Thursday, October 4, 2012

SMART FIT (St. Kitts) #1 Clothing Store goes TECHNOLOGICAL

Smart Fit (St. Kitts) business owner has recruited the 21st Century Innovative mind of Khrystus Wallace of and The Caribbean's Auction Site - to give her business advice and take her company to the next level in technology.

Dare 2 Be Different International ( is fundraising by selling a Business Marketing Plan on The Caribbean's Auction Site - for an introductory 1/4 price of US$240 annually. (Price to be increased to (US$960 annually in a few months)

Businesses that sign on to this plan get their business featured under the Business Card Section of , marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google and also get a FREE  MARKETING  WEBPAGE for their business, product, service or organization.  See Business Card Section - Click HERE

Wallace's consulting firm excited that Smart Fit (St. Kitts) is one of the first small businesses to come on board, said that he will use this company to showcase some of what his consulting firm - can do. We will build into an ONLINE  SHOPPING  EXPERIENCE like gojane, forever21, jcpenny etc and individuals from St. Kitts - Nevis will be able to go online from their home or office, shop for SMART  FIT  products, pay with their cards and have them delivered to their door step.

We would also be marketing Smart Fit (St. Kitts) to the rest of the Caribbean so they too can shop online and have their goods mailed to them via the Postal Servie or via Liat Quickpack, DHL, FEDEX. will be using some of the most innovative marketing strategies to not only advertise SMART  FIT, but show the world just what the consulting agency is capable of doing. is a fundraising tool for Dare 2 Be Different International. As this youth organization moves towards opening The Victory Centre ( in St. Kitts, one of its mandates is to NOT  COLLECT  OFFERINGS  AND  TITHES, not hold bake sales and other time consuming and member taxing fund raising activities, but rather use the technology to raise funds and ensure that nearly every fund raiser held, members will be able to financially benefit.

Unlike 90% of global churches, the ministry plans NOT  TO  TAKE  AT  ALL, but give back to its supporting members through empowerment by openning small businesses for its unemployed members, starting small cooperatives to bring down the cost of food and other goods and re-introduce the spirit of COOPERATIVES  and WORKING  TOGETHER.

Wallace commented, "Who said that a ministry can't open a Snackette and give employment to members who aren't working and use the profits to run the church? Who said the ministry can't have a cooperative that imports food to keep down the cost for its members and use the small profits to run the church? We have to begin to think 21st century or we will continue to be maliciously and phychologically robbed by SOME global ministers who are overdoing the MONEY-COLLECTING in what is to be Kingdom Building Business and Empowerment. Members would never say that we asked for a dime because we won't. If they want to give, it's there choice, but we would never pass an offering plate as long as I'm at the helm. There are many other methods and WE  WILL  USE  THEM."

The non-collecting church is expected to lead the way in providing employment and empowerment to its attendees when it officially opens its doors. It is not joining with anyone or any church in criticizing GOVERNMENT  OR  OPPOSITIONS, but is SETTING  THE  TREND  and empowering individuals itself and expects bi-partisan support from all political parties in this regard and ALL government approvals when it requests them especially since it gets no aid or support to carry out any of its projects.

Through its current ongoing NON-SUPPORTED / NON  FUNDED programs, the ministry has been assisting youth for the past two years with starting businesses or marketing their existing businesses through its Mission Mobilization Project - . This program was launched by Geoffery Hanley - Director of Youth in 2010.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy (Agroprocessing Division) headed by Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed is following the president's vision to make Sweet Potato Flour and Bread Fruit Flour along with other locally agroprocessed products, so the ministry can get them FDA approved through its USA Partner  - The Supply Shop Inc - and then off to USA shelves as a St. Kitts - Nevis agroprocessed product.

Wallace is expected to make courtesy calls on Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, Governor General Sir Cuthbert Sebastian and its new LIME Partner - CEO David Lake, who is also the president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

During the calls, Wallace will present a sample pack of Sweet Potato and Bread Fruit flour, that is being processed by Mrs. Yvette Wallace and the youth, along with sweet potato and breadfruit bread or cookies and The Dare 2 Be Different St. Kitts Local Snack Pack which would contain coconut fudges, sugar cakes, plantain chips, bread fruit chips, local drinks and other items and would be marketed and sold across the globe.

Khrystus Wallace believes that as he seeks to empower youths to farm lands so that he would be able to supply his USA Business, so it can in return supply its USA clients and then the rest of the world, would again mean that Dare 2 Be Different International would be leading the way with providing employment for youth.

Wallace said, "this is how you do it. We don't believe in alot of talk at all. Talking on the radios, talking on the tv, talking on the street, talking in parliament. WE  BELIEVE  IN  USING  WHAT  WE  HAVE  AND  DOING  SOMETHING. We started in 2008 with a EC$250 / US$92.01 check from a gentleman who heard our first crusade at Green Lands Park - St. Kitts that was being carried live on TBN's Radio Paradise in Nevis and we used that and the other small donations that come in from the POOR  AROUND  THE  WORLD ONLY  to do what we're doing. We have NEVER received from Government, any Private Entity or any GRANT  DONORS. God blesses our little and makes it work. We give of our time and talent and we are doing big things for GOD with very little. It won't always be like this though, God is watching and in his time he will BLESS - BIG TIME. We  CANNOT  sit idly by like OTHERS and do nothing because we have no money, when a GENERATION  NEEDS  HELP."

Wallace, who is seeking global investment partners, and who has been invited to pitch his ideas infront of dozens of Angel and Venture Capital Firms soon, envisiages the start of The Dare 2 Be Different Agroprocessing Plant in St. Kitts & Nevis - another employment oppportunity.

Individuals from around the world interested in ordering sweet potato and/or bread fruit flour from the Dare 2 Be Different Academy (Agroprocessing Division) can do so online at The Caribbean's Auction Site -

Wallace encouraged the ministry's global followers to patronize the businesses on The Caribbean Auction Site - first, because they are the ones who are partnering to keep our ministry going. The Mission Mobilization Program - is now a Global Youth Empowerment program as Wallace uses technology to communicate with Youths across the region as far a way as The USA and The Phillipines helping them put together business plans, projections, build advertising webpages, get marketing and technological advice all for FREE to the Young People.

Wallace will be travelling back to St. Vincent & The Grenadines closer to the end of the year to be apart of the Launch of a New Youth Business that is being put together by The Dare 2 Be Different Mission Mobilization Project. Others Caribbean countries that will see Mission Mobilization Youth Businesses opening include Nevis and Grenada.

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