Saturday, November 17, 2012

Judas' On The Rise - Be Careful Who You Trust by Khrystus Wallace

When someone talks negatively about you IN FRONT of YOU or BEHIND YOUR BACK, they scar you and have set out to bring you down and damage your name. Since they NEVER asked your side of the story before drawing a conclusion, that means they are commissioned by the DEVIL like the folks who set out to bring down DANIEL.

Forgive them but always remember that they are dangerous and will possibly do it again and stay far. Never try to fight your battles. Let God do that for you and deal with your enemies and haters just like he dealt with Daniel's Enemies and haters. Never fall into the same hole twice. If they carry themselves so low to try and bring you down today, they will do it again and again.

You are too high in the Lord to ever condescend to their level again and argue and fight back. Forgive them and mark them for life and pray daily for them and be VERY cautious. NEVER  FORGET  THAT  JUDAS  WALKED  WITH  JESUS. It's not everyone that smiles with you, hugs you, shakes your hand or likes your FaceBook post really LOVES YOU - some hate your guts but would try their very best to fool you just to play like they are in your corner. BE  CAREFUL  WITH  WHO  YOU  TRUST. Smile with everyone, but ask God for a discerning spirit so you will be quickly able to help.

Khrystus Wallace, President, Founder, Youth Advocate
Dare 2 Be Different International

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