Tuesday, November 13, 2012

50% OFF Prints Till July 2013 (KVK Turns 10 & Dare 2 Be Different Turns 5)

Special thanks to those who serve on our Dare 2 Be Different Board and Team and to those who support what we are doing around the world and help us make things happen.

A few exciting updates - We're starting to celebrate from now. KVK is turning 10 years in July 2013 and Dare 2 Be Different is turning 5 in June 2013
1. Since KVK is turning 10 years in July 2013, we've slashed the price of EMBROIDERY in 2. Instead of paying EC$20 / US$7.36 as you usually do, you will pay EC$10 / US$3.68 until July 31st 2013 (VAT IS INCLUSIVE) - Nobody else beats this price
2. Since Dare 2 Be Different International is turning 5 years in June 2013, ALL one colour screen prints on shirts cost EC$5 / US$1.84. You pay NO SCREEN SETUP OR GRAPHICS FEES.  (VAT IS INCLUSIVE) - Nobody else beats this price

2. ALL  PICTURE  PRINTS  ARE  EC$10 / US$ 3.68  (This is again 1/2 of our price)

We'll gladly let you order your t-shirts, polos, oxford dress shirts from our SUPPLIERS in the USA through our USA COMPANY = www.thesupplyshopinc.com and utilize OUR USA DISCOUNTS and PRIVILEGES.

Once we're doing the printing for any order around the Caribbean, we'll provide you with a SPECIAL USA SHIP TO ADDRESS and ship in your shirts into St. Kitts - Nevis Free of FREIGHT CHARGES (You only pay CUSTOMS)

*For orders coming in to St. Kitts for Printing, remember you don't pay certain customs charges because they are being shipped back out of the Federation. You only pay shipping from St. Kitts to your DESTINATION.

Please remember, that we have special bulk rates on shirts, pens, pencils and other promotional items out of www.thesupplyshopinc.com
*  We've taught and continue to teach several Independent Youth Agents How To Use Our Machines to make a living for themselves (That's Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Empowerment - www.mmskn.org ) So - when you need prints, call any one of them and they can assist you.

Stacy Browne - Newton - St. Kitts 869-667-1709

Joy Codrington - Conaree - St. Kitts 869-664-1721

Yahsonn Tafari - Nevis - 869-665-8459

Lemercius Wallace for EC$99 computer repairs at www.thecompudoctors.com  - 869-665-4790


New Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm (Yes we teach computer classes and CXC subjects every hour between this time - Just Call)

Most of our incoming and outgoing calls are now International -So our New Office Line is

Talk with us at www.kwconsultingskn.com and we'll tell you how this setup easily allows you to KILL  YOUR  LAND  LINE & SAVE and get calls forwarded to your CELL PHONE. (Next time we stop by your office, ask us to pull up our account and compare the charges to your local land line bill)

No more service charges, VAT, etc etc etc - GLOBALIZATION  is taking over. EVERY BODY  IN  THE CARIBBEAN  NEEDS  THIS  TO  REPLACE  THEIR  LAND  LINES. It'll make it so much easier than sticking to your home or office to wait on an overseas call and it's sooooooo affordable.

 In order to benefit from our rates, you MUST be a member of our SMS CLUB - Sign up here http://www.d2bdifferent.com/smsclub.htm 

Office / Manager Contact:

Khrystus Wallace
869-664-0911 / 869-765-7270
US LINE: 1-786-401-4016
SKYPE: kvk_ent
BB PIN: 220067D8

Payment Methods: Clients who pay via Paypal.com, Alertpay.com, Googlepay.com, 2Checkout.com or with debit or credit card on our websites get further special (Free Prints or Discount)


Celebrate the Next 8 Months with Dare 2 Be Different & KVK as we show small businesses how to REBOUND using the technology.

 Here are some other things we're showing our Dare 2 Be Different supporting members how to do along with benefits of supporting member organizations

* Register a USA Cooperation and get access to dozens of online work at home

* How to open a USA Bank Account

* How to get a US TAX ID Number and establish credit in the USA and do business there from the convenience of your Caribbean Home

* Where to find 1000s of work at home jobs for anyone all across the globe.

* Supporting Churches for over 12 months NEVER pay for prints. They simply supply their shirts and give a love offering.

See our Youth Benefit Card Below - Why doesn't your child have one?

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