Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tribute to Dare 2 Be Different Donors - The Poor Continue To Keep Us Going - See Who Some Are - THANK YOU

Soooo many times we miss out on our FUTURE BLESSINGS because we didn't sow 1st Seeds. On behalf of Dare 2 Be Different International -, we pay special recognition to the few persons who have supported our ministry over its 4 years of Existence.

To the elderly gentleman from St. Peters - St. Kitts who heard me preach my first crusade in August 2008 (still online on our website) to launch my ministry and wrote the first check ever in our Ministry's Name to open our account, we say THANKS.

I will look out for the youth in your family line and we'll remember to help and empower them. To the grandmother who called me on the phone and said, I can't be sending offerings overseas to big ministries when someone 10 minutes away from me is doing so much for youth and everyone can see and getting no support.

To the RASTAFARIAN farming father who brought his children along with some herbs from his garden to season the meats, and gives them something to help in the kitchen each time they come to a function, I say thanks.

To the mother who sent some cupcake cups and the next mother who read an email at work and called me down the road to collect some flour to make some pizza for the children - Thank you. 

To the first youth around the globe to ever sow a seed ONLINE, from the small Caribbean Island of Nevis - Thank you. Your encouragement and commendation for being so young meant alot. Confessing that you couldn't see and read about all the work we were doing and not give a little financial suport online - we cherish those words.

To the mother who called me by her home and gave some koolaid and sunquick. THANK YOU.

To those adults who give clothing and items towards our overseas missions - WE SAY THANKS.

To the young lady who took the time out to write a letter of encouragement to our ministry one Christmas and enclosed a love gift - that was the only seed sown for the entire year - we used that to treat some children who wouldn't have had a great Christmas had you not given. MAY God cause an overflow to fall on your life as you not only looked on, but you saw the importance of giving to a ministry that is WORKING for youth. THANK YOU!

To the student at my Entrepreneurship Class at a high school in - St. Kitts, who came up to me after my session was ended and was about to leave and and said, "Mr. Wallace, you have so much hope and put so much energy into us as rejects and 4th Form School Leavers. I don't know how to say thanks, but please, please, please take this dollar. I appreciate your hard work with youths everywhere. I listen to all your radio programs and follow everything you do on Facebook."

To those who text me or call me daily or send me an email or blackberry message: BB PIN: 220067D8 just to see how I am doing - That keeps me going. To those who call me to pray or who tell me that they keep praying for me, my team and ministry - your prayer keeps me going.

When I lay in my bed at nights, tears run down my cheeks, especially to see how Dare 2 Be Different has no MAJOR SUPPORTERS, just POOR people (not middle class) But poor people, seeing the GOOD and supporting.

When I lay relax, it thrills my heart to browse through the many pictures on our Ministry's Facebook Page - and see how the children and youth we impact are always smiling or busy doing something creative.
Even when I get discouraged for the lack of support and the willingness to do more, but lack resources, I never can seem to stop as I remember the four year olds who always grab my pant and shirt and cry when ever I say "It's home time."

I know one day, my mission centre dream will become reality.

Donors - you mean the world to me. I hold you a special place in my heart simply because you are not rich, but like the the woman in the Bible who gave out of her little, you remind me of her and may FAVOUR  FOLLOW  YOU  ALWAYS  from tonight and may you not be able to comprehend the BLESSINGS that will rush to your doorstep and fall on your children. May you be healed, may your children grow to love the lord and know for sure that as FIRST  SOWERS, you and your children always get FREE  COMPUTER  CLASSES, FREE  ATTENDANCE  AT  ALL  EVENTS now and in the FUTURE. Free access to training sessions, free access to many of our services - SIMPLY  BECAUSE  YOU  GAVE.


How can I ever employ and empower other folks before you and your children, when you SOWED 1st during our 4 years of existence.

To the three youths that have stuck with me, my brother Lemercius B-Major Wallace, Kerese Dias and Joy Codrington Thomas, alot of what we do wouldn't happen without you.

Please take some time out to sit and reflect on all that we have done in 4 short years because we STUCK  WITH  IT.  God is going to reward us all - Do Not Give Up! We still have a long way to go.

You prefer the background alot, but I want t to tell the world, that YOU MAKE THE THINGS HAPPEN - HURRAY to background workers.

To our new addition of 8 members - (Sherma Hanley, Patricia Sampson, Jefferson Wallace, Yvette Wallace, Amal Wilkin, Dwight Berridge, Tracy Chapman, Nicole Green,) thank you for accepting to join a team that has an aim to build the kingdom of God and impact the world. God is going to bless you indeed. CHEERS

Interestingly enough, we are a group of twelve - 12. I think it is then safe to say that we are The 21st Century Disciples

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