Wednesday, October 24, 2012

US$185,000 Global Accredited Investor Needed - Let's Talk Action & Returns TODAY. TODAY

Let me make this pitch fast!

My name is Khrystus Wallace, I'm 26 years old and I started my first business when I was 13 years old and grew it to

I founded a gospel ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International -  in St. Kitts - West Indies when I was 21 and we are establishing branches all around the globe. See our St. Vincent and The Grenadines Branch at and we're revising our Kenya Branch -

I already have my own embroidery, screen print, heat press t-shirt printing machines and a large format printer to do banners, signs, labels etc and have ongoing clientele.

I am a great writer, blogger and internet marketing expert. I built The Caribbean Auction Site - to open up doors for me to market to the world and allow others to do that too.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to depend solely on my St. Kitts - Nevis Market and so I am slowly expanding to the Caribbean, The USA and the Outer world with my virtual website franchises.

I get printing orders from the Caribbean through and from the USA through

I already wrote 7 books and have published two of them on:

I want to bring out My Family Movie in the future which tells of my struggles growing up in an adulterous home and how I was able to triumph and come out successful still. See me acting in my ministry's piece called Cheating Pastor Gets His Payback on Youtube -

I have built my own Internet Radio - and Internet TV - that I want to push and market around the world too.

My ministry, Dare 2 Be Different is actively involved in empowering YOUTH all around the world using social media and the technology. See some of what we're doing.

Hope Devotionals -

Empowerment and Business Training -

24-7 / 365 Day Internet Church -

Recognizing Youth -

Helping Youth Make Great Love Choices -

Just search Khrystus Wallace, KVK ENTERPRISES, Dare 2 Be Different International on any search engine and find dozens of other reports showing what we're doing.

Follow me on Facebook:  and follow my ministry too:

These are just but a few of my dreams. Let's partner to make them happen.

I need US$185,000 in working capital to market, get stocks and expand along with carrying out some other ideas. Let's talk. In my business plan, I show you how we can turn US$185,000 into US$1,000,000 in 18 months or less.

I firmly believe that Caribbean Youth have great ideas just like Mark Zukerburg, but where there is no Silicon Valley - Great Small Business Ideas Perish. Partner with me and go down in history as one of the first investors to see the worth in a Caribbean Youth and benefit tremendously.

Request my business plan with projections by emailing:    BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8   or WhatApp / Call: 869-663-0114

Looking forward to working with you. See all I'm doing at (These doings can be more lucrative if I had access to outside the box capital)

Thanks for contacting me already!

NB: I am willing to pay a 5% Finders Fee upon successful funding for anyone who connects me with an ANGEL / Venture Capital Firm / Accredited Investor

Khrystus Wallace

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