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An Open Letter To Prime Minister Skerrit from Dare 2 Be Different International

7th October, 2012

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit,
Government Headquarters,

Dear Sir,

As President and Founder of Dare 2 Be Different International, one of the most an active and vocal gospel based youth organizations in St. Kitts - Nevis, -, I am deeply troubled and my heart instantly began to ache when I read an article titled: Dominica prime minister wants OECS ‘brain drain’ reversed

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I must thank you for your time with the media though, because I would have never heard of your inner thoughts and never gotten the opportunity to respond here. Sir, may I suggest from the onset that in order for the Dominica Brain Drain or OECS Brain Drain to stop, our Caribbean governments and politicians MUST  WAKE  UP --ALL  OF  THEM and begin to work for our young people - WORK  HARD. They MUST remember that we are the YOUTH that put them there and we are the youth that have the POWER to take them out.

It is imperative that our Caribbean Leaders replace some of their right hand men and women because they are OUT  OF  TOUCH. I honestly believe that while many Caribbean Leaders get all the blame, many times it is not totally their fault, but those that are close that should be making things happen too.

I know about that as a leader too.

Caribbean Leaders NEEEEEEED to hire INNOVATIVE  YOUTH  MINDS  to guide them with ideas or they will sooner or later regret that they didn't.

I do not want to make this response too wordy. I would hope that you would send a complimentary round trip ticket for a representative from Dare 2 Be Different International to talk with you further. We would hope that since you are the YOUNGEST  PRIME  MINISTER in the region, you would listen to our youth and BEGIN  TO  FIGHT FOR  US.

Like Esther, God placed you there to SAVE  OUR  CARIBBEAN  YOUTH.  God placed you there to FIGHT  AGAINST THE  BRAIN  DRAIN  by not just being Prime Minister of Dominica, but CARIBBEAN  YOUTH  AMBASSADOR since you are among the highest decision making bodies.

According to your biography on which says: ‘Skerrit’ as he is popularly known is equally at home with a hammer helping to build houses for needy persons as he is representing Dominica at the highest level of the international circuit.

Please PUT  ON  YOUR  ARMOUR  AND GE T YOUR  SWORD  AND  JOIN  ONE  MORE  FIGHT. THE  FIGHT  FOR  OUR  CARIBBEAN  YOUTH - so they can see why they  should stay in the Caribbean and not travel abroad to LIVE. We are depending on you to ADVOCATE  MORE  FOR  CARIBBEAN  YOUTH  POLICIES.

Go down in HISTORY like Martin Luther King Jr. We are DEPENDING  ON  YOU!

Let us review part of your interview.

I am hoping that our young people who are at university or at school can have a better appreciation for the region, have a greater love for the region, have a greater vested interested in the region,” he reflected during the interview. 

“Yes we can go out of the region to the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere but we must decide for ourselves how are going to go about developing our region by ourselves and for ourselves. As the world is getting a little more challenging it will require us to do more ourselves and finance more of our developments rather than depending on our development partners. 

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Sir, I would gather that a man of your stature and intelligence would recognize that everyday our youth are getting wiser and wiser. It now seems that what I once learned in High School, I have to be helping primary schoolers with similar exercises for homework.

With that said, my point is this. Just as times have changed, it is IMPERATIVE that the thinking of our politicians, government leaders and our bankers CHANGE  TOO. While the youth are way ahead of the game, the older folks, older leaders, older government advisors and permanent secretaries seem to be just starting to creep over the wall and beginning to see a true picture of the future and the power of technology and the easier access to the outer world of opportunities.

Everyday - many young people in the Caribbean ask themselves - Should I stay or Should I go? Will my dreams come through here in my country or ONLY  IN  AMERICA. (I ponder those questions too Sir, ever so often)

I beg of you Mr. Prime Minister - DO  NOT  BE  NAMED  AMONG  THE  LEADERS  AND  POLITICIANS  WHO  ARE  OUT OF  TOUCH as the youngest prime minister - If you want us to STAY - YOU  MUST  BEGIN  TO  FIGHT  FOR  US.  We're  Begging! (I'm literally down on my knees and typing. When you get to heaven ask God if I'm lying. And if you send for me, one of my first photo moments before I enter your office, would be to kneel down, with my hands clasped just to show the media and world, just how passionate I am for our youth and for YOUR  HELP.)

We have ideas and dreams that need outside the box funding. I don't know what goes on at meetings when our Caribbean Leaders meet, but may I BEG of you to offer some words on Dare 2 Be Different's behalf at your next OECS or CARICOM meeting. Kindly recommend to your colleagues, that as they travel and make contact with investors to build hotels and open businesses, which is all good, that Dare 2 Be Different International in St. Kitts, the voice of Caribbean Youth, is begging for them to seek out angel investor and capital venture firms that are willing to do outside the box funding so we can get our innovative ideas more easily funded.

I should never dance when I hear the song, "ONLY  IN  AMERICA" playing. I have a dream of bringing out a Dare 2 Be Different Video Game that is currently being patented. Which Caribbean Banker would be willing to fund it? I want to direct and act in My Family Movie and push it to reach box office so I too can hear that the first week it opened tickets sold off around the world and it made 10.7 Million US Dollars - Which Caribbean Banker is willing to fund that?

Since 2007, I built the Caribbean Auction Site - I have just started pushing it now some more because things are slow and I'm using technology to turn things around in my business - Don't you think that if I had headed to the USA or UK - 5 years ago, The Caribbean's Auction Site - could have been big like EBAY or maybe even bigger because nothing like that really has ever seriously come to the Caribbean? Shouldn't I go to seek out a SILICON  VALLEY  INVESTOR Sir? Be Honest - Put your political ambitions aside and tell me WHAT   DOES   THE  OECS  OR  CARIBBEAN  HAVE  TO  OFFER?  WHAT  SHORT TERM  PLANS  TO  OUR  GOVERNMENTS  HAVE  FOR  OUR  YOUTH - PLEEAAASSE   TELL ME?

Shouldn't I try to go before year's end, tell them of that idea and all my other ideas, get them funded and not come back?

I am quite certain that I am not the only Youth out there with great ideas and feeling how I feel. I guess I am the only one willing to write and go public and suffer the risk of discrimination, victimization and hatred by my peers for going public. I believe I understand how Martin Luther King Jr. felt when he commented, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 


And then we want the brain drain to stop?

When I presented The Caribbean Auction Site idea to a banker in St. Kitts about 5 years ago to get some marketing capital, the appointment lasted less than 5 minutes. They said, the idea is good, they love it and it can reach very far, but we don't have anything to hold, so we can't help you. IMAGINE  THAT and I'm certain many Caribbean Youth will side with me having heard similar statements.

Maybe if I were in the USA, I would have been a millionaire by now? Check out My Site Mr Prime Minister - - Isn't it impressive? Doesn't it have Caribbean Potential for many youths to sell their products on it and make a living? Isn't is capable of creating employment not just for St. Kitts - Nevis but for the Caribbean too. I sell on EBAY too and make some money there - that works - why won't my site work? But no one knows about it or is being empowered to use it because of lack of marketing capital. Will a Dominican Banker Help me sir? Or are all Caribbean Bankers alike? Can I call your secretary tomorrow and she give me a Venture Capitalist firm in the Caribbean? Let's make a deal, when I call, because I will, If she gives me one that helps, I'll stay.

There's ONE  THING   FOR  SURE, my middle name is "NEVER  GIVE  UP," and if I have to join those who've gone just to make it happen - so let it be unless YOU  DO  SOMETHING  SIR. UNLESS  YOU  INSPIRE  CHANGE.

If I do it, do you know how many other youth would be inspired to leave too? Why stay in the Caribbean Sir if you won't fight for us?

Why has Larry King or Piers Morgan of CNN never interviewed a Caribbean person or more so a Caribbean Youth whose innovative idea reached far by staying in the Caribbean.

Do you know that the US Congress passed President Obama's JOBS  ACT  to help USA businesses, ESPECIALLY  YOUTH  BUSINESSES raise Capital on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks through Crowd funding networks? The USA and UK and the other bigger countries seem to care.

That means I will soon be tapping into that opportunity - I did test and open a USA company - The Supply Shop Inc - . What if raising capital that way works, shouldn't I move to the USA too to run my business there and continue the brain drain because our Caribbean Leaders aren't being so caring and innovative for ours youths.

Read about the Jobs Act:

Mr. Prime Minister - do you know about merchant account funding and invoice factoring? Suppose I start doing more consultancy sessions through my small consultancy firm - ? That could damage our Caribbean Economy further, because youths will follow me, start USA businesses, use US merchant accounts to charge Caribbean clients and Caribbean money would go to USA Banks and we use USA Debit Cards to shop locally keeping the cash out of our economies simply because the opportunity exists OVERSEAS.

Isn't it getting SCARY? I just do a lot of reading and I test and try everything myself. Come to my office Mr. Prime Minister, I'll show you some communication with a USA  LAWYER that is encouraging me to leave with my ideas because I won't get anywhere with them in the Caribbean. He's willing to do all my papers for FREE. Should I go?  He's an immigration lawyer and there are so many legal entry points. He follows me online and says the work I'm doing especially with the technology is impressive and I have a global following.

I honestly believe that he knows that if he gets me to go and then I write about what his firm did for me, he'll get business forever. Should I go Mr. Prime Minister? Should I? I won't have to PAY  ANY  MONEY  to get the paper work done. What would you do SIR if you were us youths, in the Caribbean, with great ideas, can't get innovative funding and a great opportunity to MIGRATE presents itself - ESPECIALLY for free?

Technology has made it so easier to access information. Have you read that anyone - INCLUDING  CARIBBEAN  YOUTH  can get citizenship / us green card by investment. All we need to do is get an investor to partner with us and invest between US$500,000 - US$1M. This isn't much to carry out our innovative ideas and get living rights leading to citizenship rights in the USA - See

Time won't permit me to go on here even though I have only shared 0.01% of my heart, but I believe you get the point Mr. Prime Minister. Unless the young people see help ahead - WE  WILL  CONTINUE  TO  SEEK  FOREIGN  OPPORTUNITIES. After all, if you have a dream of buying a BMW, you will do all in your power to ensure you have the keys one day right?

It's the same thing for us. On Friday past, our ministry released a grant appeal to the world with eight (8) innovative ideas for youth and we want to place one in your hand/email inbox because our vision is not just to empower youths in our Base Country - St. Kitts, but around the world. Sooooo, we would hope, since you are the youngest Prime Minister and most likely the most innovative, up-to-date leader that cares about DOMINICAN  and CARIBBEAN  youth, you'll request your copy and use our ministry to help implement some of the ideas.

Sir - Caribbean Young People are definitely depending on YOU! Just as I used several social media networks to get out this open letter and used my email database with hundreds of global recipients, I would gladly use the same medium when I browse the internet, or when you send me a personal copy of an ARTICLE  HEADLINE:  Prime Minister Skeritt Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Venture Capital  Firm To Help Get Innovative Youth Ideas Funded.

It's 10:56pm  7/10/2012. I had called our Director of Intercession - Sister Patricia Sampson and asked her to remember you in prayer as you take up our Ministry's Challenge to you to fight for the youth and she immediately started having a Cell Phone Prayer Meeting Just for you. We pledge to continue praying for you sir - and we thank God in advance already inspiring you to FIGHT  FOR  YOUTH  FROM  NOW - in Jesus Name.

In Christ,

Khrystus Wallace, Youth Advocate
Dare 2 Be Different International


Khrystus Wallace For Prime Minister -

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