Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mature Advice from Senior to Khrystus Wallace

When the gentleman made contact with me he said, "Young Preacher - you have the heart of what true church should be. I admire what you are doing. I recently stepped down from my church board. When I left, our account had on over 2 Million dollars and our members were taking a bus to church or a taxi. The church needed repairs and our pastors were still going back to the members to ask them to give when we had more than enough to help ourselves and others.

From your writings, I see that you don't have a church as yet so you don't collect tithes and offerings like we do. Imagine if you're doing so much without any type of support and you are reaching the world - imagine what will happen if your ministry starts getting help. Don't worry young man - Favour is coming your way - SOON - I see your heart and the work that you're doing with the youth and you will not be in lack at all. I want you to remember FIRST the people who always gave the little into your ministry FIRST and remained consistent.

Look after them first. Those that joined your clubs and always tapped in to help and didn't stay on the outside looking in. Whether Financially, through other donations and with their time with your first 4 years of events. Those are the First Seed Sowers and they, their children and their children's children MUST be always well taken care of where ever they are around the world. Be very careful with individuals who stayed away from you and your vision during the rough times, but want to be your best friends when things change.

Be very careful with those who tried to tarnish your name on your way up. Trust me, I've been in ministry for over 60 years. You're just a 26 year old BABE coming up - but you will reach FAR! Look out for your blessings soon! Look out for those who stuck with you and supported you during the thick and the thin. Your JOB blessing is being prepared."

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