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Only Mouth? Mount Carmel Baptist Complex & Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre in the works

Mount Carmel Baptist Complex & Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre (2 Multi-Million Dollar Gospel Projects) to bring FRESH HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT AND INSPIRATION to the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis - Over 600 permanent jobs on the way and construction jobs at these complexes to empower families and bring smiles to faces again soon. (Details in Report Below)

We're proud to be the Most Active Ministries in The Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis Working for You and Empowering Youths Positively in the Process

As I walked up a particular hill in my community promoting my service and letting my fellow villagers know that they can come by my home, - which I now call The Dare 2 Be Different Club House to order items such as clothes, electronics, home appliances, vehicle parts etc up until 10pm nightly and also patronize The New Dare 2 Be Different Snackette, I was violently approached by some dogs.

They rushed out of the yard at me, barking and making advances and strangely enough, I wasn't scared, so I just continued walking. They barked and snapped, barked and snapped until I passed safely through. This caused me to think to myself that all these dogs had was only mouth - NO ACTION. As I continued walking and thinking about that statement, that reminded me of so many people and organizations across my homeland, the Caribbean Region and the world. With regards to implementing and executing creative, innovative, creative, up to date youth activities and events, all they seem to have is MOUTH. You hear them in board meetings, on the radio, on the platform, in small groups. ALL  MOUTH - NO ACTION.

When God gave me the commission to move on and establish Dare 2 Be Different International in June 2008, his instructions and plans to me were clear. The other day, I took some of my team members to my Studio Office to show them that nearly everything that we are currently doing now and have planned for the future was being documented and given to me since 2003 - 5 years before we actually launched. In one of my documentations, it was outlined years ago that I would suffer first in life and in ministry before I come out triumphant so that I too can have a PAUL-LIKE  TESTIMONY.

They were all amazed as I went through folders and books dated years back with the vision for a ministry that I knew God would lead me to start. I ensured that I showed them where every God Given Vision safely was so that in the event I die, the work could still go on. I also told them that nearly all my ideas and visions for Dare 2 Be Different for the next 25 years are carefully documented in my over 350 articles all over the internet. One of the clear instructions that I received from God was NOT  TO  BE  LIKE  OTHERS and ONLY  HAVE  MOUTH,  BUT  TO  HAVE  MOUTH  AND  YIELD  RESULTS and empower global team members to ensure continuity.

Due to our team's dedication, committment, service and support from MAINLY poor, (not the middle class or rich - but the POOR,) God is blessing and using our ministry to not only impact St. Kitts - Nevis, but the Caribbean and the world. In 4 short years, Dare 2 Be Different International has done what many ministries 10 years old, 20 years old and 50 years old haven't done. We have clearly followed our God Given mandate and remained firm above constant criticism from many, including Pastors who tell their congregations not to support anything we are doing.

We have remained steadfast and now clearly lead the way in Gospel Ministry across the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis and soon we would be able to say, across the Caribbean Region and the world.

We not only had MOUTH - we exercised our God given faith and TOOK  ACTION. God blessed the efforts our our team members, especially the four youths who started and didn't stop supporting and worked hard during our first 4 years and we are certainly impacting the world.

As you read this message, around the world, this Christmas Season and you are wondering and searching for a Gospel Youth Charity that isn't just taking and taking and taking, but giving back out of the little it has - then consider Dare 2 Be Different International -

Note: It doesn't have to be money! That is the least. It can be clothes, shoes, food, electronics, home appliances, toys, games, books, chairs, speakers, computers, etc etc. What ever God lays on your heart - GIVE. Email us for shipping or mailing instructions -

Remember - it's not just the St. Kitts - Nevis Branch at or

We have our St. Vincent and The Grenadines Branch -  and our Kenya Branch -  and our Ghana Branch -

We already have the youths and we are working on building websites and organizing the launch of our braches in The UK, Florida, New York, India and Pakistan.

This Christmas Season is a great time to give and support. We DON'T  JUST  TALK - Dare 2 Be Different Acts and shows our results to the world so you can see that we are an honest working charity.

Let's run down about 2% of what we've done in four short years and having browsed our blogs, websites and pictures for yourself, we pray and trust that you'll consider becoming a Global One Time or Monthly Monetary Donor or Goods Donor for any of our Dare 2 Be Different International branches around the world. The sitting Directors would love to have you on board.

And now, let's examine some of the work we've done during our 4 short years of existence. June 2008 - November 2012

* Our organization started out as a Youth Organization in one of the smallest countries on the globe - 68 square mile St. Kitts in the Caribbean, but has grown to now empower both Youths and Adults around the WORLD.

* We've officially established 4 working organizations around the world.
Dare 2 Be Different International St. Kitts - Nevis:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - St. Vincent & The Grenadines:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - Ghana:
Dare 2 Be Different International  - Kenya:

* We share 5% of what we do on our Facebook Page. See Pictures and Posts galore:
* We're continuously planting Dare 2 Be Differents and Victory Centres around the globe when Christian Youths Contact Us:

* We're ensuring that no youth who is called by God around the world is ever victimized or schemingly kept back by Pastors who don't want them to rise, so from January 2013, we'll be helping Youths plant Internet Victory Centres in as many countries around the world - similiar to the first one planted by Founder Khrystus Wallace - which has a global listenership at each service and allows the world to attend church 24-7 / 365 days a year.

* We'll be organizing open airs, crusades, concerts and events that will allow youths across our global organizations to exchange pulpits, host concerts and events in each others countries. This will always ensure that our youth preachers are always used, our musicans, dramatists, singers, missionaries get the exposure and opportunties to do missions in each other's districts.

* We adopted The Mount Carmel Baptist Church - St. Kitts - . Therefore as we work on The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Project, The Mount Carmel Baptist Complex will be in the works too. Both complexes would be identical. According to Architectural Projections by: GHW ARCHITECTS INC - P O Box 1141 - Basseterre - St. Kitts (869-466-3797 / 869-760-3571 / 869662-3571), Each complex will have a 21st Century Sanctuary and the capability to seat between 500 - 1000 individuals, a club house, commercial area / mini mall so our members can have their businesses and offices, 1 to 2 factories that will export and keep members always employed, a tennis court, basketball court, mini shops and football / cricket field.

As God provides, the current Mount Carmel Baptist Sanctuary will be turned into a Fundraising Initiative. Inside will hold a state of the art GOSPEL  AUDITORIUM that will also be used as a Gospel Cinema and the large yard will be fenced and the wall used to faciliate the Federation's 1st Drive in Theatre.

The duo project was pitched to investors recently and created much excitement as they commented that they finally found a Gospel Organization that wasn't just concerned about TAKING, but also giving back and empowering its members. (Special Thanks to GHW Architects for such an outstanding graphical presentation. We now continue praying and working) Investors want Dare 2 Be Different International to conduct a feasibility study to see the possibilities of constructing the Federation's 1st Christian Gated Community whether for middle class or high income earners locally, regionally or internationally and also explore the possibility of Investors Getting St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment if they partner with the project.

If approved, The Mount Carmel Baptist Complex and The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre will go down in The Federation's History as the first Gospel Based Projects to be approved for the Citizenship by Investment Opportunity.

The Dare 2 Be Different International Team, with little resources, has been doing all this with little help, and just with the God given talent of its small group.

See more - -  -

* We adopted The Tyrell Williams Primary School and we're actively involved -

* We encourage the world by writing Hope Devotionals on - see over 250 of them all over the web.

* We've built and we're working on promoting our Internet Radio Station and TV Station - or watching our TV -

* This Don't Give Up Video Presentation is impacting the world every where that has it

*Drama Team: We do ministry dramas and fun dramas - This drama has the world shaking -

It's impossible to tell you about our other 20+ websites / blogs out there in this entry. Simply search "Dare 2 Be Different International" or "Kerese Dias" or "Lemercius Wallace" or "Joy Codrington"


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