Friday, October 5, 2012

8 Dare 2 Be Different Youth Project Proposals that your Organization can Fund & Support and get 100% Marketing Exposure

Dear Sir/Madam,
Humble greetings!
There are very little empowerment programs  for our young people across the Caribbean Region and in some other regions in the world and the agency that I founded and lead, Dare 2 Be Different International - is very much concerned about that.
We have put together 8 proposals and we are making them available to Caribbean and Global Governments and Non Profit Institutions so that they can financially support them and therefore invest in the future of tomorrow's leaders. We guarantee you that that there is a project apart of our proposal that will interest your organization and we crave your fullest support.
May I note here, that although we were founded in St. Kitts - Nevis, we will be coming to any country to implement any project that your organization funds in your part of the Caribbean or world. We must live up to our name - INTERNATIONAL.
I want to note here that I also personally own a printing and marketing firm and want to guarantee you that once you become a funding partner, we will give you maximum exposure for FREE on screen printed and embroidered t-shirts, polos, hats, bottles, pens, pencils, banners, signs, etc, on our websites, on our internet tv - and radio -, youtube, facebook, twitter, our Caribbean Auction Site -, PRs, Our Global Email Blasts, Text Marketing Campaigns in your country, Mega Concerts etc.
Your LOGO & MESSAGE will be branded on certain quantity of items proportionate to your donation and would be given to participants of the particular project that you SPONSOR.
You will get the exposure and will not have to spend alot on marketing using other means. We can assure you!
Partnering with an organization that started with 4 dynamic and energized youth in 2008 and that now has branches in Kenya, Ghana, Nevis, USA, with applications in from UK, Pakistan, India, The Phillipines definitely means we are heading somewhere - SOMEWHERE  FAR.
We have done alot during our 4 years of existence - June 2008 - June 2012 with no type of support.  Search our organization on any search engine around. Search any of the key words that we have dominated on the internet, " Dare 2 Be Different or HOPE  IS  AHEAD." You'll see countless entries and photos and videos, new articles, blog reports, devotionals etc. This shows the world what we definitely will be doing with your support.
So, as we submit our proposals to Caribbean and Global Governments for implementation and/or overseeing by Dare 2 Be Different International (SKN), we are contacting you EARLY to garner your financial support in your country. Remember, you will not only be investing in the lives of youth - tomorrow's leaders, but you will be partnering with Dare 2 Be Different International, one of the most innovative, active, creative, technological youth organizations around the Caribbean and the world that has definitely set out to make one of the biggest impacts on the Caribbean and the world at large.
Thank you in the earlies for contacting us to learn more and for partnering quickly. Remember, many of the projects in the attached proposal are ongoing and you can partner IMMEDIATELY so we can continue making the GREAT  IMPACT  THAT  WE  ARE  MAKING  GLOBALLY.
Email: if you are interested in being a DONOR or to recommend us to GRANT ORGANIZATIONS.
Talk with us now: Black Berry Pin: 220067D8
Khrystus Wallace, President

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