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Contact RON: 1 - 2 Day Shipping From the USA to SKN This Christmas and onwards via

Everything happens for a reason at the RIGHT SEASON - Time does indeed heal all wounds and perseverance yields results. We're always working on some background miracle to make things BETTER.

The young man who was the backbone of  KVK's Nevis Office has now relocated to the Big City - NEW YORK - USA and has partnered with The Supply Shop Inc - a USA sister business of to make life so much better for  clients and Global Dare 2 Be Different International Registered  Platinum members  ONLY.

Ron Weekes was employed at KVK NEVIS shortly after its opening. He knows the ins and outs of the printing business and is an expert customer service rep, salesman and broker. Shop and Ship SKN - clients and Dare 2 Be Different Registered club members can now ship directly to The Supply Shop's New York Address where Ron Weekes - Nevisian works. The Supply Shop Inc -  has organized to get shipments leaving Ron's office everyday bound to St. Kitts - Nevis during this busy holiday season to ensure that there are absolutely no delays.

Registered Customers and Members can begin shipping immediately to:

520 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn
New York, 11221

St. Kitts - Nevis Dare 2 Be Different Platinum Club members will now be able to get certain locally produced products into The Supply Shop Inc (FLORIDA) and (NEW YORK) market for the Christmas Season and a page will be added to  (Such products include locally produced bread, cakes, crafts, t-shirts, designs, Christmas gifts for relatives etc)

Shop and Ship SKN - now allows EXPRESS  OUTBOUND  shipments from St. Kitts - Nevis and the Caribbean. It's Shop and Ship Clients and Platinum Members anywhere across the world can simply prepare their packages from home, email or call Dare 2 Be De Different International, and its relationship with several couriers will allow an agent to pick up packages at their home and office.

Clients will be able to instantly pay Shop and Ship Online at  or Dare 2 Be Different at  via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card,, Googlepay etc.

Ron commented, "The Supply Shop Inc is making life so much easier for our customers and platinum members. To NOT be apart of our network will mean you will be instantly losing out. I'm in The Big City, I am right where the deals are. I can walk into stores and shop for you for what ever you want. Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Furniture, Washing Machines, etc etc.  I can ship OCEAN  or AIR. That's what technology has done, made the world a much smaller place. I recommend AIR EXPRESS  SHIPPING  through during this Holiday season though, so that's what I'll be PUSHING. I lived in St. Kitts - Nevis all my life and to come out and see the prices here tells me that our stores can do better. Here's how to shop for your Christmas gifts this season. Go into a local store, take a picture of what you want or get the details, email them to me at, I'll quote you along with shipping and customs and you'll make your decision from there. You can also go to Khrystus or Joy at KVK and they can help you up to 10pm nightly."

Ron has advised Shop and Ship Customers and Dare 2 Be Different Platinum Club Members to contact via his email:  or through his web portal -

Through Ron's Web Portal -, customers can place their orders and pay or request Ron at The Supply Shop Inc in the USA to research pricing. He can arrange shipping of a 3 lb pallet, a D-Container, a Barrel or a 20 or 40 foot container filled with what ever you want and technology allows you to stay from your computer and do all of that.

For larger transactions, Caribbean Customers can wire payments for quotations directly to Ron at The Supply Shop and he can get equipment, supplies etc over to different Caribbean Countries.

Khrystus Wallace, CEO of ended by saying, "Technology, technology, technology. Before you buy anything this Christmas in St. Kitts - Nevis or around the Caribbean, email Ron at  or email: or BB PIN: 220067D8 to get a quotation. We want you to know that our offices will be open until 10pm all through the entire Christmas Season to accomate locals and regionals to come into their office and place their orders. We will research the best brands, best deals, quote you on shipping costs and tell you how much customs will be so you can decide whether you want to order it or buy it in your land. We'll definitely be making the difference because our shipments will be leaving NEW  YORK  EVERYDAY and has a 1 day or 2 day transit time to St. Kitts - Nevis and other Caribbean Islands. We have tested it with a few folks before launching and can GUARANTEE IT"

Visit the Shop and Ship Air Express Portal at: to place an order or clear an invoice.

To get access to our shipping services, sign up as a member of Shop and Ship Online at: or sign up to be a Dare 2 Be Different Monthly Platinum Member at 

Shop and Ship SKN & The Supply Shop Inc will only be providing information to registered customers about packages. Management and Staff will not take responsibility for lost / rejected packages of NON-Customers & Members who allow others to use their account without prior approval.

SHIPPING  RATES - AIR to St. Kitts - Nevis

US$7.36/EC$20  -  for the first three (3) pounds.
US$1.84 /EC$5.00   -  for each additional pound after the first three (3) pounds
US$1 for every US$100 value

Shop And Ship Customers that signed up since the inception of Shop and Ship SKN in 2010-2012 get 1 Free Package up to 3 lbs shipped via Ron's Supply Shop Office in New York this season as KVK's, The Supply Shop and Dare 2 Be Different's gift to them. (SOMETHING  THAT  NO  OTHER  LOCAL  SHIPPING  AGENT  EVER  DOES)

Khrystus Wallace used the opportunity to apologize to folks around the world who haven't received email updates in a while. He encouraged them to follow him, his ministry and company on Facebook because while they only get one article via email, dozens of articles are posted weekly.

Ron Weekes will be constantly providing information to the offices to post on blogs, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc to constantly keep Caribbean Clients up to date with the great prices and so he can purchase and ship via

To follow USA deals, pricing and get more interesting information, keep following these facebook pages.

Ron Weekes, who has agreed to be the President of Dare 2 Be Different - NEW YORK will be opening and launching it in January  2013. He is expected to continue spreading the ministry's Youth Impact Activities in The Big City and work with two other USA CITIZEN youths who will be also launching Dare 2 Be Different (FLORIDA) in January 2013 too


Contact Numbers:

US  LINE: 1-786-401-4016

LOCAL: 869-664-0911

BB PIN: 220067D8

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department
Internet Radio  -

Internet TV -

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