Friday, October 5, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different Launches Grant Appeal with 8 Creative, Innovative, Global Projects Today

In what is being known as one of the most agressive fundraising pushes in the life of Dare 2 Be Different International, President and Founder Khrystus Wallace officially launched a global grant seeking campaign today in its home country St. Kitts.

The Grant Document has Geoffrey Hanley, Director of Youth in the St. Kitts-Nevis Government and David Lake, Lime (St. Kitts-Nevis) CEO and President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as advisors.

Financial Consultants attached to Dare 2 Be Different's 8 Global Youth Projects are Mr. Ernest Pistana, Former St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Founding Manager and Mr. Lenworth Harris, the current manager of the St. Kitts-Nevis Development Bank.

Wallace made courtesy calls on the Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas' office and presented a copy of the grant proposal containing the 8 projects that the ministry will be carrying out across the region and the world and explained Dare 2 Be Different's Global Plan to one of his administrative assistant Ms. Beverly Knight. He took time out to present Ms. Knight, who will pass on to the Prime Minister, samples of Sweet Potato Flour and Bread Fruit Flour and guava jelly being processed locally by Dare 2 Be Different International.

Wallace continued on his set of courtesy visits to Deputy Prime Minister - Sam Condor  and Dr. Timothy Harris where he briefly explained his ministry's regional and global plan and presented them with agro-processed by the ministry. The youth are carefully taught and guided for FREE by Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed

Deputy Prime Minister - Sam Condor - Left with Dare 2 Be Different President Khrystus Wallace - Right

Dr. Timothy Harris - Senior Minister (left) with Khrystus Wallace, President - Right

A courtesy call on the Development Bank Manager's Office, saw Wallace explain to his secretary the local, regional and global initiative that his ministry would be carrying out. The President's final courtesy visit was paid to The Offices of the St. Kitts - Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Fund Office where Wallace left his proposal and samples of sweet potato and breadfruit flour and guava jelly for those attached to that agency to see the quality products being produced locally. The ministry will be pushing to export large quantities very soon after it empowers young people around the region through its program FARMING  IS  FUN which is presented in the project. It currently exports on a small scale to individuals who purchase it on The Caribbean's Auction Site -

Under the Farming is Fun Project, Dare 2 Be Different is expected to teach farming to youth, from as early as primary school and add a fun aspect to it. The ministry has an aim, under this project to show to young people that farming doesn't mean selling at the market or from a pickup alone, but they will sea their nuts turned into peanut butter and their tomatoes turned into ketchup and their fruits turned into wine at The Dare 2 Be Different Agro-processing Centre.

An excited team member, 22 year old Joy Codrington exclaimed, "I can't wait for us to receive funding and to see all of this come on board not only in St. Kitts - Nevis, but I want to be apart of the team when it travels around the Caribbean region and world empowering youths."

Wallace is expected to pay a courtesy call on LIME  CEO - David Lake, who just released the 4G Network earlier this week and also Governor General Sir Cuthburt Sebastian later next week. Those two are set to not only recieve copies of The Dare 2 Be Different Super 8 Proposals, but will also be the first to receive a sample Dare 2 Be Different Local Snack Pack that will contain samples of the sweet potato and bread fruit flour, sweet potato and breadfruit bread, cococut fudges, sugar cakes, local drinkes, breadfruit and sweet potato chips to name a few.

Wallace is pushing to get Dare 2 Be Different Agro-Processed Products in local supermarkets, hotels, across the region and also into the USA through Wallace's small business - The Supply Shop Inc -

Global Companies and Organizations that are interested in partnering or bringing  the Dare 2 Be Different Team to their country to fund and implement any of the projects listed in the proposal can email:

Companies and organizations that provide funding around the globe can expect to receive FREE  PRINTING (once shirts/materials are provided) proportionate to half the amount they would have donated through  or

The Dare 2 Be Different Grant Proposal is a public document and can be requested by emailing or BlackBerry Messaging: 220067D8.

The 8 Projects That Countries / Organizations Can Fund to happen in their country include:


Project 2:  Dare 2 Be Different Financial (Caribbean)

Project 3:  The Dare 2 Be Different Agro-processing Centre (ST. KITTS-NEVIS)

Project 4:  The Dare 2 Be Different Academy (ST. KITTS-NEVIS)

Project 5:  Dare 2 Be Different  Mission Centre (Location: St. Kitts – Nevis  to
       impact  Caribbean)

Project 6:  Farming is Fun Project (Caribbean)

Project 7:  Dare 2 Be Different  - Hope For ALL – You Can Do It Mega Youth Rallies

Project 8:  Dare 2 Be Different Hope For Kenya Initiative

Dare 2 Be Different International thanks those who are recommending / passing the document on to funders/donors and those who are already contacting and showing interested in being apart of one of the projects and who are also inquiring about Dare 2 Be Different doing something for the youths in their island.

Once fully funded, members from the Dare 2 Be Different Team, along with Victory Centre members ( are more than willing to travel almost immediately to make their impact.

Khrystus Wallace used the day to officially dedicate his life to travelling the world, planning and hosting and partnering to host innovative youth projects that are geared to impacting young people, helping them start businesses and keeping them well empowered, as well as planting Dare 2 Be Different's and Victory Centres all across the globe, preaching crusades and revivals and selling his 7 books to support the global work that the ministry is doing.

Youths around the Caribbean are expected to receive easier access to SMALL  BUSINESS  STARTUP  CAPITAL  once the Grant to start Dare 2 Be Different Financial is approved. Under this Dare 2 Be Different Entity, young people will be able to receive small startup loans to the tune of EC$10,000 and the fund is expected to be able to back larger loans in other banking entities.

Unlike conventional lenders, Dare 2 Be Different Financial is aiming to provide 1% - 2% small business loans and not use the COURT as an alternative option for default borrowers. Through counselling, the financial entity, whose base will be in attached to Dare 2 Be Different (USA) in the process of registration, with Caribbean lending agents in the different territories, would allow borrowers to repay through its partners website - Dare 2 Be Different Financial will provide funding to Caribbean Youth and the financial entity will be 100% owners of the businesses it funds until the debt is cleared. Dare 2 Be Different Financial is expected to TEACH  CARIBBEAN  BANKERS  just how they can introduce creative policies to help and show them that they too are the result of the slow turn around of economies because they are not willing to do creative funding.

During and after the time of the loan, Dare 2 Be Different Financial will do what lenders around the Caribbean fail to do, provide mentorship, financial counselling, marketing services etc as it has an interest in the business and the small businesses' success results in the Dare 2 Be Different Financial's success.

Wallace ended, "You really don't need a government to turn economies around. Dare 2 Be Different, upon successful grant approval will be aiding in not only turning the St. Kitts - Nevis Economy around, but the entire Caribbean Economies and probably worldwide economies from the our active spirit of doing CHRIST-TAUGHT GOOD. An investment in Small Businesses - is an investment in bettering the financial stability of any and all countries."

Wallace is definitely excited about turning his personal business around, helping youths start businesses around the region and the world and travelling at times with his team around the Caribbean and further afield to host Dare 2 Be Different Events, Youth Events, Empowerment Rallies, Preach Crusades and Market his ministry items.

Email: to request Grant Document and see how your organization can partner or help or recommend us to Grant Firms, Government Departments around the world so we can do something abroad.

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