Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Will Be A Success Too! - I'm ready to teach my first Entrepreneurship Class in High Schools Tomorrow.


When Mrs. June James, Director of The National Skills Training Programme of The St. Kitts-Nevis Government called me to offer me a job to teach Entrepreneurship in two Secondary Schools across St. Kitts, I was quite elated.

I wasn't excited because I'll be getting another income, I was excited as President of Dare 2 Be Different International - that someone in society who gets our emails and follows the impact that we're making on youth around the world via social media was soliciting our services.

Just so you know, when Mrs. James hands me my stipend monthly, I'm taking it ALL and when I say ALL, I mean ALL and I'm going to re-invest the SMALL  STIPEND  AMOUNT into the lives of the youth I teach so that at the end of my stint with The National Skills Training Programme AGANAR FUNDED PROGRAMME at The Verchilds High School and The Charles E. Mills Secondary School, the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis will have a minimum of 20 New Small Business Owners. (Now that's how you help to turn an economy around. Not by just talking, but through ACTION)

When I'm done with them or even before, I'm launching a public appeal to ALL  Caribbean Government to give some type of WAIVER in taxes for at least 1 year to help get outh and other small business owners off the ground. The Dare 2 Be Different Small Business Support Unit  will be showing youth and individuals how to open E-BUSINESSES at home instead of renting and suffering from high utility bills. (I don't depend on a Basseterre - St. Kitts storefront anymore and my market is now the world - and

I'm not resting until it happens or I'll show ALL  CARIBBEAN  YOUTH  THROUGH  YOUTUBE, TWITTER, LINKEDIN FACEBOOK and through online workshops and WEBCASTS how they can open an offshore company and bank account in Florida for less than US$100 and produce locally and export their goods and keep the money out of the country on their USA bank accounts.

This won't be healthy for our Caribbean economies at all if I show all the young people who follow me how to do that. I would also connect them to a USA lawyer who keeps trying to get some business by encouraging me to MIGRATE because as he continues to remind me, I'll get no where with my great ideas if I stay in St. Kitts. I didn't even know it was so easy to get an E-VISA - Investors Visa that can lead to Citizenship by investment in the USA. The brain drain will continue unless our Caribbean Governments Act and implement policies to help Youth Business Owners. (BIG  SMILE) - The Power of Technology eh! I listened the Last Presidential debate in the USA and I heard Mitt Romney say something that would make me vote for him if I could have. He said, "he would be willing to attached a Green Card to the University Certificates of Highly Trained Persons to come to the USA." (Quotation not exact - but suggests this)

People have to stop talking on radio programs and GET  RADICAL  AND  ACT on behalf of our youth business owners. I don't march and would never will. What I will do is use the Power of Social Media to put PRESSURE on Caribbean and Global Governments to implement policies to HELP  TOMORROW'S  YOUTH. Look at it, God ordained it that I'm also a PRINTER with my own machines and have to depend and NO ONE to help me print. Do you remember that it was the printing press that helped to get the word out in Martin Luther King Jr's day?

Well - Well - Well - we've advanced now to T-shirts and banners and signs and keyrings etc. Interestingly enough - God has equipped Dare 2 Be Different with our own Internet Radio - and Internet TV - . A bit more time and we'll be reaching the YOUTH  AROUND  THE  WORLD.

We may probably start a GLOBAL  YOUTH  UPRISING from one of the smallest 68 square mile countries in the world if our World Wide Politicians do not listen to us and decide to HELP us in not only business, but in EVERY area we demand. Mark My Words. We refuse to sit by and die!

Note, I am most grateful to Mrs. James for giving Dare 2 Be Different an opportunity to IMPACT  FURTHER. At least I would have given back even more to my country before I finalize plans to teach and empower across the Caribbean and The World.

I have a big theory type book that I should follow, but I am a firm believer that the students need practical training too. So, expect to follow me EVERY  STEP  OF  THE  WAY  BECAUSE  YOU  KNOW  MY  MIDDLE  NAME  IS  TECHNOLOGY, as I take up my SECOND  contract type teaching job with government. My first was training the MOST YES Participants during the YES  PROGRAMME. Some of them have businesses today and I still advertise for them, ship for them and print for their small businesses. I was the one who wrote their business plans and helped them get loans. They don't forget me at all.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter, my blogs automatically post to my pages. I do much more writings on dozens of other topics than what you get in emails.
The system calls those that I'll be dealing with  - SCHOOL  LEAVERS - Dare 2 Be Different calls them TOMORROW'S  MILLIONAIRES. At the end of my stint, those that follow me 150% of the way, Dare 2 Be Different will be sponsoring them their own websites, helping them establish a company for themselves, we'll help them import products for sale, we'll print their work shirts and show them how to use their skills and make life. That's Called EMPOWERING!

You know me well from following all my writings. I'm all about the young people. After ALL - NO BODY  CARES  ABOUT  US  AT  ALL. All Government and other bodies do is TALK - and we seldom see results. I am hoping Prime Minister Skerrit of Dominica got the chance to read my letter to him amidst his busy schedule because I am yet to receive a response.

I'm prepared to suffer shame and embarrassment just to be able to rise and use my life as a TESTIMONY to youth all across the world that FAITH  IN  GOD  and  ENDURANCE  is the ESSENTIAL  KEY  TO  SUCCESS.

I have a special list where I put the names of people who support me, help me and stick with me through thick and thin because in the Future, my Human Resource Department won't be hiring - only the firing. I'll do the hiring myself.

I'll WON'T ever be accepting applications at KVK or Dare 2 Be Different at all once I'm alive, when I'm dead, who ever takes over can. I'll always be employing the adults who stood by me and helped me through thick and thin and never joined with the others who talked about me and tried to bring me down. They can be assured that their children and their children's children already have jobs because of their deed of kindness to me.And then next in line, I'll only be employing folks who are apart of our Dare 2 Be DIfferent Programme or who attend The Victory Centre or The Mount Carmel Bapist Church or students/adults who I taught or empowered through Mission Mobilization -  or any program that I taught.

I have to look after those who looked after me and who valued the work we are doing by signing up to HELP or signing up to be empowered.


ENDURE - DO  NOT  GIVE  UP  NO  MATTER  HOW  HARD  LIFE  BECOMES-  HOPE  IS  AHEAD! This is The Dare 2 Be Different International - & Mount Carmel Baptist Church -  message that will not only enact change in St. Kitts - Nevis, but across the region and the world.

Did you hear that we are launching Dare 2 Be Different in St. Vincent and The Grenadines soon? See the website - . Meet Shaneece and Natisha, these were the two brave young ladies who contacted our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project on and asked if I could help them start their own businesses so that when they leave college next May-June 2013 - they can be their own business owners. I'll be travelling to St. Vincent & The Grenadines before the year is out to help them launch their own LINE  OF  CLOTHES that of course will be printing by my business in St. Kitts - or Florida - depending on the type of print.

These two young ladies will also be responsible for opening one of the First Dare 2 Be Different Technological  Franchise Pre-Schools in Septemeber 2013. So they will walk out of college into selling their own Clothing line and then walk into owning their own Dare 2 Be Different Pre-School Franchise. Ohh yes, I got them to start selling cakes etc at College since they are both great chefs. So Dare 2 Be Different has empowered them to start making their own dollar and not to give up.

St. Kitts - Nevis has several new clothing lines coming out that my or will be producing. I honestly don't even know if I'll have time to print for individuals and companies any more. I'm about EMPOWERING  THE  YOUTH.  I'm not just helping these people get a few shirts to print locally, but I'm building them websites and will advertise them all over the world so they can ship and make foreign capital too.

A rasta youth came to me recently and said, "BOSSSS - you slowly converting me you know. I want help to carry my Rasta - Line Global. Can you help me?

Then on Church Street in Basseterre, a rasta elder stopped me and said, "You're doing a great work with the youth and you empowering the nation on your Saturday Morning Radio Program on ZIZ" from 9:30am. It's called The Empower Hour. He said something that suprised me. He said, "I stay praying to The Most High For You." I smiled to myself and wondered if he was praying to Jesus and if I was slowly converting him to Christianity just by doing GOOD?

I enjoying talking one on one with the Youth on my BB - 220067D8 from around the world. I think I may just get married to a close friend in The Phillipines - We're getting real good. But it's all up to God - He has the final say. I'm actually writing her business plan to get a loan from her bank over there. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't get a call, an email or a stop on the road to thank me for my Youth Rap Programme on Dominion Radio 91.5FM.  God is really growing our ministry and allowing us to reach the world.

Dare 2 Be Different International is all about empowering youth to not just wait on a job but use their talents to create their own job. With NO  SUPPORT  from  any government or non governmental entity  - we are surging along and we will not let money STOP  US  FROM  MAKING  OUR  GOD-GIVEN  IMPACT on YOUTH and people on a whole.

Let me signal a warning to BIGGER  COMPANIES  who think they will stay in that position all their lives - Prepare to be TOPPLED. Dare 2 Be Different's AIM is to get small business owners buying from small business owners and since I know where to get everything that you sell cheaper, small business owners will be selling your products and will ONLY  be buying from each other if they want to be around me or be apart of my Dare 2 Be Different and Mount Carmel Baptist Network and continue to get my ideas and be apart of my global plans.

So. . . from TODAY, you won't see me much in supermarkets. I will only buy there what I can't get at a small business.  I'm heading to the small shop, even if its a few dollars more, to do my shopping for my Youth Fun Friday and Spectacular Saturday Events. I now stop buying supermarket vegetables.  I'm going to farms or to vendors at the market to take pictures to advetise them and buy too. It is my hope that others will follow me and do the same.

Do you know that would create a ripple effect, because those shop owners would tell their clients where to go to get their name embroidered on their bags or to get pictures or prints on t-shirts and I won't have to pay for that advertising.

After all, if I need a dollar to borrow this afternoon, I can't walk into a big company and ask for it, but I can certainly go down by one of the most agressive, humble street restaurants by the ferry terminal in St. Kitts - Mr. Nigel with his great bread and saltfish and ask for that dollar.

I thought about how I can inspire youth at my first class tomorrow at The Verchilds High School and The Charles E. Mills Secondary School. I thought and prayed and God told me to create a flyer with a list of people WHO  FAILED  FIRST  and  THEN  SUCCEEDED  after to show them that no matter where they are in life, they can become a GLOBAL  SUCCESS - See Flyer Below.
See list here:

(I wish you could have been apart of these sessions because as long as I live, I'm putting in 1000% of my energy into my first presentation so that the people we call school leavers will feel like Kings and Queens moving forward step by step to live in Palaces and Empires all across the globe with Dare 2 Be Different International and The Mount Carmel Baptist Church by their site.. (I'll probably tape it)

We're Launching The Dare 2 Be Different Small Business Support Unit (St. Kitts - Nevis) soon, then we'll find partners and do it in every Caribbean Island - See Flyer Below. We're just waiting to see which Banks will be the WISEST to partner with us FIRST, because after my training sessions and helping people write business plans, I will be ONLY  DIRECTING  THEM  to the banks that partner with us to open small business accounts and to take loans. 

Here again - EVERYONE  WILL  BE  NEEDING  Dare 2 Be Different International - a God planted ministry that will be impacting the world. Businesses will need us to recommend clients to them and individuals will need us for empowerment. Even if you haven't been good to me friend, I forgive you and offer my hand to help - That's what Jesus would have done still.

 Please pray for me and Dare 2 Be Different International as we take on yet another positive project that will impact YOUTH and Spread the Message of Jesus Christ in the process.

I hope you plan to be apart of our Dare 2 Be Different Small Business Support Unit and attend many of our Small Business Training Sessions that we would be hosting starting form November 2012.

I have spent 9 years researching, contacting and building a network of businesses and organizations ready to either expand or export their products into the Caribbean and I'm ready to burst. Just this morning, I connected a local client to an international client that will pay my local client US$25 per month just to do something legal here that won't take the local client 5 minutes monthly.  I'm going to help that local client, who is in need get about 50 more overseas clients to do the same thing and he'll make US$1250 by just doing something that would last 5 minutes every month.

This week, an  ordanned preacher that follows me on the web contacted me via facebook and said - Young Man - Everything that you're doing, God has annointed you to do it and you are going to reach FAAAAR and he stressed FAAAAAAR!

So - continue to pray for my team and I and I enjoy flowing in my ANNOINTING and empowering others. I can't wait to write my life story.

 Khrystus Wallace

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