Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Global Warning: Brick and Mortar Businesses to Soon Crash Globally - It's Frightening!

"A High percentage of Brick and Mortar Businesses will soon come crashing down globally. It's just a matter of time before that happens and young tech-saavy, innovative and creative youth entrepreneurs will be taking over every aspect of society around the globe. It doesn't matter how financially strong other companies say that they are, if they are not 150% ahead of the technology - they will have no choice but to close. It's either brick and mortar companies begin to invest more into technology in their firms or shareholders must consider cashing in in the earlies. Young people, just hold on a little longer. Our struggles will soon be over and we'll be taking over. Many of the bigger institutions that suffered us and tried to keep us from progressing and thriving, will come knocking at our doors for jobs. WATCH  AND  SEE!!"

Those were the opening statements by 26 year old Khrystus "Never Give Up" Wallace as he addressed a global forum of youth entrepreneurs this week as investors listened on to the budding ideas of several youth entrepreneurs via a webinar teleconference hosted by one of the 1000s of Global Youth Business Networks Online.

"Don't you see what is happening? I'm all the way in the tiny 68 square mile country of St. Kitts and I'm a featured speaker at this webinar. I'm addressing audiences with a 12 hour time difference. That's technology in action. Let me take the opportunity now to market my homeland and invite you to come and vacation here someday. Don't come to St. Kitts without coming to look me up, check out KVK ENTERPRISES and I'll print or prepare a St. Kitts - Nevis souvenir right infront your eyes. Be sure to check out the youth ministry I founded, which is one of the most active and vocal youth groups in the Caribbean - Dare 2 Be Different International - . Do you know how my ministry has built an international name across the globe to the point where we have weekly applications to establish a similar ministry in other countries? We used the technology and the power of social media. Through my ministry, I now have to make time to talk with the dozens of folks outside of my country who are on my Blackberry." With a chuckle, Wallace said, "Sometimes I don't even think I may marry someone from St. Kitts - Nevis. Technology makes the world so small and easier to date. I'm making some good friend in the Phillipines so you just may never know.  The audience joined Wallace as he chuckled too.

"Don't worry young people. I know about the suffering, the pain, the struggle in business. My ministry's popular global theme is  HOPE  IS  AHEAD. Hope is definitely ahead, hold on to the rope a little longer. There are those who are talking negatively about us now. There are those who are laughing at us now. There are those that are watching us suffer and wishing bad for us now. Begin to count the days on your calendars - they will all stand amazed in all countries around the world with the way the youths will use social media and the power of technology to communicate, network, do business and crash Brick and Mortar Companies. The humble ones who once bashed us and tried to tarnish our names, will come to us for help as they say their sorries,  and will want us to train them and get them up to date. The pompous ones will stay away and suffer themselves and their children. But mark my words, sooner or later, many of us that are here and into the technology will be leading the way. Get up to date!" Wallace warned  "Get I.T trained TODAY"

As Wallace shared his Blackberry Pin and email address during the presentation, he could see his network of contacts begin to grow before his very eyes.

"In the next few months, few years, well it has already started to happen in other parts of the globe, people will be or are actually opening INTERNET  BANKS and INTERNET  BANK  ACCOUNTS. I did it too. I opened an internet bank account from St. Kitts with NO MONEY. 

Have you heard of the top 5 internet banks? Since you're on your computers  and telephones, go to,2817,2396006,00.asp. . With Banks like, you don't need a DIME to open an account there. The day is coming when we as innovative minds will bond together, open banks in different parts of the world and use the power of social media to draw our youth clients. May I stress here again, The Importance of Co-operatives. The importance of WORKING  TOGETHER  AS  YOUTH. We will save together, lend together and profit together and watch other banks come crumbling down. They believe they're strong now? Begin to count the days. Many Bankers are struggling too you know, its just that they have regulatory bodiesto quickly feed them money as a backup and to help them keep their image and prevent you from pulling your monies which would cause them to crumble even faster. But they are struggling too. So, when you see better interest rates, easier banking options and other benefits come from Internet Banks that will open in your country, it would be illegal for any banker to withhold your cash when many people want to move alot of it immediately to go with the technology.

When I compare the features of Caribbean accounts and foriegn up to date technological or internet accounts, I feel so sorry for local banks in the Caribbean because they will be most vulnerable. Technology allows you the ease of opening accounts anywhere in the world."

"Our bankers thrive off of killing high interest rates around the world and stringent - non-flexible loan terms. Technology is changing all of that. Social networking will make it easier to meet accredited investors, angel and venture capitalist firms and personal lenders who are willing to make flexible repayment arrangements, something that bankers don't even dare to do. Just like personal online lenders companies like and and many others who quickly and easily lend online, that will soon be coming to the Caribbean and to your countries too and many banks will have no choice but to close down because no one will be using them for loans. They depend mostly on loans to live. Let's see which Caribbean bank will be first to close because of the pressure from technology."

"Business owners will no longer be turning to banks for loans, but they will now turn to social media to raise capital. Do you know that you can start raising capital online tomorrow or later this week? Open a USA Business online for less than US$200 within a 1 - 3 days. The state's Company Registration Department will email you your incorporation documents, get a Business Tax ID number which opperates like a social security number and under President Obama's JOBS ACT, you can use an approved SEC Crowdfunding company and raise money for your startup or existing business online across the thousands of social networks. There are Investor-Business Social Networks out there waiting for you to join. Where did you think we pitched the project idea to build The Multi-Million Dollar Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre dream and got approval in principal pending architectural drawings and proper estimates? No local Caribbean bank would have smiled on us with those numbers.

The globe is slowly becoming one common market. So it's quite easy to open offshore companies in many countries including the USA. Simply build your Business credit online with Dunn and Bradstreet and you can open NET 30 and NET 60 accounts and import things into your country without taking a loan."

"Here again, you must know what you're doing, so visit and I'll tell you more. I tested and tried it with my USA company - So if I want to start a store in St. Kitts for Christmas, bring in fridges, stoves, clothes, generators, etc, I don't need to go to the bank for working capital. I use my credit accounts. You can do it too - anywhere in the world.  TECHNOLOGY  IN  ACTION  AND  THREATENING  OTHERS  AGAIN."

The online audience said, "whoaaaa" seemingly amazed at the knowledge that was being imparted.

"I must say here that it is imperative that you ensure that you become computer literate now. When I say NOW - I Mean Now. The Technology surge is coming - well it is here and only those who are tech-saavy will get the best employement opportunities. Imagine coming into my luxurious office the Heart of Basseterre - St. Kitts in the future without a certificate or degree in computer? I won't be able to help you. Even the cleaners would need some type of I.T certificate because the mop buckets may be fully elecronic by then and the window cleaner may be digital.

The surge and demand to learn about the computer will be so high that the cost at small and large schools and universities to study Information Technology will be soaring high. Enroll at an I.T class tonight or this morning for some of you. If you don't take my advice, sometime in the future you'll look back and wished that you had done."

Remember you can always enroll at: in St. Kitts to start learning every hour from 10am to 7pm. We work with your schedule.

"Technology will be the way churches do missions and raise support in the future. Well not in the future - but now. " Wallace used the opportunity to send individuals to and . "The funny thing about it is that many churches have websites and don't know how to get a global audience visiting and contacting or don't even know how to include payment processing. So, why have a website and it can't help you? Only the Tech-Youths will be able to add this innovation around the world and those who won't want to pay for it, will be kept out of touch."

The audience seemed awed as Wallace continued. "There won't be many teaching jobs around the world in the future. Children and Adults will be turning to ONLINE  EDUCATION. With online education, one teacher can teach alot, alot of subjects at a time and work can be automatically graded. I predict that students will only be going to school from pre-school level to grade 2 or 3 then I.T will take over. Here again, public and private schools will close. Some organizations like Dare 2 Be Different International will be providing FREE  CLASSES  via our website for Primary Schoolers and High Schoolers." Wallace pointed his audience to his ministry website project under construction called The Educator - which would allow students to log on for FREE as a start around the Caribbean and world and get primary and CXC high school lessons.

The free aspect of the project begins to run from Mid-November 2012 and would allow students the opportunity to study online using uploaded charts and notes.  The payment aspect is expected to take about 18 months to complete and will include video lessons on nearly all Primary and CXC High School subject lessons along with interactive excercises, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Students, children and adults from around the Caribbean and the world will be able to sit at home and study and prepare for Caribbean Examination Council Exams. This again would be another ongoing innovative Dare 2 Be Different Fund Raiser to support our global projects and an innovative way to get individuals to a gospel site where they would definitely keep seeing the scriptures and getting the word of God because it will be all over the corners of their screen as they learn.

Wallace continued, "You have gone down in history because you are actually the first to know. Dare 2 Be Different International will be leading the way by establishing a franchise of Dare 2 Be Different Pre-Schools around the Caribbean. One of the many features of our pre-schools, will be a full computer and technology lab to start getting the children exposed at an early age and also innovative ways of teaching them stories about how Jesus could make the difference in their life through charts, projector animation etc. Of course I'm into printing, so parents would always get free uniforms and all school material at the start of each school year across the Caribbean as a donation and a seed into the lives of each child. The website will be launched soon to let the world know about that idea. Something never before seen in the region. The first two Dare 2 Be Different Pre-Schools have been set to open in St. Kitts and in St. Vincent in 2013 and the project consultant attached is one of the BEST, MOST OUTSTANDING retired Early Childhood Veteran Co-Ordinators the region has ever seen - Mrs. Vanta Walters."

Wallace The Entrepreneur continued.

"Time won't permit me to tell you all, but very few people will be advertising on radio and tv anymore. Like Dare 2 Be Different, they will build their own - and and build their own online shopping malls to adverise like

The hardware and retail stores in your country will have no other choice but to downsize tremendously or close down. Why? Do you know how easy it is to put up a single web page? I buy domain names for clients around the world just to put up a flyer to advertise and save them money on radio advertisements and expensive tv and online advertising. I complete the task within 10 - 15 minutes and that makes them so happy.

I also list their advertisements or business cards on The Caribbean's Auction Site - in less than 5 minutes and they begin getting exposure. Technology again. This means, that when Dare 2 Be Different International launches its NUM PROJECT (No Unemployed Member) Project for our Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre and Mount Carmel Baptist Church Attendees only, it will be quite easy to help them start online businesses, integrate payment processing and show them how they can run it without stock. We have already started partnering with companies to get special rates, NET 30 and NET 60 accounts and International LAY-A-WAY PLANS on EVERYTHING. Washing Machines, Food, Fridges, Toilet Paper, Vehicles etc. So that means one of our members will be selling washing machines and fridges and they can stay at home and market on facebook or go on the street to market, when they get a sale, they order it from overseas and it gets to their Caribbean Island with 1 to 2 weeks. Technology again.

"None of this comes from me my friends. It's all from God given wisdom and you need to trust Him too. That's why I know that when I aim to plant churches around the world, one of my aims is to ensure that NO  VICTORY  CENTRE or Dare 2 Be Different member, supporter or partner around the globe or Mount Carmel Baptist Member will ever be suffering. None will ever be out of work or ever wondering. We'll help them every step of the way. We'll always provide financial counselling for each member. We'll be there for them. We're working on group health insurance and life plans so that if any member gets sick, they are assured that they have an insurance agency that will help and an immediate air ambulance lift. Death is inevitable, so under our group life insurance plans, those that remain can and will be assured that they will get some funds to help them adjust smoothly. We will keep all of our global members properly linked when we launch The Dare 2 Be Different Social Network. This would make it extremely easy for our members in St. Kitts to diaologue with our members in Kenya and our members in Pakistan to dialogue with those in Ghana. That means in the future, I would be definitely marrying ou United States Citizens and Grenadians who are members of our youth groups or churches in their islands. I'll help them plan their wedding through Dare 2 Be Different's Wedding Planner Website - and our Wedding Team will help them have a great time. That's technology again!

Wallace summed up.

"Mark my words - The Next Set of Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires will be birth out of technological Businesses around the world. I want you to hear this very clearly. The world will look at little St. Kitts - Nevis here in the Caribbean and stand amazed to see that there are innovative young people with great ideas too in the Caribbean and they will aplaud Dare 2 Be Different for working with them and bring out their fullest potential. Of course that would have never been possible without the use of technology. In third world countries like ours where our politicians are doing very little to attract angel and venture capital investment firms to help get the innovation funded, they would have reached no where. TECHNOLOGY  IS  A  GIFT  FROM  GOD  TO  THE  YOUTH  AND  WE  MUST  USE  EVERY  ASPECT  OF  IT  TO  ITS  FULLEST  POTENTIAL  TO  SURVIVE.

After the presentation, the moderator allowed virtual attendees to field questions at Wallace, one of the presenters. The webinar was hosted via one of the many online learning / presentation tools online. Khrystus said that seeing all of this happen was totally amazing and Dare 2 Be Different will begin to explore the possibility of creating our own EMPOWERMENT  NETWORK to hold similar webinarsand global bible studies where people from around the world could participate, make comments, ask questions and thus give locals and others across the region the opportunity to experience another piece of technology in motion.

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