Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Churches can help to turn economies around too - but they are doing NOTHING

I'm not feeling too well today, so I  spent sometime lying down. As I made myself comfortable, I started thinking of the many small businesses that my ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International - www.d2bdifferent.com has helped to start under our Mission Mobilization Project - www.mmskn.org around the Caribbean and the world. (Not because we have money, because we don't, but because we recognize our God given responsibility to do GOOD. We also recognize that one of the best ways to tell others about Christ is not by talking, but by HELPING.)

We not only help youth start businesses in St. Kitts - Nevis, but we help youth around the Caribbean and The World write business plans to get funding or give them ideas and mentorship and encouragement as long as they are apart of our Global Youth Registry: http://www.d2bdifferent.com/theglobalyouthregistry.htm

I pray that one day God will Fund our Mission Mobilization Project so that we'll be able to give small low interest loans to youths to help them get off the ground and establish some type of financial history so they can approach bigger firms. I know someone or organization will contact me in God's Time (BB PIN: 220067D8 - Email: information@d2bdifferent.com)

Imagine, I started this ministry when I was 21 years old and the other three youths with me were younger than I was. Through our passion for children and youth, we've been doing wonders without any government, non-government or religious organization support over the last 4 years of our existence. We've dug the little out of our pockets from our personal money just to help youth. We hosted small events to raise monies to market and buy domain names to build them webpages. We print their fliers for free and use our time and skill to help them all for FREE.

Here's one example of a youth that we've marketing and empowered - www.theartdepotskn.com. He now gets his paintings sold and gets jobs to paint murals different places. The highest bank in the Caribbean Region buys this youth's paintings now because we went the extra mile to help him. He always comes around all our youth events in return to teach others how to paint and do craft for free. This is just what we encourage - We help and empower so those we empower can empower others.

My ministry firmly believes that if Jesus was walking the earth today and pastoring a church, he would nave not just preached and prayed and COLLECTED, but he would have spent alot of time outside the four walls of the church HELPING  PEOPLE.

Many churches of today don't seem to do that anymore. Imagine, Dare 2 Be Different International is just running our Youth Ministry for four years. We do have plans to open the St. Kitts - Nevis branch of The Victory Centre soon - www.thevictorycentre.com too. I believe that in trying times like this, I cannot be hurried into raising funds to build a church when people are hungry, need empowerment, need help starting their own businesses since no jobs are there.

This is why we are trying to gather christian, excited, motivated youth to help us start Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre Churches all across the globe. We must carry out our vision under our brand. That's God's instructions to me since other organizations do not want to work along with the vision of a 26 year old youth - Save The Mount Carmel Baptist Church - www.mountcarmelbaptistonfire.com

Click here to learn how you can partner with us to start one in your country or state: http://kvktalks.blogspot.com/2012/08/start-dare-2-be-different-youth.html

We've empowered well over a dozen youth small businesses - my team and I since we've started with NO  MONEY  AND  NO  SUPPORT  FROM  THOSE  WHO  CAN and who see what we are doing.

What if the CHURCHES with the money started doing what we are doing without MONEY? What if those collecting tithes and offerings aimed to start 4 small businesses a year around the world and ecourage their attendees to patronize the youth businesses, do you see what a revolution we'll create? The youth owners will hire 1 or 2 and we'll be creating EMPLOYMENT without GOVERNMENT  INTERVENTION.

How many churches are in the world? Let's say 10,000 x 4 businesses each year = 40,000 new businesses employing 2 people each = 80,000 employed youths each year for 10 years = 800,000 yonng people.

These businesses will survive because we can encourage the member to support them and buy their products and services. (Forgive me. . . my head hurts - No one is HELPING  OUR  YOUTH  and  the people GOd placed on the earth to HELP are closing in their BOWELS of COMPASSION. IMAGINE THAT!)

I hate when a mother who attends a church on a Sunday comes calling on my gate on a Sunday Afternoon to ask for $10 to buy something to cook for her children when she just came from CHURCH - The place where GOD'S  PEOPLE  are to be helping. I won't go on, because this would drive those who want to be saved AWAY. God's people have seemed to become SELFISH and NON-CARING and our churches have seem to become GREEDY and our Pastors and Evangelists seem all for themselves now-a-days. What ever happened to the HYMN titled - OTHERS - LORD - YES OTHERS - Let this my portion be, help me to live for others that I may live for thee. (I used to hear that alot when I was growing up. Can't tell the last day I've heard it being sang.)

While witnessing to a young man in his 30s the other day, I invited him to church. He said, "Brother, my mother and I don't go to church anymore because nearly every Sunday the pastor says to GIVE  OF  YOUR  LAST and he and his mother are not working and don't even have a LAST  TO  GIVE and so they stay at home because they feel intimidated." Now tell me, if those two DIE and GO to hell tomorrow - who would have helped to contribute to that?

I don't want to be called Pastor anymore - Just call be Khrystus or Brother Khrystus. There seems to be a stigma attached to the word Pastor and Minister now a days. By the Way, Jesus was never Pastor Jesus, Bishop Jesus, Prophet Jesus, Evangelist Jesus. He was Jesus of Nazareth - So just call be Khrystus of St. Kitts. I'm fine with that.

I don't want the title to get to my head and my sheep see me just as many of those Ordained SERVANTS - notice I say SERVANTS - who are bigger and better than everyone now a days.

But then again . . . Only Dare 2 Be Different International seems to be thinking outside the box about empowering youth around the world. I guess I won't ever have many ministry friends and supporters - but its OK. Whether we get help or not, we won't stop. We are not looking for an earthly reward  - God will send FAVOUR our way in due time.

Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different International

BB PIN: 220067D8
WhatsApp: 1-869-663-0114

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