Saturday, November 17, 2012

God is Angry - Sign 3 by Khrystus Wallace

God is Angry: As Ordained Ministers (ME TOO), we failed to preach and teach our members and followers of the upcoming ECONOMIC  CRISIS and it is our fault for not encouraging them to SAVE, STORE UP, BUDGET, FARM, GET A SKILL, Start their own businesses and God is angry with us for being OUT OF TOUCH. He used Joseph the Dreamer to interpret the Pharoah's Dream and allow him to prepare.

We were out of touch. Now it is our responsibility to play catchup and HELP the SITUATION with our SHEEP that are under us and apart of our ministries or he is going to punish us and suffer us as Ministers no matter how good a sermon we can preach. Remember Paul always had a thorn in his flesh. How do you feel

Ministers to see your SHEEP in distress and not implement programs, ideas, policies to help. If you look and realize that your Pastor feels no way about the current situation as a SHEPHERD - Check to see if you are apart of a cult and not a church.

(NOTE: When Noah Spoke - No One Listened! Will you be in God's path of destruction when he MOVES? Will you not listen too?)

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Khrystus Wallace, President, Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

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