Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tyrell Williams Primary School Head Teacher Edwards makes WISE CHOICE and recruits Dare 2 Be Different International to plan Career Day 2012

Students who are currently attending The Tyrell Williams Primary School in St. Kitts would forever commend Head Teacher Edwards for recruiting Dare 2 Be Different International to coordinate Career Day 2012 which takes place on November 9th.

During one of Wallace's regular Dare 2 Be Different / KVK ENTERPRISES courtesy calls on schools to interact with youths and checkup to see how his ministry could be of assistance, Mr. Edwards took the time invite The Dare 2 Be Different Team to assist the school with their Career Day 2012.

Wallace is always involved in many school and youth group career choice sessions as a motivational speaker and mentor, and also as a Motivational Youth Event Planner. The ministry's 1st planning of a Career Day was at The Joshua Obadiah Primary School where Ms. Mitchum recruited the team.

Wallace commented, "Mr Edwards is a FORWARD  THINKING  HEAD TEACHER who CARES  about the FUTURE of the students he is in charge of. To invite our team to not just participate, but PLAN and COORDINATE the event OUR  STYLE must be commended to the highest degree.  Sometimes students will be impacted MORE if teachers take a back seat and let FRESH  FACES and VOICES inspire them. I do believe that is why Mr. Edwards - a Visionary Head Teacher made this choice.

The 1st Career Day we planed was at The Joshua Obadiah Primary. We've advance alot in ministry now. We left a mark on the hearts of the children there and even when they see us today, they still ask when would we be coming again to their school. That's history though, we captured every moment in pictures and video footage.

We were just a four member team then, now we are 12 strong, with dozens of individual partners and helpers. We didn't have our own Internet Radio - and Internet TV - then, and alot of other ministry resources. We are even more equipped now and ready to INJECT  A  FRESH  SET  OF  ENERGY  into  every child at The Tyrell Williams Primary School on November, 9th. When the day is over, the world will be able to hear radio clip interviews with the students on our internet radio and we'll be running repeat video footage all the time on our internet TV for the world to see the ambitious students out of the Tyrell Williams Primary School. We're taking Tyrell Williams Primary Global and endorsing them to our international partners as a Caribbean School they can support."

Wallace is an ongoing partner with The Cayon High School as he helps as a facilitator in subject and career choices as students move from Form 2 to 3 and also provides Dare 2 Be Different Motivational & Mentoring sessions with 5th Formers leading up to exams and has held assemblies there too. He has spoken with Mr. James, Principal of the High School so his team can become even more involved this school year and do block or class visits to EMPOWER the youth and spread the message of SALVATION in the process.

Just this week, Dare 2 Be Different has partnered with Mrs. Euphemia Brice-Roberts and The Basseterre High School Pals Plus Programme to provide training, guidance, empowerment with regards to VISION  &  VIRTUES  FOR SUCCESS.

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Dare 2 Be Different International is accepting invitations to be apart of or PLAN & HOST motivational YOUTH  EVENTS  for all ages across the Caribbean Region and The World and is seeking grants so that it can freely continue to lead the way in the FEDERATION by making such a POSITIVE  IMPACT  on tomorrow's youth.

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