Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Bad News: She Said I Was Too Old. . . Heartbreak

Life has a bad way of throwing you answers you wish you never heard. Such answers usually bring heart break, heart ache and disappointment.

But - Life Must Go On! Right?

We were communicating for a while. We had even met a few times. She seemed to have much of what I was looking for in a lady. During a general conversation, she asked me what I was looking for in a girl friend or wife and I shared my answer. She didn't respond for a long while and I inquired as to why. I asked - "Did I say something wrong? Do you have someone for me?"

I was shocked at her response. She Said, "ME!!!!" meaning SHE  WAS  THE  ONE  FOR  ME.

Honestly, I love straight up, bold ladies who are not afraid to express themselves. Then, the heart break question came - We wanted to know each other's age. We shared them both! Age isn't much of a problem for me, but the beautiful, down to earth, stunning, adorable, intelligent God-inspired lady said that I was too old for her at 26. She had an age limit that was SET. (She knew just what she wanted in life) That made me more attracted to her - but.

I had to respect her decision even though my middle name is "NEVER  GIVE  UP!" Her last words still ring in my ears. "That's Life!" I now have a very hard job at controlling myself and trying to ensure none of my statements would suggest anything - relationshiplike (or maybe I really should pursue - grrhhhh - I don't know) Should I send her a single RED ROSE this week with a personally hand written note asking her to re-consider? What should I do? Take NO - as a final answer? Or Fight the War?

I don't know . . . .Soooo I guess. .  .It's back to praying! It's back to waiting! Probably God is just wetting my appetite because I certainly know he won't step down, he'll only present someone else even better.

But. . . 26. . . am I not getting too old to continue waiting?

My question - Should Age Hold Back True Love? Should I really, really, take NO as the final answer? Or should I try?

Khrystus -

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