Saturday, November 17, 2012

God is Angry - Sign 10 by Khrystus Wallace

God is Angry: Pastors & Churches now have members intimidated and cowed to speak out against any wrong. A mother told me this week that high MARRIED MAN member - close to her pastor in her local church in St. Kitts - Nevis was troubling her underage daughter. The Pastor Shouted after the matured mother and condemned her for speaking out against WRONG and then he preached a sermon titled - FORGIVE and FORGET the following Sunday after the meeting.

Nobody should ever have to come to talk to our ministry about something so SERIOUS and PLAIN like that. That is a CRIME. The member did the right thing to go to the pastor first instead of going to the police to report the gentleman and get him arrested. Imagine she got that type of response from the pastor. What is our world coming too? Have you ever gotten a response like that from your pastor too? Is it right?

(NOTE: When Noah Spoke - No One Listened! Will you be in God's path of destruction when he MOVES? Will you not listen too?)

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