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I Smell The Fall of Many Caribbean Banks Very Soon - FRIGHTENING


The system hates me warning you all across the Caribbean and the world. I can't be your International Global Techno-Ministry Ordained Servant and KNOW and not tell you. I feel this is my God given responsibility to send critical messages out to hundreds of readers around the Caribbean and The World who receive these messages. You see, God blessed me with the skill to write and use the technology myself because he knew the power of this medium and wanted a worker who wouldn't be scared to share. While one sermon from most Caribbean Pastors just go out to a small audience, my audience is GLOBAL that's why you are reading this right now in your country. So. . . here goes.

There are no two ways about it, if Caribbean Banks don't quickly come up to a level with the Global Bankers, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist Firms, Hard Money Lenders etc, they will soon cave in. Watch and See. Mark the date of this blog entry and begin to count it down on your calendars - let's see which one will go first.

(Nearly every month, I learn of a business that has closed around the Caribbean and the world and you see many doors keep shutting too for yourself.) Banks are businesses just like ours too - what makes you feel that they are not struggling too? They just play like all is well to grow consumer confidence and prevent you from taking out your $100 and saving it in your HOME / OFFICE  SAFE. I am told that years ago in St. Kitts - a bank in the Circus area failed - businesses are closing fast - banks are businesses - will we soon have a repeat and hundreds of people in your Caribbean country with their small savings SUFFER? Are our banks insured? To take out a loan, many times there ask us for LIFE  INSURANCE - do they have insurance to ensure that in such a catastrophic occurence, we will get back our $50? Ask your banker - TODAY.

We must thank God for our regional Banking Authority that is keeping the doors of many Caribbean Banks open with guidance, advice and financial backing. (These are things the general public doesn't know. It's not that they are doing well. . . .but. . . . )

You are not any worst off than anyone else. Your personal and small business financial struggles are the very same struggles the big guys are having too and are hiding. Don't you think that companies that CREDIT vehicles have to pay their creditors overseas too? They are getting calls and demand letters too but they make you feel all is wel. The ECONOMIC  CRISES  IS  FRIGHTENING  AND  AFFECTING  EVERYONE. (We already know about our Caribbean Governments and stringent IMF measures on them.)

I won't use this medium to get into detail what I know, but we must all prepare. The only businesses making the money now are LAYWERS & Legal Experts. En tit?

Note Well: Only those working TOGETHER will survive this economic crisis.

Let me get straight to the point.

1. Since we are facing a global economic crisis, this doesn't mean that money isn't flowing, what it does mean, is that the people and organizations are now looking around the world to invest their monies instead of in their region alone. They are fully aware that some of their investments would fail, but not all, so unlike before, Investors, Investment bankers and the like are not keeping all their eggs in one basket - they are willing to try new parts of the world - THE CARIBBEAN TOO.

2. Our Caribbean Bankers over the last 20 - 30 years have only offered a limited number of services. (a) Savings & CDs, HIGH-INTEREST-KILLING  PERSONAL & CORPORATE LOANS and their other services (Wires, Drafts, Credit Cards etc etc)

What Caribbean bankers aren't telling you is that they are trembling in their seats to come up with ideas, before word gets out about how GLOBALIZATION is taking over and how you can stay in your Caribbean Island, and bank with another bank overseas from the comfort of your own computer and experience the benefits that ONLY  INTERNATIONAL  COMPANIES or Foreign persons once experienced.

If you follow the SYSTEM well, you'll notice that the larger, richer companies around the Caribbean get preferential treatment from Bankers because they are big and have share holders and large assets while small businesses are not so fortunate.

Globalization is changing all of that and now the BIG COMPANIES are afraid. Let me explain to you some of the alternative funding options now available globally and you can get access to them if you know how to. (

Small Businesses and Individuals must begin to pursue them agreesively. Two heads are better than one - MUCH  BETTER. I'm sure you know something that I don't know and if we work TOGETHER - IMAGINE  THE  POSSIBILITIES.

It is when our Caribbean bankers start seeing that we can now do loans else where - OVERSEAS - and they start loosing their loan portfolios and mortgages, we will see interest rates start dropping and they will litterally run campaigns to BEG people to borrow their money.

There are now companies, websites, etc helping folks around the GLOBE with Funding


* Online Loans
* Pay Day Loans
* Personal Loans up to US$500,000
* Global Money Lending Networks such as, plus many others waiting to help people around the world who are not bankable but working TOGETHER. I know dozens of them. Just search them online and apply for a small loan today. (That's if you are up to date with technology) Are you? Or are you among those that will get left behind? -

Commercial OPTIONS

* Merchant Account Funding (Open a merchant account overseas like me. Bankers say that when I start processing a certain quota per month, I'll be able to call in a get funding into my account in 24-48 hours and they'll only take a small percentage back from each sale to repay the amoung and I can do that anytime. Suppose I had a faster turn around business) Those who can should try TODAY all across the Caribbean - you won't have the long hassle and keep back with bank officers -  (We'll see bankers start helping businesses faster if they see many Caribbean Companies closing their merchant accounts and turning to foreign bankers because they can get FAST MERCHANT ACCOUNT FUNDING TOO)

* Angel Investors
* Online Angel / Venture Capitalist Clubs
* Venture Capital Firms
* Hard Money Lenders
* Transactional Funding
* Online Loans
* Invoice Factoring
* Accounts
* Open a USA company, use President Obama JOBS ACT to raise money on Facebook, and other social networks (He put this in place to help small businesses that are registered in the USA - What has your country done for you?)

* If you have a USA company, Raise Capital using REGULATION D Offerings to Accredited Investors once you have an Executive Summary, Offering Form and Private Placement Memorandum. Unlike an Initial Public Offering, that requires detailed registration with the US SECURITIES and EXCHANGE, registration via this route is much simpler. (Read up about it) So, if Caribbean counpanies register a USA BRANCH and use this method to raise capital, we won't ever need to try Caribbean Bankers for capital again. (This method takes some time and persistence if you don't have money to pay a broker to do it for you)

* Many Other Creative Options
Just ask -

God is using me to help you and warn you of what to do just like he used Noah to warn the people. The choice is again ours - WE  LISTEN  AND  ACT  or  continue to suffer, relax and PERISH. Things would never get better unless we begin to put our differences asside and work TOGETHER. Things will change you know. Things won't be so challenging all the time for those persons who BEGIN  TO  WORK  TOGETHER - Watch and see.

An older gentleman who follows everything that I do online, via email and personal life told me recently. "KVK - I know of all your struggles, all your successes and I know of your future too." He continued, "Always remember this, during the Great Depression, many millionaires lost everything. Many committed suicide and jumped from high rise buildings. The Suicide rate was up for the poor too. They couldn't pay their bills and rent and just couldn't make it." I continued listening. "But KVK - don't give up. God is going to bless you tremendously. During the Great Depression, many, many multi-millionaires were birth too. These were people who used their skill and innovation and never gave up. Watch and see, in the not too distant future, many people will need your help and ideas. I admire you. You have a Thomas Eddison Spirit - you never give up. I may not be alive to see it, but NEVER give up, you'll reach extremely far despite your struggles."

Again, let me underscore the importance of starting cooperatives and clubs in our churches, villages, constituencies, among friends IMMEDIATELY or we will DIE. In order to survive, we must begin to POOL our monies together, shop in bulk overseas, benefit from the IMPORT on FOOD DUTIES WAIVERS.

Note well, when you buy your furniture overseas at many places such as, even after paying shipping and customs, you'll still pay less. Home Appliances, computer parts etc.

There are several ways to bring down prices WITHOUT  GOVERNMENT  INTERVENTION  and CRYING  ON  THE  RADIO because no one is listening. The key is to WORK  TOGETHER. Why do you think no one is listening to us? Simply because they are watching and laughing when God continues to recommend a SIMPLE  SOLUTION.

WORK  TOGETHER. Again - Start cooperatives or clubs. Shop for food together. Let us ship to one area in Florida together and bargain down SHIPPING  RATES instead of shipping individually. New and Used vehicles are so much cheaper overseas, even after paying government dues and shipping. You just need to get a proper bargain person.

Why is it when you shop for goods and I shop for goods through my USA shop, we pay two different prices. You pay higher and I pay less. Why is it when you shop for goods overseas, you have to pay upfront and in many cases I can pay after. They key is to work together.

Therefore you see, it's quite easy for me to start a supermarket without a loan. Import and sell for less (Quick Sale - Fast Profit) and enter the Supermarket industry. If you had partnered with me, we would probably have several across St. Kitts - Nevis already. Should I then bring in a trailer for the season? But then again, a trailer is too much for my Dare 2 Be Different Members & Supporters -  and Mount Carmel Baptist team -

This would have been great if our churches were working together. We could have brought it in monthly and sell at a 1% - 5% market just to help. But here again, we keep away from each other, fail to work together and SHEPHERDS let their sheep suffer.


We can start hundreds of small clubs around the Caribbean. Each club head dialogues with each other and we bring down the cost of goods.

A word to the WISE  is  ENOUGH!

God warns again!

From today, we can leave Bankers and Big Companies happy or scared.

Happy: If we continue to be selfish and not work together

SCARED: If we start forming clubs and cooperatives from today and bank outside at better interest rates, get access to a wider option of capital, shop overseas in bulk TOGETHER, ship TOGETHER and make life better for ALL  OF  US  TOGETHER.

I have my small club already and I'll be sending out correspondence soon so we can START  WORKING  TOGETHER and begin to benefit. (That's one benefit of folks around the Caribbean who partnered with Dare 2 Be Different Int'l during our first 4 years - - as we only work with supporting members of 12 months and over. (We are about TOGETHERNESS and this policy helps to keep out folks that want to jump on the train for short term benefits and then jump off)

I beg of you - talk to your pastor, your employer, an aggressive person in your community and start working TOGETHER   TODAY.

Here are a few quotes about INACTION

It was just this week, I was in a discussion with some local and Caribbean managers in person and on the phone. The common talk was laying off and cutting back. Some are trying to ride through the Christmas season just to keep folks employed but it's tough. Today - please take a paper and count how many businesses have closed or downsized and layed off over the last 2 years. Estimate how many are going to be doing it shortly.

If we have clubs and cooperatives - we will be able to work together and barter to bring in factories, call centres and the like. 1000s of jobs are out there. Have you seen  We just need to work TOGETHER.

Youths around the world - GET  A  SKILL. (An education is great YES - but the skilled people are the ones that are on demand and who can work for themselves much more easily) With no jobs out there, hundreds of people out of work and hundreds more leaving school and universities in the next 6 months - May 2013 - What will happen to you?

We've been training, empowering and helping youths around the world through our Mission Mobilization Project - launched by Mr. Geoffrey Hanley, Director of Youth some 2 years ago. It's such a pity that you never joined and got training, free shirts for your business, free business cards, free business plan writing, free webpage, free advertising on The Caribbean's Auction Site -  and guidance and empowerment every step of the way.

As I end, let me give a piece of advice. You never know the potential of something NEW when it starts, so never underestimate it. When you visit the Caribbean's Auction Site - you'll see that more youth outside of St. Kitts - Nevis hopped on board our Mission Mobilization Project to get free advertising while those right around Dare 2 Be Different held back. We're extremely busy helping foreign youths now while St. Kitts - Nevis Youth threw away their chance. (Never let that happen again when a new group starts doing something in your country)

Khrystus Wallace, President, Founder, Youth Advocate
Dare 2 Be Different International

NB: Could this be a FINAL  WARNING. A FINAL  CALL  from God before doomsday comes? Will only those WORKING  TOGETHER survive? Remember the Noah - Ark Experience. 

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! I Smell The Fall of Many Caribbean Banks and Large Businesses Very Soon - FRIGHTENING

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