow an agent to pick up packages at their home and office.

Clients will be able to instantly pay Shop and Ship Online at  or Dare 2 Be Different at  via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card,, Googlepay etc.

Ron commented, "The Supply Shop Inc is making life so much easier for our customers and platinum members. To NOT be apart of our network will mean you will be instantly losing out. I'm in The Big City, I am right where the deals are. I can walk into stores and shop for you for what ever you want. Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Furniture, Washing Machines, etc etc.  I can ship OCEAN  or AIR. That's what technology has done, made the world a much smaller place. I recommend AIR EXPRESS  SHIPPING  through during this Holiday season though, so that's what I'll be PUSHING. I lived in St. Kitts - Nevis all my life and to come out and see the prices here tells me that our stores can do better. Here's how to shop for your Christmas gifts this season. Go into a local store, take a picture of what you want or get the details, email them to me at, I'll quote you along with shipping and customs and you'll make your decision from there. You can also go to Khrystus or Joy at KVK and they can help you up to 10pm nightly."

Ron has advised Shop and Ship Customers and Dare 2 Be Different Platinum Club Members to contact via his email:  or through his web portal -

Through Ron's Web Portal -, customers can place their orders and pay or request Ron at The Supply Shop Inc in the USA to research pricing. He can arrange shipping of a 3 lb pallet, a D-Container, a Barrel or a 20 or 40 foot container filled with what ever you want and technology allows you to stay from your computer and do all of that.

For larger transactions, Caribbean Customers can wire payments for quotations directly to Ron at The Supply Shop and he can get equipment, supplies etc over to different Caribbean Countries.

Khrystus Wallace, CEO of ended by saying, "Technology, technology, technology. Before you buy anything this Christmas in St. Kitts - Nevis or around the Caribbean, email Ron at  or email: or BB PIN: 220067D8 to get a quotation. We want you to know that our offices will be open until 10pm all through the entire Christmas Season to accomate locals and regionals to come into their office and place their orders. We will research the best brands, best deals, quote you on shipping costs and tell you how much customs will be so you can decide whether you want to order it or buy it in your land. We'll definitely be making the difference because our shipments will be leaving NEW  YORK  EVERYDAY and has a 1 day or 2 day transit time to St. Kitts - Nevis and other Caribbean Islands. We have tested it with a few folks before launching and can GUARANTEE IT"

Visit the Shop and Ship Air Express Portal at: to place an order or clear an invoice.

To get access to our shipping services, sign up as a member of Shop and Ship Online at: or sign up to be a Dare 2 Be Different Monthly Platinum Member at 

Shop and Ship SKN & The Supply Shop Inc will only be providing information to registered customers about packages. Management and Staff will not take responsibility for lost / rejected packages of NON-Customers & Members who allow others to use their account without prior approval.

SHIPPING  RATES - AIR to St. Kitts - Nevis

US$7.36/EC$20  -  for the first three (3) pounds.
US$1.84 /EC$5.00   -  for each additional pound after the first three (3) pounds
US$1 for every US$100 value

Shop And Ship Customers that signed up since the inception of Shop and Ship SKN in 2010-2012 get 1 Free Package up to 3 lbs shipped via Ron's Supply Shop Office in New York this season as KVK's, The Supply Shop and Dare 2 Be Different's gift to them. (SOMETHING  THAT  NO  OTHER  LOCAL  SHIPPING  AGENT  EVER  DOES)

Khrystus Wallace used the opportunity to apologize to folks around the world who haven't received email updates in a while. He encouraged them to follow him, his ministry and company on Facebook because while they only get one article via email, dozens of articles are posted weekly.

Ron Weekes will be constantly providing information to the offices to post on blogs, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc to constantly keep Caribbean Clients up to date with the great prices and so he can purchase and ship via

To follow USA deals, pricing and get more interesting information, keep following these facebook pages.

Ron Weekes, who has agreed to be the President of Dare 2 Be Different - NEW YORK will be opening and launching it in January  2013. He is expected to continue spreading the ministry's Youth Impact Activities in The Big City and work with two other USA CITIZEN youths who will be also launching Dare 2 Be Different (FLORIDA) in January 2013 too


Contact Numbers:

US  LINE: 1-786-401-4016

LOCAL: 869-664-0911

BB PIN: 220067D8

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department
Internet Radio  -

Internet TV -

Friday, November 23, 2012

Global Youth Charity Telethon - Radiothon - Victory Raise - Impacting Tomorrow's Leaders

The Dare 2 Be Different 1st Ever Victory Raise - Telethon - Radiothon has finally been uploaded to Youtube for the world to see and hear and participate and support. Make time to listen it straight through. Or listen part and come back later to listen the other part. The blessing comes in WATCHING / LISTENING ALL of it. People are being empowered, people are changing their minds from suicide, young and older women are turning away from prostituting, relationships are being restored, MOST  IMPORTANTLY - people are getting SAVED.

God radically used Brother Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder of the ministry to bless, empower and lead dozens to Christ around the world. Those who watch Dare 2 Be Different Internet TV - around the world didn't miss it. (We give full rights to all media houses, radio and tv around the globe to carry this on their stations. This is your donation to help us reach more. BE  BLESSED  AND  SHARE -

Dare 2 Be Different Victory Raise

Contact Numbers & 24-7 Prayer Lines: 1-869-765-7270  or 1-869-664-0911. If You don’t get an answer, leave a message and we’ll call back. As president, I aim to touch base and stay in contact with all my ministry supporters, so you’ll hear my voice her in the media and rest assured that I’ll call you, maintain contact with you via email or BlackBerry or WhatsApp.

BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8    WhatsApp: 1-869-663-0114

Give Instantly now through Paypal:

Give instantly now with your debit / credit card on

Address in USA:

Dare 2 Be Different Int’l
c/o Khrystus Wallace
2221 NE 164th Street Suite 304
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160

Address in Caribbean:

Dare 2 Be Different Int’l
c/o Khrystus Wallace
P O Box 2310
St. Kitts

Areas you can support:

Youth Department:  Education, Youth Events, Training, Business Empowerment Workshops, Tokens

Adult Department: Education, Parental Workshops, Entrepreneurship Training, Empowerment

Ministry of Helps: We spend much of our times and resources HELPING  OTHERS and we are proud to report that we are the gospel organization that stands out and leads the way with HELPING in St. Kitts – Nevis.

You don’t have to sow money – there are a lot of other things you can give. Go to  - Click on Wish List  and send us an email and we’ll provide you with a USA or St. Kitts ship to address.

St. Kitts & USA are distribution points to send items to our different centres and we appreciate your help

Food, Chairs, Tents, Bouncing Castles, Clothes, Gifts, Projectors, Computers (New or Used)

Our Ministering Websites – We’re using the Technology to Impact The World and it’s working

June 2008 until now – Over 250 Encouraging Devotionals – The Caribbean’s Virtual Church – The Youths Get to Ask Questions – We Recognize People Making An Impact

We want a Dare 2 Be Different International or a Victory Centre Church in every country on every continent. That is the Vision and Mission that God would have given us. So, if you are a Christian Youth in your country and you feel the call of God to be one of the individuals to establish either our organization or church in your country, stop what you’re doing RIGHT  NOW and email:  and we’ll get in contact with you!

Khrystus was only 21 years old in June 2008 when God told him to start Dare 2 Be Different International

Dare 2 Be Different International Media Department
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Internet Radio - 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different International launches CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT - Putting Youths To Work

Yet another creative idea by President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International -, Khrystus Wallace, the ministry launched its Construction Department, headed by Mr. Nathaniel Williams, a ministry supporting member for over 12 months.

Wallace said during the brief launch, "I cannot continue to see my supporting members struggling without jobs, high electricity and high water bills, can't feed their family and sit back like other preachers and shepherds. I believe that's why God told us to name our ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International - because we MUST live up to our name and be different. Mr. Williams and I met less than 24 hours ago and I told him of my plans to empower our supporting members and he was well on board. I then gave him two plans to get estimates for to not only put HIM to work, but other of our supporting members. I do believe this is what ministry should be about. Not just TAKING from people, but giving back too."

Individuals locally, regionally and internationally interested in building on their Real Estate Lands St. Kitts - Nevis or interested in Renovating can visit Dare 2 Be Different's Construction Portal at:

By using our Construction Department, you immediately support Dare 2 Be Different, empower fathers and put our supporting young people to work.

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department
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Internet Radio -