Thursday, November 8, 2012

If You're Ever Suspended From School - You Can Come By Us

Dare 2 Be Different is TOTALLY AGAINST  SCHOOL  SUSPENSION in the Caribbean and across the globe unless the country or education department has a correctional facility that will keep youth positively occupied and counselled while you're off. So. . . if they ever suspend you, come hang with Brother Khrystus and The Dare 2 Be Different Team. We'll make your suspension FUN.

After we're done with you, you may not ever want to go back to school. We'll counsel you, we'll help your with your school work, we'll teach you skills, show you how you can work online and start making money, website design, t-shirt printing, baking etc. We'll show the headteachers who kicked you out calling it discipline, to do nothing that you are CAPABLE of much when you're shown a little love. Kicking out students for 1 week or 2 weeks or 3 weeks to do nothing is giving our teenage girls a passport to go and have sex and our teenage boys a passport to smoke weed and join gangs.

Many times ADULTS, PARENTS and TEACHERS help youth make the wrong choices in life because of how they treat them. So. . . .if you're suspended, ask your parents and come hang with me. Buy a plane ticket and come from anywhere around the world - we'll show you the love that you've been missing and we'll get your occupied. I hope Youth don't start doing things just to be suspended and hang with me. We have to learn how to treat them with LOVE.

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Brother Khrystus, President
Dare 2 Be Different International

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