Monday, November 5, 2012

Many Females Really Can't Cook - Embarrassing Video Proof Inside

Joy Codrington Thomas, The Head Female Chef that is to lead the female youth up against Brother Khrystus Wallace and the Male Youths in a Dare 2 Be Different Reality Series in 2013 confesses through a video that she really can't cook. Femal
e Cookup Board Members totally embarrassed and may have to go back to the drawing board while Khrystus and his Male Youths Celebrate - The World is Watching - Females around the WORLD EMBARRASSED TOO. Let's see if they will pull Joy Lady Smilez as the leader. Who is capable to come up against the Mighty Chef Khrystus (The Finals will be held on a playing field in St. Kitts or Nevis, with two stoves and televised around the world)

The Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club, directed by Joy Codrington is available to travel the world to dramatize. Tell us your budget and we'll travel with a suitable cast. Simply pay for the airline tickets, accommodation and bless the ministry.

Joy Codrington, Khrystus Wallace and other actors are available to audition for reality series, comedies, movies etc around the world. Email:  BB PIN: 220067D8

Joy and her Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club is looking for Movie Producers / Managers to help the club get some of their already written scripts unto the Big Screen and get Caribbean Youth that are apart of their organization, international exposure through drama and film. She is welcoming them to produce either in the Caribbean (Preferably) or overseas.

The Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club produces Radio and TV advertisements for clients around the globe as a Ministry Fundraiser. Contact today - they'll be creative with your campaign after the first email or talk.

Inviting The Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club to your church or country can be a great fundraiser indeed. Just use some of our YouTube videos as promotion. Contact TODAY.

Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club uses Lemercius Wallace, The Technology and Music Director of the ministry for background sound for its productions. He owns and also travels along with the team.

See more Dramatic Videos on YouTube: Especially - Cheating Pastor gets his Payback - again featuring Joy Codrington and Khrystus Wallace -

Dare 2 Be Different Media Department

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