Tuesday, October 16, 2012

St. Kitts-Nevis Real Estate: Land Alone - 14,520 square feet

Land at Conaree measures 14,520 square feet at $15.00E.C.C/ $5.52 U.S per square foot NEGOTIABLE.

Let’s Talk Right Now!

Email: realestate@kvkenterprises.net  BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8   WhatsApp: 869-663-0114


Over the years, we’ve received dozens of empty inquires from non-serious clients and scammers. We really don’t have the time for this anymore. To avoid this, we have introduced a policy to verify SERIOUS  ENQUIRIES.

As a Ministry Fundraiser and to confirm serious inquires, clients who want to see pictures and engage us on properties must send US$20 to our Ministry Paypal account: information@kwforchrist.com. (Your donation goes towards our Youth Ministry Events – Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/daretobedifferentskn)

When you send the donation, send an email to realestate@kvkenterprises.net specifying which property / properties you would like to receive information and pictures on.

We make the buying process EASY

1.      Identify the property that you want to buy and we’ll send pictures and answer any questions
2.      We issue Contract of Sale for you to agree and sign and email/fax back to us
3.      Effect payment (along with attorney fees and Alien Land Holders Fee (10%) if you are not from St. Kitts-Nevis,  into our USA or St. Kitts –Nevis  Supply Shop Inc  account via Direct Deposit or Bank Wire
4.      We pay the Property Owner and our legal representatives begin working on the documents and keep you up to date via telephone call, email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
5.      Receive Paper Work In Your Hands and Walk Away Smiling

We’re MUCH  DIFFERENT to typical realtors! We won’t just sell you a property and leave you. We’ll help you with ideas for refurbishing or renting or landscaping or farming your land to let your property work for you.

·         We can assist you with getting your property rented while you are out of the Federation and keep you updated with monthly email / telephone updates

·         We can keep your property clean
·         Our Youth Ministry – Dare 2 Be Different International – www.d2bdifferent.com can lease your land at an affordable mutually agreeable yearly cost to create farming jobs for the young people we lead and impact across the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.

·         The agricultural produce will be purchased by The Dare 2 Be Different Agroprocessing Department to put cash in the hands of YOUTH  IMMEDIATELY during these trying times and turned into jams, jellies, flour, fudges, wines, candies, cookies, seasoning etc

Here’s a Great Reason To Buy Your St. Kitts – Nevis Real Estate through us:

A  PERCENTAGE of each sale goes towards running our global Dare 2 Be Different International Ministries – www.d2different.com

THANK  YOU  FOR  USING  OUR  SERVICES  and giving towards impacting our NEXT  GENERATION  in the process.


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