Friday, November 2, 2012

Breaking News: 100s of Teachers to lose jobs and 1000s of Global Jobs to disappear soooooon

When Noah Spoke - No One Prepared! Let's see if it is going to happen again thousands of years after as God speaks to the world from one of the smallest islands on the globe. Let's see.

As I lay, back down, on a table outside in my yard tonight in the small 68 square mile island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, God told me to use my writing skills and warn the world of what is to come very soon and tell ALL to PREPARE! The Power of Technology in Ministry Again for those that have ACCESS to it and know how to use it to its FULLEST potential.

From the very onset, I want you to know that TECHNOLOGY is definitely taking over and those who are not up to date will get left behind. (Not left behind with regards to your soul's salvation but rather with regards to your social everyday life).

Let's be honest, you had alot of years to prepare yourself. It is such a sad thing that you didn't take advantage of the Computer Training Advertisement that you saw a few years ago online or in the mail or posted in a store window. You lost out on such a great opportunity - How foolhardy! How could you go to study Accounts or Law or Medicine or Business or Psychology without doing a minor or another major in something to do with Computer Studies? That was such a dangerous mistake and you'll definitely suffer because of it, if you don't play catchup from the minute you finish reading this article.

Now - let's take a peak into the future of TOMORROW. When I say TOMORROW, I don't necessarily mean 10 - 15 years, I honestly mean TOMORROW. I've started using technology to do nearly everything for me and it's working. Some of my prophecies below may seem strange and unrealistic, but that's OK - when Joshua and Caleb said that their people were well able to GO  IN  AND  POSSESS  THE  LAND, 10 other spies had a negative report and much to say. (Numbers 13:30)

So I do expect rash reviews from this article and the prophecies. Thank you in advance.

1. 1000s of teachers globally will lose their jobs very soon because as cost cutting measures continue to be implemented, governments and private educational institutions will turn to online learning. With online learning, one qualified and computer literate teacher can set up a lab at home and teach several subjects to a large number of global students attached to different institutions and make 1 to 5 to 10 monthly salaries while you lose out. This teacher won't have to worry alot about grading, because many of the questions can be automatically marked if they are multiple choice, leaving a small percentage of essay work to be marked. Dare 2 Be Different is working on its fully Online Primary to High School Academy with an Online Bible Institute - See

2. Many clients would not be going into lawyer and doctor and accountant and other professional's Brick and Mortar offices around the world very soon. They will head to virtual offies. These services would be extremely competitively priced since one would be able to stay in St. Kitts and get accounting help from an accountant in India or Hawaii who may be less expensive. The only thing that would be needed would be a conference call via SKYPE or another medium and a payment via,,,, Western Union Online, Debit/Credit Card or other Internet based payment medium. (I can already accept payments through all these mediums especially for my Caribbean Auction Site -  I'm preparing now for the sudden TECHNO-SHIFT that is coming.)

Honestly - many times when you head to a doctor, he/she doesn't touch you. Many times they just listen to what you say is wrong with you, then diagnose you - so. . . that will be able to happen online too. Don't you see how everyone is posting their qualifications online on Linked-In and other job sites? A Motivational company contacted me recently to ask me to send them a quote to travel and address and motivate a gathering. They were impressed by some of my speeches on YouTube and saw my Motivational Speaking Ads online on . Does that mean that very soon, I'll be moving all around the world just speaking, motivating and getting paid, simply because I used the technology to market my services?

3. With how risky and dangerous it is becoming to walk out now in many countries because robberies, suicide bombers and the like. With the rising cost of FUEL, Online Church will be the wave of the future. It is not forsaking the assembling of ourselves at all, we'll be able to have church in a conference room ONLINE too. In about five minutes, I'll pause and attend a session with several other Christian colleagues around the world who will be sharing Business Ideas and discussing how we can work together and market our products and services in each other's countries. Each morning, we meet online in this conference room to pray and share and encourage each other. It's totally amazing. Again, Dare 2 Be Different leads the way with The Caribbean's 1st fully dedicated Internet Church on . While I sometimes host it alone or with a team of less than five, we do what many churches are not doing. We are reaching the world and have global members who became Christians because I posted the service time on my social network pages. Old time crusades start and end. All of our crusades from the first one we held in August 2008 to launch our Dare 2 Be Different Ministry are available online - 24-7/365 days a year. TECHNOLOGY at Work!

4. Many telecommunication companies will soon come crumbling down. Money is TIGHT  EVERYWHERE. So - - - people will stop using their landlines and cell phones so much and head to free social phone networks such as SKYPE and GOOGLE TALK and ooVoo where they can talk among their network of friends and family for FREE and go the extra mile and even do video talk. Soooo why worry with the data plans. Only the RICH will be able to afford that and since only 1% of the world is RICH, telecommunication companies still need the dollars of the poor and the middle class to survive. Stop using your cell phones for one month and you'll see what happens.

Why do you think that they are sending out TEXT promotions so fast to win something? It's simply because they are loosing money and trying to play with our minds so thousands of us TEXT to ENTER and lose a dollar, when one or NO ONE ever wins. Telecommunication companies are scrambling and gambling for ideas. This would therefore mean that they would continue to lay off more and more and more because if they are losing money, they honestly can't afford to pay, but are just trying to maintain a certain image before it shows individuals like you and me how much more unstable economies have become. Governments are begging them to hold people still, but the books and investors see $$$$ more than HELPING.

5. Many tellers and other banking officers will soon start losing their jobs as the Banking World goes technology and start following popular internet banking models like and many others that exclusively let individuals bank from the internet and do all transactions from there. Thus, those who are afraid of technology, I assume banks will have a small branch just to serve you until they phase all of that old time methods OUT.

6. I can go on and on, but I want to talk finally about the rise of ONLINE  EMPLOYMENT. Companies can't afford to pay Social Security and maintain high electricity bills and water bills and other overheads when they have a small or large staff. Thus they are posting their jobs and online job sites for the lowest bidders around the world to see. They don't have to pay Social Security and insurance benefits to overseas workers.

I am not asking you, I head to some of these websites for jobs too and share them with my Dare 2 Be Different global team or those who've been supporting our ministry for over 12 months. I even post jobs on some of these websites too. What I may have to pay US$4 an hour for in my country, a Kenyan would be happy to take US$1 because it is $85.49 cents in his/her money.

I'm honestly slowly turning to Online Work to survive and I'm helping all Dare 2 Be Different Team Members and supporters of 12 months how to access these jobs. Look at it, anyone can start a basic printing business for US$1000 or less now a days. That means, and would soon be under alot of competition from younger more creative minds and I must begin to divert into a new market or use my printing equipment to release new lines of clothes and use the power of technology to sell around the world in different languages and increase the EXPORT MARKET and Foreign Capital - that's if I decide to keep KVK's and Dare 2 Be Different's head base in St. Kitts - Nevis because Dare 2 Be Different is way ahead with regards to technology and wants to go further, but the progress with regards to that area is definitely too slow.

I honestly want to stop working so hard in the hot sun and around heating elements and start using the Internet to make a life and I've started to do just that from November 2012. I have to make a new start and teach those around me how to do the same since the Global Economic situation is so bleak.

Excuse me, I set up a conference call online for a group of individuals who are not so technically inclined as me and I have to listen in and make sure it has no problems. They used my service -

While I sit and monitor, I'm going to do some work online with my new Health Business: (Join us weekly at 10pm EST for our weekly Webinar to learn how you can start working online too and I'll be happy to guide you and show you how you can get ahead as we WORK TOGETHER) When I joined the call for the first time, I was shocked to see how many Caribbean and worldwide people were apart of this program and testifying of how they were doing and St. Kitts - Nevis was barely represented.

I also encourage individuals to start working online like me at:  or buy a Motor Club of America Membership like me for US$19.99 that comes with dozens of benefits and an opportunity to work with them too. Visit:

It's 9:17pm EST and I'm starting to enjoy dedicating my time to working online. Note, I'm shifting my main telephone lines to USA type lines because a LOCAL St. Kitts - Nevis line would be too expensive for international clients to call.

I wish that over the last 10 years that I've been teaching computer at, that you had enrolled. Since we teach folks every hour from 10am - 7pm daily Monday - Saturday, I have to deal with so many young and old, apologizing to me and trying to play catchup now.

I'm moving many of my classes online now. Electricity prices continue to rise and I will be able to teach more individuals at a time. I will not have to ever rise from my seat because I'll be able to just show each student what to do from the convenience of my single computer and liquidate the rest.

If you don't see the importance of trying to play catchup now and get computer literate, nothing will ever make you see again. There are alot of other innovations that are heading to your country, workplace, church soon - why continue to be left behind when you can run as fast as you can and catchup. Join a computer school near you. Beg to start YESTERDAY and PRAY to God that they can accomodate you, that's if they are not selling out their computers and moving their classes ONLINE like me very soon.

Dare 2 Be Different Supporters of over 12 months around the globe, don't forget that you get FREE computer classes anytime at or we can do a personal session with you via the Internet in your country.

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Khrystus Wallace, President, Youth Advocate, Motivational Speaker
Dare 2 Be Different International

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