Monday, November 12, 2012

Will The Fight Down Ever End? Only a Miracle Will End It!

I don't think the global fight down will ever end.

When I joined the conversation a few days ago, I was literally stunned when I heard the general talk. I commented to myself - "Ohhhh My, this is why things would always remain hard for the poor and middle class and only a few middle class ever make it to the top."

No sooner than I joined the conversation, a gentleman, another small businessman, much older than I was though, shouted, "KVK - You think they like you? You think they like you? They after you too! Only a certain set of people suppose to rise in this country and dey going try everything to stop you and mek you fall. Look out for dem you know, look out and pray. Member dey went after Joseph too you know and it wasn't PEOPLE - it was his family. Watch out Wallace - Be on the Look Out! You doing alotta good and da mek people hate you more because they ain doing it and getting the glory."

I smiled and continued listening. I didn't say much, just listened. He continued.

"But you're a smart man. You smarter than all ahwe here put together here. Plus you got you technology and no one could keep you back. You only going suffer for a while, but you going reach de top still. Ahwe old brains going suffer forever unless when you get to de top you help us."

I smiled again and he continued.

"Let me give you the best peice of advice you ever could get." I listened keenly because I always like to take advice from older more mature heads most of the time. The gentleman continued.

"When you get to the top, mek sure you only help those who helped you in life. Put you foot on everybody else's head and keep dem down. Alotta dem who chatting you now, going to want come play nice boy and nice girl with you and goin want jobs in you firms. Don't give dem and don't give dey children or dey children either. Let dem suffer. Only help those who stay in you corner with you and support you in good times and bad. Look out for de hypocrites dem and when you reach the top, put you foot on dey head because dey were never in your corner."

I was totally shocked and amazed by his advice and responded this time and said, "But sir, we are commanded to do good to those who hurt us. Also, what did their children do to prevent them from getting employment in my firms in the future? Nothing!"

He got louder and said, "Nothing? Nothing? Somebody got to suffer. If they parents ain alive to suffer, they children and children's children got to suffer. I know you're a preacherman and you know your Bible. When dey came up against DANIEL - who was a GODMAN too, what God did with the people who came up against him and they family who ain do nothing? He ain KILL all of dem? People could mess with ahwe, but dey ain to trouble GOD PEOPLE. As ole as you see me here, me from de ole school, nuh matter wah bad God people doing, me does lef dem for HE deal wid. Me don't wash me mouth pon dem at all. Why you tink me a live so long? Me lef God people dem loan."

"You tink is sick, people sick why dem a die young? ---- Some-a-dem wouldn't tek dey mount off of God People so dem could live long like me. So He a kill dem. Me old enough Wallace. Me done see alot happen. You a do a good ting for de youths and no mine you struggles, you going reach very, very, very far in life still and many uh dem who a tark you now, going need you in de future. A might not be alive to see it, but you going member my words. And if I alive and see you helping dem, I going come right in you company and talk loud and tell you what some uh dem use to say round dis bar here. But nuh help dem - Mine You - Nuh Help Dem. A Dun Talk."

What a talk. My eyes were opened to several things as I walked away.

1. This is why the fight down would never end because people hold up alot within them from their past and victimize the loved-ones of those who hurt them.

2. I really wondered if it was dangerous to help those who hurt me and their families in the future, especially after the gentleman reminded me of how God usually suffers those who come up against those he has CALLED.

I had to conclude, that if many people follow this gentleman's thinking, which seems to be the world's thinking, there is very little HOPE that the Fight Down Will Ever End.

Just My Thoughts! (So. . . .are you being suffered and deprived a job now because of something your mother or grandfather or aunt did? Are they holding back a loan or land or something because of something your dad did? We must always do our best to treat everyone GOOD - because this could lead to serious repercussions in the future, as everyone doesn't think like me.)

Your thoughts - is it ETHICAL or UNETHICAL to only hire persons and family members who helped me and supported me through thick and thin?

Is it ETHICAL or UNETHICAL to only advertise work within my network and hire and work with persons and family members who support my ministry Dare 2 Be Different International?

Is it fair? Is it Godly?

Also, would it be fair and Godly, to publicize job offers and hire those who didn't support my business or ministry while those that supported are out of jobs and their family struggling?

LIFE. . . . DECISIONS . . .

But then again, the Bible does encourage SHEPHERDS to teach and look after their sheep and followers -Proverbs 27:23  and 1st Peter 5:2. That is exactly why he put shepherds in different places at different times to lead flocks of different sizes. I believe EACH  TRUE  PASTOR is to equip his flock well with the word and then creatively EMPOWER them in every aspect of their life so that they never feel discouraged or regret that they are not apart of another gathering, especially if they would have wasted their life away and wasn't used to their fullest potential.

 So, the gentleman is partially right. I must look after those who follow me and lookout for me. That is God's Instructions to ALL SHEPHERDS - Look after their own sheep. Not aim to look after other sheep while your sheep suffer. Jesus was the best example. He went back to look for 1 even though he had the 99.

What I do not agree with is the suggestion to try and keep others down. That is totally not my job and I would never take it on at all.

Soooooo - I'm going to DEFINITELY look after MY  SHEEP. No maybes about that!

Khrystus Wallace

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