Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Caribbean Youth - Consider MIGRATION - Little Hope For Us In The Caribbean

Young People - Are things too tight? Need help and need relief? There are different ways to retaliate.

1. You can march and get no result or

2. You can go back to what our forefathers did when things were tough years gone - MIGRATE.

3. Use the easy ways of opening USA and Foreign Bank Accounts and transfer our monies there. While we many not have alot of money yet as youth, if 250,000 Caribbean Youth move $300 to a foreign bank within a month, the Caribbean would be 7.5M short. What if you do that every month until our Politicians and Bankers notice the POWER of YOUTH and start helping.

This would probably force POLICITIANS to start creating policies that would help attract and keep youth in the Caribbean or they will watch the BRAIN  DRAIN  CONTINUE - I am starting to like the song - ONLY IN AMERICA - DREAMS COME TRUE.  So, I'm seriously thinking about heading there and helping as many of those who want to go too.

All I have to do is to add them to my USA Company and we all work together and make it as Big as GOOGLE.COM  or MSN.COM.  We'll use our Caribbean Ideas and employ USA CITIZENS and which USA President wouldn't mind welcoming companies that will help decrese the unemployment in their island.

(There are many incentives when you open a USA BUSINESS - and you get even more incentives if you decide to grow it and employ USA citizens - Why do you think I started The Supply Shop Inc - www.thesupplyshopinc.com

When you decide to start, get your immigrant visa changed to an E-VISA once you meet the criteria and work with an IMMIGRATION LAWYER who will guide you down the path to USA CITIZENSHIP by Investment.

Now that things are really, really, really, really slow here, I am thinking about other alternatives and tapping into the benefits of the recently passed PRESIDENT  OBAMA JOBS  ACT for New USA Businesses . Through the Jobs Act, Do you know that my company along with many others can raise money on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKED-IN and other social media sites?

I really wished that my Caribbean Auction Site Idea - www.caribbesales.com that was launched in the Caribbean, could have grown big in the Caribbean and bring in much foreign Capital and Government Taxes for my Home Country - St. Kitts. I do believe it will grow big like EBAY or even Bigger, but - I'm transfering it under my USA Company and I'll look for foreign investors and keep such a lucrative project and its profits outside the Caribbean.

I will continue to contend that where there is NO SILICON VALLEY, great Caribbean Youth Ideas Perish. The Caribbean has in innovative youth like Mark Zukerburg, but we have no backing. Sooooo Young People - Head OUT. There are angel and venture capitalist trade shows that you can attend. I got invited to pitch my ideas soon at about 3 of them.

Ohhhh no. . . Oh Gosh! They aren't in the Caribbean. Maybe, just maybe, when I share one or two of them, investors may encourage me to stay and carry them out in their island. Suppose you hear the ideas or see the plans. When I emailed them - they were stunned with my thinking and ideas and vision. (IF  OR  WHEN  I  GET  THROUGH,  I'll tell all the Youth around the world who are apart of my global youth registry how they can get access to outside the box capital too. Are you apart of my registry?  http://www.d2bdifferent.com/theglobalyouthregistry.htm 

Young People - My Ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International - www.d2bdifferent.com has set out to not just impact Caribbean Youth - But Impact Worldwide Youth. We're taking the skills of the youth in Brazil and letting youths in St. Vincent Market their products. This past weekend, I met a youth Small Business Owner Silversmith in Bali online and we're plannning to help connect this young lady with some other small business owners around the world to get her products out.

Youth - If we are to reach as far or further than the Big Giant Companies - We Must Work Together and go after the opportunities - even if it means leaving our comforable zones and venturing into the uncomfortable just to SURVIVE. Our parents and grandparents that once worked hard for us are depending on us for help during these trying times. Our younger relatives too. Should we stay in our Caribbean Islands and Die since no one is looking out for us? Or should we head to bigger and brighter lands of opportunity like our forefathers did and make life.

Young People, we probably have to join together and start leaving so our Caribbean Politicians can see that if we don't get help, then the future of our Caribbean Isles is doomed. Don't you have an idea that can become a big seller too?

Don't you have an idea for your own movie or video game or clothing line? Don't you want to reach far with your music or acting career?

How many Caribbean Youth reached real far when they stayed in the Caribbean? No creative-outside the box Capital. Our Politicians are not doing anything to attract Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist Firms to our shores. I guess they prefer to see us all die from bank's high 9% - 20% interest rates on SECURED capital - RIGHT? I wonder what interest rate they would charge on UNSECURED CAPITAL? Foreign Banks that want fast portfolios, you can do two things.

1. Open branches in the Caribbean and beat the banks with better interest rates and many people will move their mortgages and savings over to your bank. People can't take it anymore.

2. Connect with Caribbean Laywers and a good IT FIRM so that you can keep interviews over the web and run credit checks and give loans to Caribbean people, they make the payment to your Caribbean Legal Agent and you don't have to go through the strict regulations of opening in the Caribbean and you can make your money that way too. Bank of America? Chanse? US Bank? Please save us? ? ? ? ?  We're begging!!!!!! On our knees and begging. Just give us better rates. You can come or stay - just make plans to help us. (This is a lucrative opportunity)

It has to be so!

 Why don't we read about them Caribbean Youth who reached far in Business by staying in the Caribbean in history like we read about Michael Jordan and Orphah Winfrey? Unless the mindset of our ALL our politicians (In Government and OUT) change IMMEDIATELY - We as youth will reach no where.

Contact me and I'll show you how to make the first step and register a USA cooperation for less than US$100 - then get a US TAX ID which operates like a Social Security Number since you are not from the USA and then you can use your corporate documents and TAX ID to open Bank Accounts and get merchant accounts and establish credit accounts to get your business started (That doesn't happen so easily in the Caribbean)

Youths are held back - WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO GET WHAT WE WANT YOUNG PEOPLE - OR ELSE - YOU - NOT ME, will stay there and DIE and SUFFER. The key is to work together

I want to direct my family movie. I have a great idea for a video game that no one has at all. I have a unique idea for a medical centre if I still pursue medicine. I submitted my Dare 2 Be Different International - www.d2bdifferent.com Multi-Million Dollar Projects with 8 ideas to empower youth to Government and Large Key Stake Holders around my country and no one is showing interest.

As I type, I have a list of USA Youth Citizens who I share many of my ideas with for businesses in the USA. Some of them are unemployed or underemployed. I encourage them to start, but they said that they prefer me to come and carry out my vision and employ them. Shouldn't I take a trip to see the state's senator or governor and present my proposal? There are so many youth in many countries looking for a JOB  FROM  YOU while you stay here and suffer and you have so much talent and potential in you. There is a SPACE and OPPORTUNTY for you OVERSEAS - SOMEWHERE - you just have to go after it since NOBODY CARES ABOUT OUR YOUTH. Don't expect much change if your Caribbean Government Changes - Nearly ALL politicians seem to be out of touch with what the Youth Really Want - so unless we go, we leave, start boarding planes IMMEDIATELY - we will stay in our Caribbean Islands going around in CIRCLES with no onward, forward and upward movement because - There seems to be NO  HOPE  for us in our Caribbean Islands.

Shouldn't I just go and implement my ideas in the USA or another larger country that sees their worth and would help? May I recommend here YOUTH - that we join hands TOGETHER and leave in droves UNLESS - UNLESS - we begin to see an introduction of POLICIES to HELP US as Caribbean Youth.

Khrystus Wallace

My Investor Pitch: http://kvktalks.blogspot.com/2012/10/us185000-global-accredited-investor.html

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