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Computer and Skill Classes From Monday thanks to New Dare 2 Be Different Academy

Ahead of The Grand Opening of The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre -, 26 year old President and Founder of the Ministry said that after prayerful consideration and as his team did the final touches on their new Computer Lab at OOJJS 24 Hour Complex - St. Kitts, he thought it would be most fitting to launch his Dare 2 Be Different Academy -  dream before the church because of two reasons.

1. He wanted the world to see that The Dare To Be Different Victory Centre was a church that would not only cater to the spiritual upliftment of individuals, but to every aspect of their development including their Educational and Skills Development

2. He wanted to teach religious organizations around St. Kitts-Nevis, The Caribbean and The World something. Once a business fundraising asset is established to handle the liabilities of the church and in the process help the members, The Church wouldn't need to overtax and push members to give and make them feel like if they don't give, they will go to hell. Such an asset would immediately allow the ministry to support missions overseas, send away their preachers to preach crusades and teams to help in foreign Vacation Bible Schools and other ministry events etc and help other organizations attached to the ministry.

Wallace said that when members see that their church is doing more than just preaching, praying and collecting, they would definitely obey God's command to tithe and give offerings, but if they ever play stingy, he would not be ever at all stressed, because God's Idea would be bringing income to support the ministry. Wallace believes though that The  Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre would not have any problem at all collecting as the BODY would feel empowered and energized and see their ministry heading somewhere and will be excited about helping further and also building the kingdom of God.

Wallace, started teaching his first CXC classes that comprised of Teachers, Headteachers and Education Officers at age 16 in 2002 when he graduated Valedictorian from The Verchilds High School. He said that his ideas about schooling and education since a little boy were always different to the status quo but many times when he spoke, society would just love his dreams but never think about pushing them into place. Wallace said that he felt that at the start of the year, as his ministry gives God thanks for bringing them to 5 years, he thought now was the BEST time to again STAND OUT and introduce EDUCATION with a difference not only to St. Kitts - Nevis, but to the Caribbean and The World.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute -   offers FIVE (5) convenient ways to recieve training.

1. Online Sessions
2. In-Day Sessions
3. Evening Sessions
4. At Home Sessions
5. Travel Sessions (where tutors visit countries upon invitation to teach particular courses

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy will open its Pre-School and Kindergarten (Under the Supervision of Mrs. Vanta Walters and Mrs. Yvette Wallace) ONLY in September 2013. Students who want to be apart of the 8:30am - 3:30pm sessions in the future, MUST enter at kindergarten and transfers would only be considered on a case by case basis, because the ministry wanted to be responsible for nurturing a new breed of youths.

The Organization also has FIVE (5) Training Divisions

1. Academics - Pre-School, Primary, High School / Adult Learning (Afternoon - Evening Sessions)
2. Skills for Life Training (Technical & Vocational)
3. The Computer Corner
4. The Business Training Centre
5. Ministry and Bible School


Wallace's idea is to be TOTALLY  DIFFERENT  to the common educational systems around the Caribbean and the world. Some of his dreams are:

1. Keep classes small or have teachers / teacher aids assigned to a certain quota of individuals to ensure that each youth and adult student gets the care and attention they need and NO  CHILD  OR  STUDENT  EVER  GETS  LEFT  BEHIND.

2. Provide counselling so that students and parents understand that in a complex and challenging world as today, they CANNOT just focus on the academics, but they need to consider getting a SKILL  TOO. The Dare 2 Be Different Academy will be able to assist in this area as well under its Skills Division.

Wallace has said that he was totally ashamed of the ministries in his country and around the Caribbean for not pushing for the Ministry of Education to re-introduce CXC Religious Education or some sought of Bible Certificate Program or even Online Bible Education Diploma or Degree programs and he was working with Bible Colleges to ensure that not only his members, but other individuals too, would be able to come to the institute, get training and also write religious exams online and get accredited certification.

Although Khrystus has taught Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Information Technology for the last 10 years and has helped scores of students and adults pass, he has always contended that the syllabus needed urgent revision and the Examination Body should make the training more job-friendly and should offer a particular MAJOR such as graphic arts, computer repairs, software training etc.

Wallace said that over the years, he had turned down many individuals wanting a job who had a distinction in Information Technology and hired those who were the school's kickouts and/or drop outs and taught them what he wanted them to learn and gave them a skill for life. Something CXC Information Technology doesn't fully cater too.

Wallace has always felt that ALL STUDENTS shouldn't be required to write/learn the programming aspect of the subject because 99% rarely go on to CODE  COMPUTERS. He feels that that component is only added to make the subject more difficult to pass and it wasn't fair to those trying to get certification around the Caribbean.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy continues to partner with accredited institutions overseas so that individuals in the Caribbean would no longer just have to depend on a pass in CXC Information Technology but have alternative accredition in specific computer related fields.

Ms. Vanta Walters, Veteran Early Childhood Specialist, Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed, Veteran Educator, Mr. Fitzroy Wilkin, Veteran Technical and Vocational Educator and Pastor St. Clair Archibald Sr. will work together in different areas to help bring this Dare 2 Be Different Academy Dream to pass.

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute's Online Interface would allow several teachers to teach different subjects to several students all around the Caribbean and the world and also administer tests etc. Wallace made it absolutely clear that no matter how good a resume was, all individuals around the world applying in the future, MUST be a Platinum Supporting Member. (Learn how at: He contended that if his ministry was to help teachers and educators earn an extra income, it was imperative that they too help the ministry with its endeavours on a monthly basis for as long as they want to remain teaching.

To See Programs, ask questions and to register, visit:  - Call 869-664-0911 / 786-401-4016  / BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

All  phases of the program are available except the Pre-School and Kindergarten section which will come on stream, God's willing in September 2013, but individuals can register early.

Campus Locations

Campus A is at Boyds - St. Kitts and has a mini computer training facility and spaces for small classes and agro-processing traing,

Campus B which is our Computer Training Facility is at OOJJs 24 hour Complex

Campus C - Pre-School & Kindergarten - Coming soon

Campus D - Online

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