Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lower Prices on Everything For Caribbean Dare 2 Be Different Shoppers Club Members - Prices are too high

Prices are too high on nearly everything around the Caribbean. The Dare 2 Be Different International Ministry of Helps & Support is assisting with bringing better prices to the doorsteps and cupboards of our poor and middle class Network around the Caribbean Region.

Sign up for the Dare 2 Be Different Shoppes Club TODAY at:

Each month from November 2012, we'll be traveling to either Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, to shop for anything for you.

We'll be constantly exploring other shopping routes such as Panama, Brazil, California, India, Dominican Republic, China in the future and when we go or connect with them online, we'll share the RAW prices with you.

Thank God for TECHNOLOGY!!!!
LET  US  REFUSE  TO  TAKE  THE  HIGH  PRICES  ANYMORE! Just pay your government taxes at your Country's Customs and that's it!

We'll be posting the pictures and prices (without any markup) on our Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Blogger Pages for you to see.

Once you're a MEMBER OF  OUR  SHOPPERS  CLUB: (US$20) per month, you'll be able to pay for the item (s) that you want with your credit/debit card via or or through Paypal, GoogleCheckout, or direct deposit into The St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, The Bank of Nevis or any Royal Bank Branch around the Caribbean.

We'll then buy your item and ship it at the most affordable way to your destination. Just so you know, we'll be bargaining with SHIPPERS to bring down the rates. Other Shippers Don't Care about you this much. The more people from your country you get to join our club, the cheaper the shipping will be.
This Dare 2 Be Different Project will also create DOZENS of opportunities for Young People to get employment or even start their own businesses as BROKERS, DELIVERY SPECIALISTS etc in their own country.

THIS  IS  HOW  YOU  TURN  ECONOMIES  AROUND - By helping the youth and by creating employment. We'll advertise all businesses that we help to form or empower for free on our Caribbean Auction Site - for as long as they remain open. It pays to partner with us when opening a business. We know how to get the word OUT.

Wise young people can start businesses to assist those that may not be able to use the technology and order online or keep up to date with our posts via social media networks. We're looking for excited, creative, ambitious young people who we can empower through our Mission Mobilization Project -  to start their own businesses around the Caribbean to make our service EFFICIENT and also provide a dollar for them and their families.

Use the form below to join our Dare 2 Be Different Shoppers Club Today. US$20 per month.  (Individuals must be members at least 2 weeks prior to our trips. We would not be shopping for members who get excited when they see the prices on our Pages. They will have to wait until next time around)  
Thank You For Signing Up! This is one of the best decisions of your Life. Expect to BENEFIT  FROM  THE  RAW /  NON-MARKED UP  PRICES on Groceries, Electronics, Computers & Parts, Clothes, Furniture, Household Items, Hardware and More
Small shops - expect to have an international wholesale friend and ministry by your side too, so that you get real low prices and can sell lower to your villagers.
Dare 2 Be Different Int'l believes ministry is more than just Preaching and Praying and Collecting. Ministry should be about EMPOWERING  OTHERS. Khrystus Wallace,

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